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Pertition Asbestos UPDATE

Pertition Asbestos UPDATE

Thank you to everyone who as signed my partition.

We still have a long way to go regarding asbestos lung diease compansation and treated same as suffers in scotland with regard equal cival rights and our human rights as thos in england are being denied justice a fairer onpar platform.

BBC News Did Great Piece Today With asbestosis mesothelioma campaigner.

You don't have to sufferr from Asbestosis mesothelioma to sign my petition you just have to care

When i worked in my job in the school could you imagen if i went in class room to replace celling tiles or floresant tubes dressed like that guy in picture

BUT that is illastration of how dangerious asbestos in schools workplace Is truly shocking how some councils are still in denial as to how asbestos in schools workplaces was managed

One could say that's why asbestos in school report as been shelved LIKE do you really go to school or work to be poisoned or suffer asbestos lung disease mesothelioma in later life.

If i was busness owner councncil i would be worried

There is a law you can use if your can prove where your asbestosis was caused .. You can use commen law and this no time limets.

Not many people or business know that asbestos and gross negligence corporate manslauger is coverd by commen law and is a crimal offence that as nothing to do with health and safty clowns or time limets.

First you need to secure a prosacution 'phone the cops" then CPS or DPP investagate decide on merits of Case if a prosacution happens under relavent law you can get compansation damages only down side is CPS or DPP have to jusge merits of your Case and given injustices CPS DPP is anyones guese but on plus side we have human rights

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very interesting to know asbestos injury is a criminal act ,these companies should be made to pay compensation for their gross negligence !!


Just signed


Good Luck Denis, I hope you succeed.

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HI Daz,

I have tried to sign your petition, but it seems you have to join facebook to do so, and I don't want to go down that route. However, if there is an alternative way of signing then I will be glad to do it. The best of luck with your campaign.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


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