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Morning Everyone! (well it is down under)

This may not be appreciated by some but I feel the need to speak up for Graham and Pat is it helenann? Graham has been writing posts telling us about his lovely wife Pat and how very close to death she was with emphysema. He has also said how he started giving her Vit A and believes it is the Vit A that has given her so much more quality of life. He has taken the time to copy and paste articles on the subject. He did in his enthusiasm and belief use the word "cure" which some I think jumped on. (Just be careful with that one Graham) that little word can bring on in your case undeserved ridicule.

Perhaps it should be kept in mind that Graham as far as we know is not peddling Vit A at incredibly inflated prices......he has nothing to gain. This is how Graham strikes me. I think its fair to say he found himself in a horrible situation when the love of his life was in ICU with not much hope. Well meaning traditional medicine doctors had not a lot to offer in the way of treatment or hope. So Graham started researching. He believed in what he found regarding the use of Vit A , started using it and has seen many benefits. Then he comes along here and shares his experience. Isn't that what this type of forum is for amongst other things.

Many of us read it and think gee I think I might try that. Some tell him off in tone if not actual words for giving people false hope or daring to suggest people on this forum try something that might harm them.

If you are a nice, decent, human being and you or someone you love has experienced less suffering and a better quality of life due to trying an alternative treatment you are going to share that experience with others who have the same condition.

I have first hand experience of a similar situation. Twelve years ago my wonderful brother had terminal cancer and was given a few months to live. We took him for second and third opinions. The only offering from traditional medicine was pallative care. He thought no one is going to tell me when I'm going to die and went home and researched what he might possibly take to help himself. He chose what he believed in and for him it worked. We keep in mind that what works for one may not work for others. But as Graham has done here my brother will share with anyone who asks and would like to know what he took.

I haven't been a member here very long but there are those you instinctively know you would love to share a drink and a chat with, have a laugh, take a stroll and then some who you would love to give a kiss and a big hug. Indeed many caring, loving, warm people. So lets keep that in mind and show a little kindness by seeing the big picture when someone because of their experience feels the need to share in the hope that what worked for them might work for someone else!

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  • God works in mysterious ways. He also help those who help themselves. I am not a religious person, but I do know that everyone's version of lung disease is different to everyone else's. What works for one may not work for another that seems identical. Belief and not giving up also add positively to the mix. No matter how stupid a remedy or approach may appear, if it works, it aint stupid.

    Most people come on here for encouragement or to share experiences. The first from need, the second from generosity. Think before you criticise, that crazy remedy might help just you or someone you love.

    Those who need to, breathe easy,


  • Thanks johnwr. Wise words expressed perfectly!

  • Hi john I have often wondered what happened to you pm you a couple of times and emailed you having had no response I feared the worst so glad you are ok x regards carol

  • Well said Suz,we can all learn from each other,keep what we think is helpful,& discard the rest,but not having to be derogatory about it. xxx

  • Hi there Wens. How are you doing in this heat that doesn't seem to want to accept that it is officially Autumn? xx

  • Yes,it seems ridiculous it's Autumn,& feels like the middle of summer!

    Will be interesting to see how long before it cools!

    Actually looking forward to crawling under the doona at night,lol! xxx

  • Well put sharing and caring is what it's all about! Share a little love and kindness every day. As my Grandmother used to say "If you cannot say anything nice, be quiet". I I would stand by that. Audrey xx

  • Hi Audrey, Its a little like a smile it costs nothing but gives so much. xx

  • Well said, could not agree more with your comments, I myself have wrote post on the benefits I recieve from Manuka Honey, And Mullien tea , we write these things in the hope it will benefit others, always keeping in mind what works for one may not work for others, also we are aware that it may be working because we need it to the mind is an incredible tool when fighting a life therating illnesses

    Peter x

  • Hi Petermichael, I couldn't say enough good things about Manuka Honey as for Mullien tea thats new to me shall have to look into it. Thanks for your input. x

  • I remember when I was a boy of 4 (53 years back) I got an Ulcer on my foot that would not heal because we ran around barefooted as young kids. After all kinds of treatments it was still there. My mum then found stale bread with mould on - wetted it and put it on the ulcer and tied it with cloth and a tight sock around my foot. 2 Days later the Ulcer was gone. I later in life asked her where she learned this and she said her mum did it when they were kids (around 1927) - Now the critics of today will say this must be witchcraft and or you people must be crazy to put rotting stuff on a rotting sore.

