Who takes Vit A and / or other Supplements? What benefits do you feel?

Thought it would be interesting amid all the recent debate on this site regarding the possible benefits of Vit A to find who takes it, how long they have taken it and what benefits they have felt. Or what other supplements do you take and how do you feel they help? Personally I am open to all suggestions of natural and or alternative supplements. After all just how little does traditional medicine offer us? Its easy to do your research, ask questions then decide for yourself. I would be much more concerned with side effects from prescribed medication than I ever would be from adverse effects from vitamins taken as recommended. I wonder what the statistics are deaths from prescription versus deaths from non prescribed medications/supplements? I'm lucky in that I don't need to take any prescription medication Yet over the years when I have needed anti biotics etc I have had more than one big time, nasty reaction. About a month ago I bought an oximeter (my DLCO is 47%) when I exercised which is daily my oxygen would drop to 85/87 on inclines though it would bounce back quickly....then I decided to start taking VIt A 5,000 IU and CO Q 10 100mg daily. I will be doubling the Vit A to 10,000 IU daily. Whether there is a connection/benefit after taking these supplements for such a short time is debatable but I find I........ touch wood.... feel better. What benefits do I feel? Well last week I had a sinus infection. I never have a sinus infection/head cold that doesn't go to my chest after 48 hours. Not this time! What does that mean is my immune system functioning better? I also used the oximeter a couple of days ago and on the same inclines my levels didnt drop below 91. I look forward to reading what you have to share about your experiences. Hugs Suz xxx

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  • Excited to see the replies to your post!! So glad you have noticed improvement, thrilled!! Hope the increase will continue to make you better!!!

  • Me to Shirat will be interesting to see what others take and how they feel they benefit. Suz xx

  • Is it safer and more reliable in terms of actual viamin uptake to just eat Vit A rich foods?

    I went to e fermented foods festival last week and got some delicious kambucha tea and probiotic sauerkraut. Apparently that white film over cabbage (used in sauerkraut) is lactobacillus. All good for restoring gut flora that anti bios strip.

  • Hi Bernard, I have no idea in the supplement versus diet. But I'm sure someone does. Stilltruckin?

    As for the fermented foods. I let my ignorance and my ewwwww slime/scum win out over trying kambucha and sauerkraut. They are nice huh? Suz x

  • When my wife was diagnosed with emphysema I looked at all the evidence there was and we found a study that showed roactic acid could reverse the damage in lungs. Roactic acid is turned into vit A in the body. But you need quiet a high dose and too much can damage your liver so you should get. Blood test to check Liver function every 6 months or so.

  • Did you wife start taking Vitamin A or Roactic acid and if so has it helped her?

    Thank you

  • Hi Wayne,

    I have never heard of roactic acid, so you know whats going to happen next....thank goodness for google! How long has it been since your wife was diagnosed and have you gone ahead and tried any of what you found? Suz x

  • Hi Suz

    Sometimes I feel I have more supplements in my cupboard than H & B. Some of which I swear by and some I have had a bad reaction to 'sage leaf' a widely recommended supplement for women of a certain age.

    I do find Q10 helps with general energy and wellbeing. Calc, Mag, zinc is also a favorite to keep my bones good. Also vit D due to the lack of sunshine in the winter months I personally feel fantastic after a holiday in the sunshine so will top up my levels with a supplement.

    I think some of the benefits are based on your research and trial and error. I know you have to take some for many months before they have an effect.

    I take a mega mix of pro & prebiotics just to keep things 'friendly' in the system also like these because of the amount of antibiotics I have to take - I don't actually notice any benefit from these but I do believe they are a boost to the digestive system and I need all the help I can get there.

    I am lucky to live near an 'international' shop where you can pick up your ginger, garlic, chilli and spices which are in abundance in my diet.

    So yes I do take a few but first of all for me is a good diet and plenty of water! I really don't like it but force myself to drink it - I would much rather have a cup of tea or 12!

    I have also taken a new supplement to help with circulation but am still waiting for it to have an effect - I will give it a month.

    So I will rattle through my day - happy researching ladies

    I will sing the praises of ground flaxseed which I have recently added to my diet I don't think i will ever give that up! Very beneficial to the digestive system but what works for one may not work for another so take care

  • Hi Sokrackers, Geez you must just about rattle! So long as it helps who cares. I'm lucky in that I don't need the digestive help but when I need anti biotics I do make sure I have inner health powder on hand. What are you trying for circulation ginko biloba? Suz x

  • As people say what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

    I forked out almost £40 on 3 tubs of a combination of ginger, garlic ginkgo & cayenne. Two weeks down the line absolutely no difference! 1 cap 4 times a day and I'm still freezing with the heating on!

