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Hi All, I first posted about 18months ago when my doctor first thought i may have COPD and was grateful for the kind replies I received. Now, 18 months later after courses of inhalers and steroids without any success, and a scan and spirometry test I have been diagnosed with widespread centrilobular emphysema and for the past few weeks I have been attending a lung rehabilitation class.

The lady who runs the class said that in normal circumstances I wouldn't be taken as my spirometry shows that I am at the bottom of the copd scale and my condition is described as mild, but agreed to take me as the exercises might help.

However, I find that what I am experiencing is far from mild. Every day is a trial and trying to rise above it is very hard. I have really bad coughing fits and become very short of breath if I try to exert any effort doing jobs etc which usually would present no problems. I live about a 2 minute walk from one of the nicest beaches in Scotland but even getting there makes me feel light headed and exhausted and spoils the pleasure. I also feel that I'm fighting sleep all the time and often find myself waking up wondering where I am., (no,.........I don't drink.....lol).

I'm wondering if this is "normal" and what the implications are for this type of emphysema and any other bits of advice you can offer. Thanks in advance.

Wishing you all well.



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  • Hi Gav, new here myself after recently being dx with mild/moderate copd and having worse symptoms than I should. Sometimes I think that they blame things on your lungs when it could be other things as well. Hope that someone can come along and help you soon and you feel better after the exercises,

    Take care,


  • Give the British Lung Foundation a call (click on red balloon above for details) - they will be able to give you some advice - sounds as though you need to be referred to a specialist. Good luck but carry on the pulmonary rehab, which is brilliant mentally as well as physically.

  • Try a Cisca Salt pipe, they are amazing!! Not expensive and really work!

  • I am new to this page and would be grateful if you would tell me of the treatment which has helped your wife. Thank you. From oldie

  • Thank you so much for your time and caring. I'm off to the health food shop!

  • Thanks again. You're a star!

  • Gav, You are certainly going through a rough time. Don't let this pull you down. Try to start with a minimum of exercises that you can do regularly.

    Here's one set: Look for the lady in blue!


    It's starting small that you will be able to improve. Take you time to do it, rest when you feel breathless, but do it, because it's absolutely vital. You can ask the nusre for more exercises or being referred to a pulmonary physiotherapist who can guide you. Take charge of yourself and you will improve. Mic

  • Take no notice of spirometer go by how you feel that's right how you feel ,you know best how u feel and your observation of your self

  • Thanks to all who replied to my post and the advice within which I will be following up. Much appreciated.


  • Hello! :-) I haven't been on here for sometime about a year! Just read this and I think I'm definately going to buy some and try these vits! Sounds very promising thank you

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