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neck/arm pain at night and morning

For a week now have been waking up with, severe neck pain, can hardly move or get up, only getting a few hours sleep. Doctor said could last a few weeks, just have voltaro cream and pain killers, any advice? Just keeping warm, hot baths etc, it seems much better then back it comes at night. Sore to write and type too. Thanks

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What about your pillows? Could it be the way you are sleeping - if you can try a different position. Can't offer much other advise - hope it starts to subside xxxx


Thanks, have tried sleeping flat, sitting up and normally, no difference, my pillows are a bit flat, it is a struggle to lift my head in the morning, only a hot bath really helps. My arms are sore too, it is a mystery, not effecting my copd though, for some reason, that is fine just now! One thing settles then another comes along! Worse as live along and no one can make me a coffee in the morning!! Thanks TADAW xx


Have been short of breath recently? if so it might be you are breathing with the help of your shoulders pulling up the lungs to fill them try to breath more from the diaphragm?


Hi offcut, no my breathing is fine, just the pain at night and lack of sleep getting to me, doc said could last a few weeks, fat good that is, perhaps physio would help. have tried exercises too. Thanks for help, will try and laugh it off!!


Hi, To help with the pain you might care to try Magnesium Oil. It often has one or two "additons" but it does work. You need to use it even if you don't have pain. As the doctor usually advises. Take the whole course.

Holland and Barrett usually stocks it. Cheers.


Thanks will have a look !


Hello Dumba

I also have neck/back problems and find it quite an effort to get settled.

I take Valerian Plus 2000 Glucosamine Sulphate plus my normal meds.

I only use one pillow and it's got to be firm, do you do any neck exercises? a gentle rotation before I go to bed also helps me.

My sport therapist gives me a good massage every 3 weeks just to keep me supple.....bones getting

Hope you find some relief soon. Sheila aka etch45


Thanks Sheila, I am fine when I go to bed but wake up normally about 1 or 2, then the pain is terrible and cannot move. Was thinking about a massage, will invest in a firm pillow too thanks. What is the Valerian Plus? Does it ever go away? x


Valerian Plus It's herbal and comes from plants, also it's a mild sedative and helps one to sleep, I wouldn't be without it as my sleeping pattern is abysmal......Massage for me was a good way to go and I shall keep it up.

You asked if the pain ever goes....well I am not pain free the pills take the edge off and of course everyone is different.

When you wake up during the night try and do gentle movements and stretches.

I do hope you do find relief. x


I started getting awful shoulder pains over a year ago. It was diagnosed as frozen shoulder. I found sleep difficult due to the pain.

It started easing up about a month ago, It disturbed my sleep but I can sleep at night now. Keeping warm helps a lot.

I am allergic to anything Ibobrufen based and aspirin. Also NSSID's and diclofenic so I have to use paracetemol and codiene, I try to ration them because they cause constipation.

The pain reaches the top right part of my chest so I had tests on my heart. they were OK so I was sent to see the COPD nurse. After various tests she decided I have emphysema.


Hi Azure_Sky thanks, it has eased off now enough to sleep, have been keeping warm as you say, and find weights have helped as well. Typing and writing still sore though. Will see what doc says next week. Hope your emphysema is not troubling you too much and you have medication. Lucky mine is ok at the moment, but have just had gas heating put in so the dust was annoying, but not as bad as I thought. This windy weather is worse I find, takes my breathe away, but we need fresh air. Best wishes and thanks x


glad to hear you are feeling better, the warm weather helps. Really it is a case of time healing you. My emphysema is not troubling me at the moment. I walk two miles a day without getting too breathless. If I do I stop for a bit, then carry on. Avoiding fog and rain is important.


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