    I think the money back guarantee will come in handy here!

  • I only got my vit A yesterday so have no idea if it works for me yet.

  • Heres hoping for a great response lloegr Suz xx

  • I take Vitamin A (8000 IU (which I will increase to 10,000 when buy more), Vitamin D (prescribed by GP), Ubiquinol (CoQ10), N-Acetyl-Cysteine (again recommended on this site) and every now and then garlic capsules (non-smelly type). I too believe I have seen a slight improvement since taking Vitamin A, but only been on it 2 months and may be wishful thinking, so got fingers crossed - am quietly optimistic though.

  • We should give each other updates Dedalus. Im about to up my Vit A to 10,000 now that I know I tolerate it well. Good Luck! Suz x

  • Oh for goodness sake ,they work ok.no need for all this .

  • Nothing like a positive statement colours! Love it.

  • Hey again Suz

    Your on a roll with these good posts!

    How long have you been taking the vitamin A? Also, can you go over the 10,000, if its

    from food? Are you keeping records of your progress? It sure sounds like its helping you. I have to say the same for the

    D3. Usually in the winter my

    hands get all dry and tiny cracks on my

    fingers. Not this year. I live in n.j. usa. It was a very frigid winter. My hands were fine. Then everyone in my house got chest colds. Guess what? I didnt get one. And like you said, any time I get a cold it usually goes right to my chest. I was amazed! I was

    taking the D3, Honey and when they got sick, I started taking elderberry syrup also.

    The other thing I think it helped was I don't seem to have the restless leg thing going on anymore when I'm trying to sleep.

    Sounds like a good plan so far, vit.A, Vit. D3

    Honey and cq. (Also throw in some elderberry syrup, if your around sick people. What else we got out there showing results?

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi all, I have also written a reply on the SHOW A LITTLE KINDNESS post as well about Vit A. Please be aware that it can be stored by the body as it is fat soluble...excess is not advised for any pregnant women....and check the NHS CHOICES for advice on people with bone problems.

    I know all the prescription medications I take have side effects , but I am aware of them as they are listed.

    I do take a multivitamin and mineral tablet, but they are balanced. I also take a garlic pill in the winter ....but not to be taken with aspirin or warfarin.

    So please be aware.

  • Hello to all.....I listened and decided against my better judgement to give vitamin A a try........

    After just a few doses my gut was not happy. Had this same problem some years ago........my innards react to oil capsules regardless of the type of oil they contain.

    I just take daily vitamin multi B. & zinc. Plus a good diet.

    Two items I keep on standby & can't do without for my GERD / reflux is Manuka honey and Mastic gum capsules.

    Not forgetting my daily cholesterol reducing drink.

  • Suz, I have a feeling that it's not so much the enormous dose that counts - or else it might simpy kill you! - but the regular intake. it's a bit like food. You'll find vitamins in milk, meat etc. Of course, you cannot eat 3 or 4 Lb of meat or drink tons of milk to "benefit more". You simply need to take these in moderation, but consistently daily. Careful about abuses of vitamin A. The more is not necessarily the better! Balance is of the essence. Mic

  • Hello Mic, How are you? Have you had a good week thus far? I agree with more not being better and balance in all things! Suz x

  • Thank you Suz. I feel on top of the world. I found that kissing is the answer for my flute to produce the higher register, or at least a formed lips towards a kiss! I'm practising before going to the gym this afternoon.

    Cheers, Suz, Mic

  • " Hello Suz...i have been reading both your posts today with regards to Vitamin A.... i have been taking lots different vitamin supplements these past few months hoping to help improve my many health issues. ...But!.... i have been getting very severe leg and hip pains making it very hard to move. walk, and sleep, with the constant sever pain i am in......so with my constant infections and seemingly on steroids and antibiotics every other week i have felt pretty miserable. with my self.i have learnt today the cause my pains are due to me taking vitamin A....i am going to enclose a link for you to read regarding Vitamin A and the effects it can have with some people..(Me)..on Bones.....other supplements i take are and seem to suit for now are Co Q10... And Vitamin D with calcium... prescribed by the Dr.. But!!.... due to my experience with the vitamin A i am going to rely on a healthier daily diet for my supplements and vitamin daily intake....