    Fleming found the same thing in a Lab years later and in the second world war it was the biggest life saver of wounded soldiers ever and is still today maybe the biggest life saver of all medicines - Its called Penicillin.

    Now think about this - This acid or whatever it is in Vitamin a is used to regenerate and heal the skin of youngsters with bad acne - who says it will not regenerate and heal other damaged areas? - Also why would they start human trials if there were no truth in it - these trials cost millions.

    I live in South Africa and can not find Vitamin A in our pharmacies or I would have been using it for months already - Do any one have a trade name for me? I don't want to swallow acne ointment - lol


    And my own personal rule in life is - if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it - so I'm going to aim at something and even if I miss I know I've tried - So stop criticising and try something !!!!

  • Pietba, have you tried buying vit A online? I have used but do need to remain below the customs tax level for your Country.

  • Great post Pietba! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • What a fabulous story Pietba. Theres an example of sometimes people know best. A remedy applied in a crude but successful manner. Same thing acceptable (as your Mum's mouldy old bread would never have been) hailed as wonderous and life saving because it came from a lab with scientific seal all those years later. Enjoyable & interesting comments thank you

  • lol in our language we refer to it as "Boere raat" which literally translated means Farmers remedies" Some of them were old wife's tales some of them worked a little and some of them are miracle cures medical fact now. They were far from Doctors and what the Lennon series of drops could not do, one had to find a remedy in nature for. I remember my grandfather used to say " There is no Illness or disease that the evil one put on earth, that the good Father did not put a plant or something in Nature for us for a cure" It's up to us to find it - however doing nothing never found any cure.

    Which remind me he also asked me: "3 birds sitting in a tree, 2 decide to fly away, how many are left" I answered "1 off course". He said "they decided but I never said they flew" Then he said that many people have many good Ideas but they never fly. - He was a simple farmer but had a thing that we now call common sense.

    Its my story telling day lol

  • Thank you Pietba, I did not know Vitamin A was linked to skin problems, I was wondering why my dry skin was looking better recently. We learn something new everyday. :)

  • Thanks for your link Pietba, amazing what a little vitamin can do. :)

  • Hi Pietba...I was prescribed the Vit A cream a few years ago for facial skin problems. It didn't do very much to help although it's been hailed as a miracle cream to reduce ageing lines. It was very drying on the skin - and called RETIN A topical cream .

  • Hi Pietba,

    If you cannot buy vit A where you are, I would be more than happy to send you some. Please let me have your address. Warm regards Marie.

  • Thank you Suz01 and I agree so much with your sentiments. I'm sure that I would do exactly what Graham has done if I were in the same situation and it seems to me that he is just trying to help others. I personally get so much comfort, just from reading the comments by the lovely people here and wouldn't want anyone to hesitate in putting their thoughts on here.

    Take care everyone

    Jan xx

  • I think Graham and Pat are very brave to keep sharing, and like others on here am one of those who has looked a bit more and am now trying it myself to see what happens. It has so many benefits Id be daft not to try it. xx

  • I totally agree Suz01 - thank you for your post. I have thanked Graham many times for sharing this information. He could have just sat on it and said nothing, but in trying to help others he has, as you say, been ridiculed at times - I can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to do that. I have started Vitamin A and am hoping it works for me too. I am just so grateful Graham, as well as others, are sharing their findings because I personally would have been lost without the information I have found on this site. xx

  • Hi Dedalus, Thank you it will be interesting to see if the much thrashed about poor Vit A is helpful for you. Keep us posted. Suz x

  • Hi suz

    I just wanted to compiment you on your post.It was very well written and so true.

    Grahm was just trying to reach out and help others. Is he still on ths site? I dont

    recall seeing him lately. He could have just

    put a web link. But he personalized it. Open for discussion, thats the best way to decide about something. Thats a really amazing story about his wife. I believe anyone that thinks they have something

    that might help others should feel free to post it.Who knows what we might come up

    with, if we all share ideas.

    Thanks Suz for that great post.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Thanks Ruby. I believe Graham was passionate about the need to share something he believes in and I also believe there is no place for ridicule in this type of forum. Suz x

  • well said

  • Like everything some things work for some and some things don't! People certainly shouldn't be criticised for sharing and making suggestions.

