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just over a week ago i posted under fed up ,it was about my tinnitus i`m pleased to say it has eased off a bit , but what i did do to try and help me ,was order a sound generator device from action on hearing,

that was 7 days ago,on wednesday i phoned them to ask where it was, and the lady that answered, said it had not moved from their warehouse but she would get it sent out that day, i phoned yesterday to see if it had been dispatched, same lady said it was still on the shelf in the ware house, so i have cancelled and ordered the same one ( £10 cheaper as well) from the British tinnitus association. i hope i have more luck with this one , and hopefully get a better sleep of a night.

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Hi my brothers just been diagnosed with tinnitus he said it horrendus like your self he as found it unbreable and finding it hard to find solutions to help

Great post and hope ya device comes this time


So glad it's eased off for you whit...maybe when your sound generator arrives you can have some peaceful nights sleep. :-)


Hope that this is a successful purchase Whit. My wife has had a better day with her double Tinnitus because the wind has died down. She insists that atmospherics play a large role in the suffering of Tinnitus patients. I don't know how right she is. I know that she will be interested to hear of your success Whit, because the free NHS micro noise generators that fit into her ears cannot be worn at night. A peaceful night's sleep would be a wonderful thing. We look forward to your report.


Good for you Whit, I too suffer from Tinnitus although I must say since I have had my hearing aids fitted I have noticed a real improvement. Maybe it is because I can hear generally more. Anyway, hope this sound generator works for you. Let us know how you get on. Take care Maximonkey


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