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Sinusinfection & Ear infections + Asthma

Hi everyone,

this is my first post on here. I am usually more on the Endometriosis group as I also have Endo.

My question is if anyone else on here struggles with a lot of sinus infections and ear infections. My Asthma gets a million times worse during these times and lately it has been very bad.

Before Christmas my Asthma got so bad that I needed a reliever several times each day ( I am not on a preventer at the moment but used to be years ago) and my ear infection and sinus infection plus chest infection was so bad that it took 2 months and 4 loads of different antibiotics + 3 different ear drops/sprays to go away.

Now last Sunday I started wheezing again and also started with a sore throat. 1 day later I had a full on sinus infection and an ear infection as well :-( I am physically and mentally exhausted as I work as a Nanny and need to be energetic and cheerful every day. I have tomorrow left to work and then on Thursday I will call my GP to arrange an appointment.

Just wondering if all this is normal with Asthma? My immune system has always been quite bad even though I lead a very healthy lifestyle due to trying to also help with my Endometriosis.

I am also wheat, gluten & lactose intolerant. So I don't eat sweets, biscuits and cakes. I eat lots of organic fruit and vegetables and cook all my meals from scratch. I also exercise daily as I have a large dog at home.

If anyone has any advice that could help - I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks everyone x

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Hi, I am asthmatic and have lots of sinus infections but I don't know why, sorry.

Has your doctor recommended that you go back onto the preventer inhalers at all?

Have you had any allergy tests, I have had skin tests as well as a blood test at the hospital?

I would ask your gp when you go. I also use Sterimar nasal spray, you could ask if that would be suitable for you too.

Best of luck and I hope you get better soon.

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I have been suffering with chronic rhino sinusitus for many years and about five years ago diagnosed with asthma - i have progressed onto bigger and worse things over the past year which I won't bore you with but like knitter says it might be worth going to your GP and getting a skin prick test for allergies and maybe blood tests to see if there is something more underlining. Last year I was referred to my local ENT unit who put me on Flixonase nasal drops and a short course of steriods (for a month) and then onto Avamys nasal spray (very good stuff) - I did, however, have surgery on my sinuses last June which has been a great success - basically hassel your GP as I know only to well what you are going through its miserable - it feels like you are constantly fighting infection. Good luck :-)

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I too have asthma and suffer a lot of sinus infections. I have tried NeilMed sinus rinse and found it helpful. Not a delight to use but it helps me.

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Sounds to me that you are not optimally medicated. I'd go to your GP and talk about getting back on a preventer, or better a combined medicine like Seretide. I also take Montelukast which is an asthma drug but seems to help with mucus type problems like sinus infections. I can't help wondering if, given you food intolerances, you may have other allergy problems, possibly even to your dog. I know this would be really difficult, but I have had to give up all pets over the years (except fish - and they are just not the same!).

Some people are also helped with high dose vitamins - perhaps you could ask for tests?

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Hi everyone,

I just made an appointment with a private Specialist to get allergy tests done. Appointment is next Friday morning. Costs me £ 100 but at least there is no waiting times.

I am starting to go crazy here. My ears itch like crazy and I have eczema inside and outside of my ears.

My nose itches and is runny and my whole head is itchy too. Asthma is a million times worse since we have our dog and I constantly have ear and sinus infections and Bronchitis :-(

I am so worried that we will have to give up our dog though, I guess this is why I never had the tests done earlier. My ENT specialist told me years ago that I have to get an allergy test done.

We bought our dog (Golden Labrador) 2,5 years ago and we both love him so much but my health is getting a million times worse. Our dog has eczema himself and he scratches himself loads of times a day loosing lots of hair and skin. So dusting and vacuum cleaning at least twice a day but I really need to do it at least once a day.

Thanks everyone xx

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Good luck on Friday. I had the same worries too and discovered my allergy is to mould. (Thank heavens, the Choc Lab got to stay). I always restricted dogs to one area of the home which was easy to clean as my son had asthma (so did I but undiagnosed). It also meant they'd have more time because I wasn't constantly cleaning.

Also ive had sinus probs all my life so mould would have placed a part there too. Terrible headaches which were treated as migraine until I had a CT head scan

I learnt many years ago that I couldnt drink wine because nose became instantly blocked & also my stomach couldn't tolerate fungal foods so avoided them.

Like Monkey, I was px Montelukast for asthma and one great benefit is that I can actually smell now plus I seem to be able to tolerate wine. Win win!

My GP told me that Montelukast was given to children for the allergy aspect of ashma. Also had an op, after which only one side emptied after a few weeks. (a handful of solid matter. Yuk).

I learnt somewhere (sorry, cannot remember from where to give a link) that spores from both GERD & sinuses (via post nasal drip) can cross over to the airways.

Hope my waffle has been of some help 😃 Edit: if it is pet dander you will have to find some supplements for the dog & his eczema. I used to give Fred a capsule of my omega 3 for his dry skin and bathe him regularly in a good baby shampoo, plus daily grooming. The Furminater is fantastic fir grooming. P

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Thanks everyone. GP put me on to an asthma preventer called Clenil 100mcg 200 dose. Two puffs twice a day. Lets hope this will help now. Also have to take Otomize ear spray for my ear infection and some steroids for my sinus infection. So glad I am going for the allergy test next week! So worried its the dog and mould that causes it all, cause then I have to move out :-( Our house is full of mould under the carpet, in the walls and everything is damp and rotten. My partner owns this house and it would cost thousands of £££ to fix it all. But at the end of the day my health comes first and I haven't been able to sleep in this house for the past 6 months.

Just hope the test will bring some clarity into the situation.


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