    I also go on other site and have been investigating use of Tens machine. From research it works for some people and not for others. I bought one and HAVE found it to be beneficial. My dad tried one and found no help!

  • Hi Bevvy

    Just wondering, what is a tens machine?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Oh sorry! It is a machine that can help with pain relief. Has been used in early labour for some women. I have chronic sciatica (amongst all other issues!) and recently had severe flare up. On loads of pain meds and trying to find other relief. I place pads in back and get small pulses which are meant to relieve pain.

  • It should never of taken place if have a bit of respect for each other!! All equal !

  • Absolutely colours it should never have taken place. Respect should rule!

  • I totally understand your post. I think the story Graham has told was amazing and opening up avenues of research is always a good thing. We can read them and learn and make up our own minds. It is not the message that Graham has told that has caused so many negative comments but in its delivery. I, too, started taking the vitamin A (a long with several others) and have no problem with taking supplements.

    But how many times does he have to repeat himself? Many people are sick and tired of hearing it time and time again along with some ludicrous claims which again are constantly repeated.

    In a previous post he suggested to a member not to listen to medical advice and taking his? This is not a good recommendation to me.

    I have found Graham to become very aggressive and personal if anyone dare question his theory based on one person. This does not bring a comfortable atmosphere to the community.

    He is blinkered to his own view and will not entertain any other view no matter who it comes from. I have contacted several medical professionals and emailed Malcolm Madden who was heavily involved with the trials and will let people know if I hear of any updates on these trials and maybe what the future holds for the benefits of Retinonic acid in the treatment or help with lung disease.

    So again - I believe it is in the delivery - not the actual message which is causing the negative comments.

  • No it's you

  • Everyone has a right to their own opinion Colours as long as we respect that and remain polite to each other. Sokrackers was expressing her own opinion as am I.

  • Absolutely agree. Sokrackers is entitled to her opinion.

    And some of us are tired of hearing are tired of hearing time and time again of Pat and Graham's experience. I'm delighted for them but please would they stop now.

    I'm sure it was not their intention to start an opinions war on the forum

  • Agreed cough xxxxx

  • Nothing like being open-minded is there? A very inconsiderate and unnecessary comment for what is a clearly stated and well argued point by Socrackers. Constant repetition does not make something right.

  • I'm doubling up here to save some typing. So the reply is for sokrackers and Coughalot as you seem to be on the same page. Let me begin by saying we are all entitled to an opinion (that includes Graham) and I respect yours. However what is jumping out at me is this. You are both "sick and tired" of hearing Graham repeat himself and having it "rammed down your throat" Really girls are you serious? I found nothing offensive in the way Graham delivered his comments. Sure he waffled on and repeated himself at times. So what? What should we do done robes and lynch him? For goodness sake. YOU don't HAVE to read his posts!!! If you are interested in some of his comments then cruise over the wording you have seen before to the bits you might be interested in. If you have no interest at all and it actually annoys you then move on to the next post or create one of your own on a topic you are interested in. Unless I'm mistaken you can pick and choose what you read on this forum? I would have thought the aggression"mentioned was toward him rather than the reverse! As for a GP suggesting a fellow collegue be reported for telling his patients what they should and should not take in the way of vitamins defies the imagination. Where exactly did Graham tell any member to ignore the advice of a registered physician? Was this a referral to Kimmy's dietician and nurse saying she shouldn't take it? If it was I think words have been put in Grahams mouth for that isnt what I read. I would be interested to know when these two "health workers" gave this opinion was there any discussion on dose or blood tests to check levels should the patient wish to add it to their treatment plan? Because isnt that really the crux in all this debate. That the dose not be harmful? Just touching on the concern mentioned for those among us who are "more vulnerable" than others....what exactly does that mean because I find that rather insulting to the members. Do we mean some are older than others, some are sicker, some are not as bright as others, some are less educated and unable to make an intelligent decision? Give credit where it is due I would like to be half as brave, courageous and stalwart as many on here when my emphysema is at the end stage.

  • Well said Suz

    Thats what its all about. The freedom to post what you want.

    Knowing that people are there for you in times of need. Being able to bring up topics that might help others. Also, the freedom to choose which posts

    you read. If it doesn't interest you then skip over it. If its not hurting anyone leave it alone.

    Not everyone is interested in the same topics. We need to be there for each other and not stomping on ideas we ourselves

    don't fancy.