  • The link you provide refers to 'excessive' amounts of vitamin A, and contains the statement:

    "The Institute of Medicine cautions against daily intakes of retinol above 10,000 IU".

    In any case, high doses of vitamin A can only affect bone health when vitamin D levels are inadequate - which is in fact a pretty common condition.

    [*EDIT: Discovered there's another way high doses of A can affect bone, see my post currently 5 posts below this one.]

    However, people suffering from certain medical conditions and/or taking certain medications should indeed avoid certain supplements. See here: stewartnutrition.co.uk/supp...

  • " Thank you stilltrucking For your response to my comment regarding vitamin A. i was only referring to myself with the side affects. but like myself. i didn't realise the side affects if you suffer with bone problems, WHICH I DO..... and the side affects to vitamin A.. hence passing on the link...i never intended to dish vitamin A...Megan.."

  • For bone health, my advice for what it's worth: ~5000 IU/day vit D (unless you suffer from: sarcoidosis, hyperparathyroidism, lymphoma, cancer, TB or renal disease)

    And at least 100 µg/day vit K2.

  • "Thank you stilltrucking for your bone advise... i have made a note of what you advice and it is worth a lot to me, thanking you so much...Megan"

  • Hi Stiltruckin

    I went on to your link re Vitamin A. Reading it I got the impression that those with osteoporosis should not take Vitamin A. Is this the case? Unfortunately, I have osteoporosis.


  • High doses of vit A may interact with vit D, the bone-builder, in such a way as to suppress D's activity. But this would only happen when vit A levels are high AND vit D levels are low.

    However, although you need some vitamin A to form and maintain bones, high intakes can stimulate cells involved with bone breakdown (osteoclasts) and suppress cells involved with bone formation (osteoblasts).

    So if you have osteoporosis it would be wise not to consume more than 5000 IU/day of pre-formed vitamin A - and DO take at least 2000 IU/day vit D (+ vit K2 too ideally).


  • Thanks Antonia there is always so much to learn from your contribution. Suz xx

  • Hi Stilltruckin

    I read your link re Vitamin A. From what I understand those with osteoporosis should not take Vitamin A. Is this the case? Unfortunately, I have osteoporosis.


  • Hi Megan,

    Nice to see you! Sorry you have been in such pain and discomfort and I hope it gets sorted quickly. I'm a little late getting back to this post due to the time difference but I see Stilltruckin has been good enough to share some interesting facts below. Someone else had mentioned the effects on bones. But it was in a reference term they hadnt experienced a problem like you have. How are the beautiful Nell and Noah? Suz x

  • " Suz..Thank you for your lovely post.....Yes sadly it was vitamin A that i was overdosing my self on not knowing it had this affect on my bones....The link stilltrucking Added.... As been a marvelous link for me to read which will be an enormous help to me from here on in......But i do have bone serious problems and in hind sight should consulted my Dr first. about taking supplements and vitamins.But!1 Suz we all learn.....It as been a very painful lesson to learn though for me.....Hoping life is being kind to you too Suz....and both Nell and Noah are doing really well they spend a lot time with my out in my garden now the weather as been much kinder too....Take care Suz..thanking you for your post.....x.Megan."

  • Suze,

    Glad to see there's another confirmed CoQ10 aficionado, I've been taking 100 mgs. daily for 4 and a half months a can report feeling a world of difference better. Aside from that, I also use Fish Oil, a good multivitamin, magnesium, niacin, vitamin C and occasionally an aspirin. Along with taking these, I make sure to exercise in some way everyday, if not 'official' "side straddle hops" or some such, then simply walking, lifting and any other exertion I can come up with just to get the blood moving.

    As I told someone else the other day, this regimen hasn't completely 'cured' me of the dread CoQ10 but I AM in a great deal better shape than others who merely sit around waiting for their 'prescribed medicine' to take hold and do the job.

    I cannot stress the importance of getting involved in your own 'salvation' enough; "You gotta walk that lonesome valley, ain't nobody here can walk it for you, you gotta walk it by yourself."


  • "...this regimen hasn't completely 'cured' me of the dread CoQ10 ..." should read, "...this regimen hasn't completely 'cured' me of the dread COPD..." (..Obviously, I still need to find the proper supplement for the "mindless old fart" syndrome...)

  • Ahhh! Stilltruckin, you are awesome :) xxx

  • Thanks, Truckin'...., yet another bennie to put on my check out list....!!!

