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Feeling Much Better!

I'm back...

It wasn't pleasant, but it was the first chest/lung infection I've had for over six months and I haven't been prescribed steroids this time...just anti-biotics.

And an injection every three months for the osteoporosis, plus a chewable daily tablet, which the label on the box assures the hapless patient tastes of oranges...they lied...

Actually, one of the side-effects of the anti-biotics, admittedly a rare one, is 'a black hairy tongue' ...

So I haven't done much...bit of fiddling about is all.

Much thank you's to coughalot for keeping you all informed...especially as she's not feeling brilliant herself...and for all your lovely messages.

I'll be back with a tale or two to tell tomorrow...

Love From Vashti xxx

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Great to hear from you Vashti. Look forward to reading tomorrow's story. Rib

Sorry you have not been well,we have all missed you,take it steady and make sure you are really better before attempting too much.

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Hope you'll soon be feeling loads better. Black hairy tongue, eh! It might be oral thrush due to taking AB's, maybe ask doc about it or try Dactarin oral gel from chemist xx

Welcome back vashti and it's great to see you are feeling better. Now get on with the tales please as I have got withdrawal symptoms :d Love xx


Cough, how are you? Just saw you're not so good, might have slipped me by before. Hope things lift soon and spring seizes you in its arms ;) :)

Oh I am surviving thanks O2 and we can't ask more than that can we? Many thanks for your kind words. I hope you are feeling a lot better as well. xxx

Poor you Vashti for feeling so poorly. I am so glad that your on the mend, take care of your self your very precious to us, love from Linda xxx

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Glad you are feeling better hun. cx

Glad to hear it Vashti!!just you take things easy now and get as well as you can get.Hope himself is taking great care of you and I hope and pray you don't find yerself with a big fat black hairy tongue!! Hugs huff xxxx

Glad you are feeling better Vashti, look forward to reading your next tale x

Hurrah!!! So pleased to hear from you. Wishing you and the lovely coughalot a very speedy recovery, lots of love TAD xxx

So pleased you are feeling better Vashti, we miss you and look forward to reading more of your tales. Hugs Xris x

Great to see you are bouncing back Take care of yourself xx

So glad you're back and feeling better. We all missed you. :-)

So pleased you are feeling better Vashti x

Lovely to have you back - I've missed your stories. Jan xx

So good to know you're feeling better Vashti, wishing you well :-) xxx

Morning Vashti, Wonderful to know you are are a little better,Very unpleasant for you to feel so poorly,Black hairy tongue, not nice, We have all missed you, Best wishes, Bulpit

Good to see you up, I won't say and running. Take it slowly and build yourself back up. Looking forward to your future posts. Suzyxx

Good to hear your news. I was

Looking out for your stories....Audrey x

Glad to know you are on the mend! Lolly. xx

Good news Vashti, happy for you :) :)

Pleased you are getting better Vashi, I look forward to more of your adventures . I wonder does the tongue tickle? Love Margaretx

Mind you don't stick that black hairy tongue out at himself, Vashti. Delighted to hear you're on the road to recovery.

Lovely to have you back. I've missed your wonderful stories

Great to hear from you Vashti, i have so missed your stories. Keep on the up! Love Sheila

Glad your feeling better Vashti, we have all missed you x

So glad your feeling better lovely to here from you

Good to hear your feeling a bit better now Vashti.xx

Gladys hear you are over the worst. Looking forward to the next installment! barnowl

Take it easy for a few days, abs used to knock the stuffing out of me. Funny how some docs insist that steroids give abs a kick to work better then another in the same practice says they're unnecessary. Glad you're on the mend.

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