    Thanks Suz Well said

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • I was expressing my own opinion there Suz about it being rammed down my throat. I didn't claim to speak for anyone else. That is my own opinion and we have agreed we are all entitled to one haven't we? I am delighted this is working for Pat.

    I am sure everyone is capable of making their own informed decision on whether or not to take Vit A, but I do think it is right to point out that as with anything there could be unwelcome side effects, and that it is not yet medically proven. That's all. x

  • I think you'll find that there are nasty side effects from treatments that ARE medically proven. Anything 'natural' won't have been researched because there is no money to be made from it. That's why many of us do our own research for natural treatments, and we're grateful to Graham for sharing his experience. Good luck to him and his wife!

  • Thank you Suz, I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one who felt like this. I appreciate Graham passing on to us what he has learned and do not understand how anybody could be offended by his enthusiasm to share what he found that has helped his beloved Pat.Peace and Love to all :)

    Hugs huff ( Emphysema Alpha 1AD vit A taker )

  • Hello Huff, I'm sure there are many of us who feel like this. I also appreciated Graham passing along his findings and enthusiasm and if anyone found it offensive that is rather sad. Suz x

  • A little bit of latest research - Also very interesting:

  • Thanks Pietba, I book marked that very interesting link, stem cell research is making progress! I enjoy reading scientific news! Huff xxx

  • I am very glad Graham found something which really helped Pat and I agree this forum is about helping each other. On the other hand I do feel as though it is being rammed down my throat all the time with the endless long posts and I am worried some people will start to think it is a 'cure all'.

    I think we all need to remember we are not medically trained and while it is great to share information I think the Vit A thing has now been done to death. I think we need to think very carefully before we discard professional medical knowledge and make our own individual decisions. x

  • Just one comment , the original Vitamin A post was written by a couple who had nothing to lose by trying this treatment. .

    Remember that Vit A is stored in the body as it is fat soluble, please read the NHS CHOICE website first. Prescription medications come with side effect warnings. Especially relevant for any pregnant women, and according to the NHS website those people with bone problems.

    I believe in sharing experiences, but also with being aware.

  • Excellent link Megan, thank you

  • Awe!! Thank you so much Peege......just wanted to show we all have different side affects to different drugs.... vitamins.... and i've learnt the hard way.....But! i no know why i was suffering with so much pain in my legs and hip...and didn't want anyone else so go through the same lessons as me.....hoping your doing really well peege....xMegan."

  • Sorry you've been suffering Megan. I think sometimes folks don't realise you have other health issues to cope with.

    Fortunately for me ive been well on my extra Vit D3. I shall get more A when I return home to give it a go. I'm desperate to progress in a good way.

    PS I might get a pup end of June. Half Tibetan terrier, quarter poodle & quarter cocker. Not too big this time, I don't think I can live alone without a dog & I'm not a cat lover. I miss my Fred. Every evening he used to talk in doggy talk. He tried so hard to communicate.

    Stay well. P xxx

  • I would really like to know exactly what dose of Vitamin A is safe to take, without harming my bones, as I am high risk for Osteoporisis. I had a total hysterectomy at the age of 36.

    Likewise vitamin D, although living in England many of us are probably short of it.

  • I believe in freedom of speech - its ok to post what you believe - its ok to challenge that - its ok to criticize those challenges - debate is healthy as long as it stays polite :)

  • My choices are a double lung transplant or nothing so im more than happy to hear about Pat x

    Food and spices are being used for prostrate cancer patients and having a great success...we have lots to learn

  • Hi Mandy, We do have lots to learn! Hugs Suz xx

  • Yip as Prostate precaution one must eat a tomatoe per day and if there are already problems you eat a lot of pumpkin pips - it works and I can vouch for that

  • Hi Mandy

    How are you? Was wondering what foods and spices their using for prostrate cancer. Very interesting


    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Here is a bit of info i had stored...there is a lot more about it online

    .British researchers have scientifically proven that broccoli, turmeric, green tea and pomegranate help fight the most common cancer in men in the United States and the United Kingdom - prostate cancer.

    Professor Robert Thomas, who works as an oncologist at Bedford Hospital and Addenbrooke's, part of Cambridge University Hospitals, and team conducted a six-month human study involving 203 adult males, all of them with prostate cancer.