  • there we go compliments of stilltruckin I'm off to get some of that

  • Haha you cracked me up! :D when you find it please can you tell me what it is! :D x

  • hahahaha way too funny. Can you please let me know when you find it?

  • Hi there Duncan,

    I'm won over on the Co Q 10. !!!!!!! And I agree with you 100% on the effort we all need to make toward our own well being and exercise to what ever level we are capable of. I'm having a grin at the "side straddle hops"can we please have a video of that one? (smile) I think the mind is an all powerful tool and we feel empowered for exercising. Hugs Suz x

  • Hello Suz, I've always been rubbish at taking any medication and supplements but I am trying to get in the habit of taking the vitA after all I can't see what I have to lose. I will get my blood checked out when I next have a visit with my Consultant because I have Alpha1 Antitrypsin D. I was diagnosed 11 years ago with severe emphysema, FEV1 37% and as I was still in my forties, I asked if it could be genetic ( my Mum died of heart failure due to severe emphysema aged 70 ) the doctor laughed and said don't be silly you'd be dead already.......then two years ago it was confirmed I had genetic type emphysema, scarring lungs/heart and severe diseased airways, my fingers are badly 'clubbed' they also prescribed 3ltrs per minute ambulatory oxygen...........

    I try to have a healthy diet, lots of onions, garlic ,chillies , ginger and herbs, lots of fruit and yoghurt, homemade cheesecake, chocolate cake and ice-cream. I am adept at avoiding colds but if I have one I have Elderflower cordial and add Manuka honey to it when it has cooled. I drink as much water as possible,take my meds then hide them away and try to get my mind on to good thoughts. ( Mindfulness :) ) In the more clement weather you'll find me in the garden on my knees dragging my oxygen behind, I love the garden. I was getting plenty of exercise up until my faithful hound Rex died a week before Christmas :(

    I live in a dilapidated old farmhouse, its dark most of the day, cold without the stoves on and hard work at times staying warm.....But I've gone from a so called lung age of 118 to 108 and my Fev1 has increased to 42% :) I will find out if it would be okay to take vit D as so many do...and Q10..... now where are my A's I forgot to take it!!!! :D ;) huff xxxxx

  • Hi Huff,

    I have the same mindset about Vit A I'm very happy to try it. I didn't realise you have had severe emphysema from such a young age. I don't know how or if I could cope with that. You have such a delightful outlook and a kindness radiates from your words. As for the healthy diet yep cheesecake and ice cream I would have to agree. I must look up Elderflower cordial. Manuka honey I am a fan of. I could very nearly describe my place as a dilapidated old farm house as well but it is the process of renovations all be it slowly. Im blessed in not needing heating as you do. Your probably worn out just from trying to keep the place warm in winter? Im sure your garden is a wonderful place to be and forgive me for smiling at the thought of you on your knees dragging your oxygen around through the garden beds!!! I am so so sorry you lost Rex. I'm sure I saw a photo of him on a beach showing where you walk? ..... when I first came on this site. Or am i mistaken? We have decided to have our beautiful border collie Chloe put to sleep later this afternoon. She has cancer and the vet said at our last visit that she would live for one to 3 months. Today is one month gone but she has gone down hill drastically in the past 24 hours and I think we need to be brave and do the kindest thing by her even though we dont want to let go! How wonderful that your fev 1 has improved so much. Keep it up! Hugs Suz xx

  • Suz, Thank you. Just want to add how sorry I am about Chloe, sometimes doing the kindest thing is heartbreaking but you just have to be brave for her, I'll be thinking of you, hugs huff xxx

  • Morning, Suz im so so sorry to hear about your Chloe & promise to be thinking about you. Like Huff I too lost my Freddie 5 weeks ago today. It's heartbreaking. Fred would have been 9 this month.

    Thinking of you xxxxx

  • I sometimes wonder if all these supplements are so good why don,t we just live on them and do away with normal food.I therefore try and get what I need through varied diet.I take vitD3,Cq Q10 and Korean red Ginseng plus a small teaspoon of Scottish Heather honey nightly,this is on top of all my "meds". I still feel pretty rough most of the time so if anybody comes up with a miracle wondersupplement let me know,I,ll try it,lol.Happy tastings D. 😱

  • Are you taking plant based or animal based Vitamin A?

  • I saw this link posted by Megan on another Vitamin A thread. I found it extremely helpful.

    I do my best to get enough vitamin D by diet and making sure I get some sunshine every day,


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