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Chopping Up Ginger and Looking At Frogspawn...

Bit late today 'cos I've been getting a chicken curry ready to go in the slow cooker first thing tomorrow's a proper curry with root ginger and turmeric and coconut milk such like...

The idea behind the slow cooker was that Himself could cook his meals without faffing about prodding ingredients to see if they're cooked or not...he's awful with potatoes...won't leave the poor things to boil in peace...keeps poking them with a sharp knife.

I'm having tuna and pasta and a of those mixed salad bowls from Tesco's which are excellent value for money...

Put some smoked haddock in the freezer for another supper after finding a good recipe for a chowder...the only problem with the slow cooker is the dearth of vegetarian recipes... the ones I've found so far have relied heavily on aubergines and I don't care for them...

There's some frog-spawn in the ditch down our road...I've been debating what I could use to put some in until they become little frogs...we had some last year in our ditch which were doing famously until they all suddenly disappeared overnight...I blamed the herons, they'll eat froglets and tadpoles of course.

Frogspawn always reminds me of the nature table at primary school when we'd collect jam-jars full and feed the emerging tadpoles with bits of raw beef suspended on a string...then we'd put them into an old aquarium, until the little frogs had grown a bit before releasing them near the village pond...

We no longer have an aquarium, so I might be reduced to using a plastic bucket...don't suppose the tadpoles are too picky about where they live...

I know I haven't replied to your comments about the cottages...hope you don't mind too much if I leave that 'til tomorrow 'cos my eyes are beginning to whirl round with tiredness...

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Good to see you are getting better after your recent poorlyness

I usually find these good...........

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Thank you very much John...plenty of good recipes which don't rely on aubergines!

I had frogs in the garden of my old house, i lifted a upturned plant plate and this huge frog jumped out!

From then i saw baby frogs in the garden ever year. I have lovely pictures of them. When I moved in October there was one in the front garden under the lavender, I'd never seen one in the front so if must have been coming to say goodbye.

I used the frogs as an excuse to not mow the lawn, when i did I'd have to walk through the grass first to get them out the way and I pulled the mower backwards so not to hurt one, much to the annoyance of hubby as it wasn't designed to go backwards according to him.

I shall miss them, hubby has told me I can't go back and get them. Spoilt sport!

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Well...that's just mean...I think you ought to have frogs in your 'new' garden as

Hi Vashti, I have a small garden pond which is heaving with frogs and spawn, but for the last few years no tadpoles have developed, maybe the pond is too small. I may try and put some in a big container. Coincidently i had a dream about my old tin bath during my last restless night...I used to keep tadpoles in that years ago......not at the same time as bathing in it! Strange thing the mind...or mine anyway.

Hope your other half enjoys his curry and have a restful day today. Thank you for your post and my dream.

Could be something is eating the spawn? We often have herons perched by the edge of our little river at the bottom of the garden...

Morning Vashti, supper sounds very tasty, Your talk of tadpoles took me back to my childhood,loved keeping them in jars,waiting expectantly for little legs to appear, I believe it is illegal now to collect it in the UK, Hope your day goes well, very best wishes, Bulpit

I didn't know that...doubt Ireland will follow suit for a long time

I would be lost without my slow cooker or crockpot as they used to be called, my mum used have an orange one in the 70's. A couple of years ago I bought an electric pressure cooker which is really civilised and well behaved as it takes away the fear of blowing everyone and my animals to smithereens. Enjoy your curry sounds very tasty. Blessings. LeeLee. 🌙

Mother used to use a pressure was old-fashioned when she had it...the valve at the top would scream like mad and had to be flipped me half to death!

Love the little moon...

I can smell that curry cooking now....lovely Vashsti. Can I come over for lunch? :-)

So long as you bring a


Hoping the curry turned out well vashti and I must confess to being a bit like Himself with the potatoes - I am a bit of a prodder. Still, it takes all sorts doesn't it. Hope you are feeling less tired today and had a good night.

Thinking of you and willing the frog spawn to survive. xxxx

Don't know about the curry yet...prepared it all last night and it's been cooking away all day...I shan't be eating dead hen though!

Hmmm curry :)

Hi Vashita, Ive had a little pond in my garden that is full of frog spawn every year for the last 10 year I noticed they din't last to the hatch....on carefull inspection I found it was the newts attacking them from underneath just before they hatched out......after this I collect the frog spawn in a bucket untill they hatch and are a few days old then I put them back in the pond to least they now have a fighting chance...Pegxx

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