    The men were split into two groups:

    The essence of pomegranate, turmeric, green tea and broccoli group

    The placebo group

    They all took a capsule each day, with either the target ingredients (called "Pomi-t") or placebo. After six months, the researchers found that PSA levels were 63% lower among those taking capsules containing essence of pomegranate, turmeric, green tea and broccoli compared to those in the placebo group.

  • Thanks Mandy

    Looking for a connection with lung cancer. Surprised they didn't include mushroom.


  • Oh meant to also add...its at the Primrose Unit at Bedford hospital

  • 😊 thanks 😊

  • Hi Suz I totally agree with you- great post.

  • Hi Jens, How are things down your way? xx

  • Here here !! X

  • Thank you Suz !

  • Hugs Snippet!

  • I give everything a go - in fact my medicine cabinet (tray on the kitchen dresser) is full of non-prescription stuff which, I find, has kept me on an even keel as regards arthritis, high BP etc which I have in addition to asthma etc. My hips were "condemned" 10 years ago but i'm still managing on the same pair and far more fit for an operation now than I was then. It is helpful when people share their findings and I read the vitamin A stuff with interest, and really pleased that it had such an impact - if I felt the need I would certainly give it a go - but, as with most things, it's sensible to weigh up the cons as well as the pro,s. I too believe that there is a cure for everything in Nature, we just need to look in the right places.

  • I agree dragonmum with your comment on cures in Nature, but it's finding the therapeutic dose....too much could do the opposite.

  • That was a really nice post suz01 xx

  • Thanks Kiwichick. Is your lovely husband home? xx

  • Ah yes :) my darling the great traveller has returned! Back Tuesday, slept Wednesday, back to work Thursday, all is well in the household :) thanks for asking, that was really nice xx

  • Wow Graham

    Thats amazing news! You must be so happy. How much has your wife improved? I'm so happy for you and your wife. Also welcome back on the site.

    Rubyxx 😊 ☺

  • Thanks Graham

    please continue to post as many of us are interested in your journey with Pat to recovery. None of the members have a right to

    say who can post or can't

    post. Just keep the door open.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hello Graham and Pat,

    You are most welcome for my support such as it is. Dry your tears as you can see many wonderful people are also putting forward their thanks and support to you for your well intentioned suggestions and for sharing your experiences. I just happened to think you were being treated unfairly and decided to speak up. Had it not been me it would have been someone else.

    I'm so pleased your GP sat you down and explained his position and his thoughts on Pat's amazing improvement. We can admire his honesty. As he told you he can prescribe nothing that will "cure" Pat all that can be prescribed is medicine to help ease symptoms. Scary isn't it up until not so very long ago just about all medication prescribed for Emphysema was Asthma treatments. Asthma is reversible emphysema is not. Thus very limited value really. How many of us get little or no relief from ventolin? But many of us still have it close at hand just in case.

    Hats off to your doctor for his attitude and positive outlook. His willingness to try what could be helpful. Why, why, why some here think this is inappropriate is beyond me. I hardly think a trained medico is likely to be sued for suggesting patients add 10,000iu of Vit A to their treatment regime. Stilltruckin has kindly made available data on what is and what is not considered to be toxic doses. So why is it still being taken out of context. Oh well we tried!

    I'm so very happy Pat has responded so well. As you clearly say its not to say someone else will have the same outcome. Just as one person responds well to a prescribed medication and another has a bad reaction or no improvement at all. But its worth a try if your so inclined.

    Suz xx

  • It would be wonderful if you could add a photo of you and Pat so we can see you.

    Best wishes

    Azure_Sky x

  • Hi , helenann, I noticed in your last post that you wrote that

    Pat was taking Vitamin D as well as Vitamin A.

    Vitamin D 3 has been used for COPD. I found an article in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine February 2015

  • What a lovely letter. Thank you saying the thank yous that many people feel.

  • Hi Ruthgore xx

  • Well done Suz for saying what I didn't have the courage to say. xx

  • Thanks casper xx

  • I agree, wholeheartedly with what Sonia says, I have been intrigued by Graham's posts,, and I like many others have started taking vitamin A. Modern medicine doesn't,t seem to be helping much, so hey hoπŸ˜„ Let's try a natural remedy, can't do any harm. Thank you Graham.

  • Hi suz2

    What a lovely post. I did read the other thread & felt like you do re Helenann.

