Morning its Monday Monday

I nearly started singing then , I thought I was in for a quiet week other than a few appointments but one daughter had a major flood in her kitchen and the men are coming today to rip the floor up and remove the units to lay a new floor etc, she is a young widow and works so Dad will have to be there as from 0830 each day till Thursday/Friday at times I will have to leave them to it as other planned things like ECG etc to have done, oh well lets hope the crew are a smiley lot.

"Hey just because I was late you didn't need to give me the cold shoulder" said the Cannibal to his wife.

Ten things I have learnt about you all lovely people.

1. You are all reading this.

2. You are all human.

3. You can not say the letter P without parting your lips.

4. You just tried to say it.

6. Your can not lick your elbow (or can you)

7. You missed number 5.

8. You just checked to see if there is a number 5.

9. You smiled again as you are a fun loving lot.

10. Your now thinking oh come on Fred.

Right have a lovely day rain could be on its way for some of us.

Keep smiling xxx Fred :)

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  • Hi Fred, you are a mind reader as well as a caring Dad.

    Are you going to take a flask of coffee and refreshments with you when you go to your daughters as you can't use the kitchen?

    Good luck with the appointments .

  • All in hand and ready to make the workmen a drink but they can bring their own biccies x :) Fred

  • Just what I needed to start my day - really, really smiling now 😊😊. I hope all goes well with the kitchen repairs. Jan xx

  • Cheers Jan I am sure they will do her proud. Keep that smile going all day, its easy to spread as well. xxx Fred :)

  • I love your early morning smiles Fred. Your daughter is so lucky to have you, you're such a good person. I hope the kitchen all goes to plan and best of luck with your appointments.

    I had a flood Friday, my boiler packed in. My kettle stopped working this morning too. Happy :-) xxx

  • Oh dear Lyn you mean you have not had a cuppa yet, or did you boil water the old way on the stove. As my daughter Kate keeps telling me" it keeps you busy dad and stops you thinking of other things" and she is right. Looks like rain later here, keep giggling Lyn. xxx :) ;) Fred

  • Yep I boiled a saucepan on the hob Fred...I made a hot water bottle and got back into bed, lol. I've got no heating until my boiler part arrives. Oh joy! :-) xxx

  • You really know how to live it up, a cuppa, a hotty and a bed, bet yo got either the telly or the radio on as well. Sending hugs to help you keep warm lol xxx ;)

  • telly in my room Fred and no radio. I'm making the most of this next hour, then I'm ringing my Mum to see how Dad is this morning, he's twisted his knee and may need a lift to the doctors. He could hardly walk yesterday, poor soul. xxx

  • Hope your dad is OK, not even a radio alarm, I agree with no TV as the bedroom is for bed not telly. You are a good daughter I know I would not be without my daughters and also my lovely Granddaughter Hannah who looks after her granddad and fights my corner when I am out numbered in a difference of opinion. She is 26 now but still my little love. xx :)

  • Oh dear, but things can only get better now Lyn. Onward and upward. xxxx

  • Hope so sassy, as you say, onward and upward. xxxx

  • Hi Fred hope you get this as my posts have been going somewhere strange. You are a good and funny stick! Ecgs are not so bad, better than those rotten cts scans. Take care all love and smiles, love LeeLee. 😃

  • All present and correct LeeLee yes I think over the last few years I have had every type of scan and test that has been invented, but its been worth it as I am still here. xx Fred :)

  • You sure are fred and aren't we pleased!!! 😍

  • You smoothie you x :)

  • Hope you are not too bothered by the rain heading your way Fred. Morning by the way. It is a bit dull here too but not too bad. Good luck with the workmen, you can make them smile I'm sure. You have made me smile already on this Monday morning. Take care and good luck with any tests this week. xxxxx :) :)

  • Will do, speak later must make a move. xx :)

  • You were spot on with your assumptions as far as I am concerned, Lol

  • It happens but very rarely lol :)

  • How well you know us! Followed the above to the letter!

    No such thing as a quiet life Fred when you have got a family! My girls think I'm invincible. Still, It I guess it keeps us on our toes. Hopefully the kitchen repairs won't take too long to install and you can get back to normal pdq.

    Looks like we are all in for rain for a few days but it's still pleasant so far here in London. Hope all goes well with your tests Fred. Have a good day.

    Sara xx

  • Thanks Fred you started my day with a smile


  • Oh dear Fred I did everything you said on your list! So sorry about your daughters flood - at least she has her old dad to help her out. Nasty grey rainy day here so guess it's the same where you are. Hope you have a good day anyway. x

  • Hi there pal thought you would because I did when I first saw it, weather as you reported and my daughter now has an open plan kitchen namely no units or floor very posh lol stay happy smiler. xx Fred :)

  • When I called you 'old dad' it reminded me so much of my own father I was nearly in tears as he died 6 years ago. I know there is only 17 years between us Fred but would you be my surrogate dad please? I would take it as an honour if you would. xx

  • Again Fred smile on my face thank you .

    Hope your daughter's kitchen gets sorted asap, I was without mine for six weeks, mind I know all the good take aways in Carlisle. lol x

  • Morning Fred. Yes I did check to see if no 5 was missing, Your poor daughter, was it a burst pipe, My eldest daughter had the same problem some years ago,burst pipe above the ceiling,dreadful, Also so sorry to hear you daughter has lost her husband. How hard life can be sometimes, luckily she has a super dad, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Good morning Fred :) Good luck to your daughter know what it is like as a widow trying to get things sorted she has my best wishes, nice to hear of a young widows plight on occasions we tend to forget widowhood can occur at any age . Yes rain is forecast for later so enjoy the sunshine while you have it Katexx

  • although its now tuesday fred :D i enjoyed your post, hope things are going well after the flood,, had a similar thing on sunday, catheter tube came off, :D big flood [slightly exaggerated :D ] but true !! but all sorted now , clothes washed and dried :D toilet floor cleaner now,than it was before :D , its amazing what you can do when you have to !!

    sorry to fred and many of the members for missing your posts,, but have been busy :) all the best old pal,, jimmy :)

  • Hope you are managing pal will write back tomorrow as just off for a shower now, stay safe Fred ;)

  • Fred, while you sing, I play the flute!

    Hope your daughter is sorted out. We don't do number five here! :-) Mic

  • A missionary was captured by cannibals. They put him in a cooking pot and lit a fire underneath. Suddenly the poor missionary started laughing.

    "What you laughing at?" said the cannibal.

    "I just pooped in your gravy" came the reply.

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