The smile is back

Hi there folks sorry I was AWL yesterday as was at the hospital but pleased to say other than hunting for a parking space and as expected they were running late, the scan showed the replacement pipework to the Aorta is still all in order so that's one down.

The British Penny-European Union Directive No.456179

In order to bring about further integration with the single European currency, the Euro, all citizens of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must be made aware that the phrase "Spending a Penny" is not to be used after 31st December 2015.

From that date onwards, the correct term will be Euronating".

It is hoped this will be a great relief to everyone. If you have any questions please give me a tinkle.


Is it true that Atheism is a non prophet organization.

Have a good weekend all you lovely people. Fred xx :) ;)

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Brilliant Fred. The joke and the news.You have a great weekend too Suzy xx

Thanks Suzy same to you, the wind is high here at the moment so no sun ahhhhh xxx :)

Oh shame, beautiful sunshine here. xxx

thats good news have a nice wk end

Cheers Adam enjoy the weekend if possible. ;)

:-) x

Cheers cofdrop xx:) ;)

Goodmorning Fred, glad your hospital visit went okay, hope you are feeling well today, its blowing a hoolie here. Loved this mornings jokes :D spilt and spluttered the tea lol! Hugs huff xxx

Made me smile.....Audrey x

Whats the weather like in Jersey Audrey good, fair or so so xx ;)

Still in bed ha ha.....I never lie in bed...caught me out!....just looked it's beautiful and sunny thank you. Audrey x

Have m 94 year old family friend staying I hear him snoring away. He can sleep until 10am lucky guy. I have to go and wake him.....jut to check he has not departed. Scares the life out of me. But if he s a ring that's good!

Have a lovely week-end.

Cheers huff for the hugs, talking of hugs has anyone heard from Huggs or have I missed something ?

Sending hugs back xxx ;) Fred

Huggs is fine Fred though a more than a bit tired recently. She's been having some problems with her lappy now and is taking it to the lappy doc today. Heard briefly from from her this morning.

Pleased to hear its only her laptop and nothing else. xx ;)

You're so funny Fred...I missed you yesterday. I'm glad your hospital appointment went well and that your pipework is still in order.

I'm going to make a nice chicken stew today. I've got no central heating because my boiler packed in yesterday. Ive got some fan heaters though, that should keep me warm enough until the engineer comes back in a few days hopefully. Have a good weekend Fred :-) xxx

Chicken wraps and salad for us. Needless to say I won't be cooking. No 1 daughter is doing the cooking. She's a mean cook. I love stews but only like my own unfortunately. My own stews I'd be happy to have it every day but it is a bit of an effort for me now. Have a good weekend Lyn. Hope you have lots of sunshine! Sara xxx

Seeing we are on food I am doing chicken thighs skinned and boned in a mushroom sauce served on a bed of white rice, and then mixed fruits topped with Devonshire cream. xxx :)

Enjoy Fred. Sounds delicious! Bet you are a mean cook. x

That sounds delicious Fred...I love Devonshire cream, you can't beat it :-)

Morning my lovely giggle friend, yes all in order or so they said, so that's sorted for another year. That's sounds good I enjoy a good stew in the navy we always referred to it as a pot mess, as when we had to prepare the food ourselves for the mess deck if we were short of funds we threw every thing in it, namely a pot mess, but it always tasted great with a few dumplings as well. Oh dear you will have to invest in some passion killers to keep warm till the engineer comes back, that made me laugh do I read he will be coming to fix the boiler or keep you warm, have a re read of what you have wrote xx ;) Speak later have a well wrapped up weekend xxx Fred ;) :)

Tee eee hee! Loved that joke Fred!

Wall to wall sunshine here so far. Nice enough to sit out which I've been doing for the last hour.

Hope it's nice there Fred and that you have a lovely weekend.

Glad the hospital went well.

Sara xx

Thanks Sara weather was blowy but now we have that sunshine so like you enjoying the warmth.

You take it steady and relax if possible. Fred xxx :)

Very funny Fred and good to hear you are still in full working order. Can't have the pipework going wrong now. Hope you are doing well in general too. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Keep smiling. xxxxxxxxx :)

Thanks sassy all in order and hopefully after the 25th even the cancer will be defunked for at least another year or longer, as they say the only way is up. Stay safe Fred xxx ;) .

Good luck for the 25th Fred. xxxxx :) :)

Hiya chuck missed you. Good ole Torbay Hospital hey? (not). Love the jokes as usual. Hope you are having a good day. xx

Morning Fred, you really are fantastic,when I started to read your post,I thought it was going to be serious, very funny, I guess your girls are coming for lunch,so have a good time, even if you mostly listen,Lovely to all be together,very precious times. best wishes,Bulpit

Hi there thanks pleased you had a laugh, you are dead right its Sunday and they will be up for their roast, except one whom has moved with her work to Hampshire so a bit far to travel for a meal. Have a good weekend xx Fred ;)

Love your S.O.H Fred. Good news for you. Happy days :-) XX

Morning Nikkers I read some of your funnies and they are just my type I love them and yes I am well over 60 but in the head I am only in my late 20's at the most. Keep smiling, I like your photo xxx ;) :)

Thanks Fred, it's taken me like - forever to get my pic' on here because I use Internet explorer rather than Google Chrome. I figured it out at last anyway, so now I can bore you all to death with various pic's. :-)

Well as far as I am concerned you can bore away lady xx :) ;) Fred

Oooooh cheeky! :-) XX

I meant that in the nicest possible way xx :) Fred

So did I! XX :-)

Ha have a lovely weekend Fred you are a tonic x

Cheers biker same to you, I think the whole lot of you lovely people are the tonic which I need each day sometimes with a hug. x lol :)

Good news Fred about your pipe works.thanks for the jokes too :) :)

Thanks katie xx :)

Your mail put a smile on my face, light relief. thank you

Sheila aka etch45

Hi there Sheila which I like better than etch45 nice to speak, my favourite saying is keep smiling so if I can help achieve this at times I am happy, I live with lung cancer which they keep knocking on the head but it keeps popping back and this has been going on for 8 years so I am a lucky one really, going in later this month for them to try again. Hope you are not in to much discomfort but keep that smile going xx Fred ;)

Hi Fred I too like to keep smiling a little in common, I too have lung cancer plus all the other things that go wrong with lungs...8 years eh! gives me hope... hope all turns out well when you go back in this month, I shall be thinking of you.

Let me say I am very new to the site but find a great deal of comfort in it, very pleased I came across it. And thank you for being in touch.xx Sheila

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