    I have not read all the threads on this subject but I too feel that Helenann was a genuine & nice man who was just trying to help others. If vit A is good for lung damage & it can help others (including me as I am going to try it) we will all be grateful to Helenann. It feels to me that as long as you do not exceed safe dosages one should be ok. If it does no good I am sure I take a few things that are not doing me much good but as long as they do not harm.

    We should all be grateful to anyone that tries to help others .. I know if vit A does help me a little I will always be grateful to Helenann

  • Hi Sohara, Thank you for so warmly voicing your thoughts. Suz xx

  • Hi flibberti,

    Thanks for your comments. Just touching on a few things with you. Has anyone considered that we are not all computer literate and its possible the cries to Graham to please provide links were not grasped because he didn't know how? Perhaps he did interpret comments as criticism because he was doing the very best that he knew how. Many of my friends have no idea apart from looking up google and reading and replying to emails! I'm a long way from being competent myself. Why chance insulting and hurting a well intentioned person by harping on about them repeating themselves and not providing links when all one has to do if the post is beyond that persons limit for patience is to click the mouse and move along to something else!!

    Yes at this point what we seem to have is one person seemingly doing very well on Vit A BUT we live in the hope that there just MIGHT be a few more names to add to the list in the coming months/years. As Pietba stated earlier........." And my own personal rule in life is - if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it - so I'm going to aim at something and even if I miss I know I've tried - So stop criticising and try something !!!!""

    Cheers Suz

  • Ï hate rudeness it all its forms so I'm taking a chance with this as it seems to be so IMPORTANT to you but truly I find this so TRIVIAL in the scheme of things. You didn't have to read it...........did his posting that way take up cyber space and prevent another member from making a post? I'm trying to understand? Am I missing something?

  • Thank you everyone who has replied/taken part in the debate to this post. Many of us were in agreement, some were not. Democracy and freedom of thought and speech is a precious thing and was on display. Most of us would most likely admit to being guilty at times of saying things in haste or anger that we regret. I felt a member was being ridiculed and brow beaten and I didn't think it was acceptable. Had there not been an international time difference by the replies I would hazard a guess that someone else would have created this post. Time to put it to bed and move forward. Love and blessings to all Suz xx

  • And I found vitamin A in our country lol

  • Brilliant!

  • Hi Suz, my last reply has disappeared so I'll add here my thanks for tour post. May loving kindness prevail - particulary kindness. It's my belief that kindness is good for one. P xxxx

  • Some alternative medicines such as sulforaphane, NAC, Vit D3, Olive leaf extract, black seed cumin oil, have been clinically tested and have shown benefits. As you say we are all chemically unique, so what works for one, won't for another. Research is key, because of any contra-indications, dosage, safety, interactions with other medications, which can be dangerous, so perhaps that's why some people over-reacted because they were trying to warn him of the dangers, but if I were in Graham's shoes, I would be doing exactly the same thing and I wish him and his wife well.

  • Hi Dorris

    wondered what you know about

    olive leaf extract. I've heard of it,

    but don't know much about it.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi Ruby, here's one clinical study on Olive leaf extract. :) xxx

  • I'll find some links for you. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal and I think there have been many clinical studies on it. I'll get back to you later today. :)

  • It is possible to get sufficient Vitamin A by diet alone. The link posted by Megan explains in detail about Vitamin A, safe dosage and where it can be found. It makes the point about it being processed by beta carotene.

    Here is the link again

    Many thanks Megan.

  • It is good to hear how well Pat is doing, thanks to Graham's efforts. I truly wish Pat's health continues to improve. My initial concerns about overdosing on Vitamins A and D have been answered by Megan's link.

  • Here is a link stating the safe levels of Vitamin A and the side effects from taking too much.

    I am taking a vitamin A and D supplement.

  • How much do you take Azure.?


  • Being a Vitamin A virgin. I got a bottle of capsules that said Cod Liver Oil with Vitamins A and D. Each capsule contains A 800ug D5ug. I also have some Omega capsules that have some D in them.

    I take two capsules a day as so far as I can make out 1600ug is an acceptable level, I will check to make sure though.

    Oops I am taking the dose for breastfeeding Mums. I better cut back to one a day!

  • According to this I can take more. Now I am really confused.

  • Doesn't say how much to take. Great article. Stilltruckin did put the link but don't remember where.


  • Vitamin A a safe dose

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