Just to let you know that BBC Midlands today will be showing a piece on Monday evening on my problems with getting admitted to the QE in Birmingham with pneumonia, pleurisy and empyema, inspite of being a patient for 33 years. I will also be talking to radio WM at 7.30 am and radio Coventry and Warwick Between 8.15 and 8.30 am. I seem to have kicked a hornets nest because the hospital, after stating to the journalists that it was a blanket exclusion policy not to admit patients from outside the area, are now coming up with other excuses, eg. we didn't have a bed. Rubbish. I heard my GP arguing with them that I was a longstanding patient whose GP and consultant had made the clinical decision that I needed admittance immediately. The QE flatly refused.

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thank goodness some one is taking the fight keep at it and thank you

Would be good to hear that broadcast nationwide. Whatever is happening within the management of a hospital, to have an very sick and vulnerable patient refused admittance is utterly deplorable. This also reflects badly on the splendid and hard work done by the medical staff within this hospital in the past. The management really do need this wake up call! I'm sorry you had such a rotten experience and so glad you have the guts to stand up to them. Good on you gal!

thank you butter-fly. I agree with you, the staff in the hospital were wonderful to me.The pity is that they all seem so cowed by the managemen idiots.

Good for you hun, Not in my area so please let us know how you get on. Good luck. cx

I'd love to hear how you get on with your interviews, I'm so glad you will get the chance to speak out against the horrible way you were treated! Hope you are feeling much better, hugs huff xxx

Glad your patience has paid off. Highlighting the problems you had may help others who are currently in the same boat Well done.

Hi Joyce

I am hoping that when the programme goes out, others who have been discriminated against by this policy will realise that they do not have to meekly accept what these horrible people impose on them. There is also a huge question over whether what the QE is doing is legal. They, of course, insist that it is. However, legal experts are looking into it.

Go girl go........will try to tune in. But just in case, please let us know what happens.


Hello Stillstanding63, well done for tackling your rights. There is a very important point there, it is the fact that you are supposed to have a choice of hospital and you are merely choosing to go where you always have for many years. I came across a similar situation in Coventry I ended up having to travel to Leicester in order to come back and use my own local Hospital. Don't know where they might send me if I was an emergency admission. I admire your strength when obviously you are ill, we should not be put in this position when ill but it seems the West Midlands wants to use different rules. Good luck with publically exposing this anomally. Oh my local hospital takes patients from out of the area but apparently not locals likle myself who have been using the hospital for over forty years.

Hi Katie

If you felt brave enough to bring your situation to public notice, Michele Paduano of Midlands today is investigating whether other hospitals are treating patients as I have been and whether it is legal. I could send you a private message with his details. It sounds as though your case is an almost carbon copy of mine.

That's interesting, would be grateful for the details. Was talking to another lady today who knew about it. I was sure it was not legal especially to refuse admission when needed. My case was only about ongoing consultant care, but recently there was another incidence which I felt could be construed as poor policy, and felt I was being shuffled around varied local hospitals but just put it down to the current trend of refusing none urgent appointments. Although an operation was the only way to make things better on this occasion.I am not scared to challenge NHS policy but it often gets you nowhere except a label for speaking out.

All very worrying!

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