Give UK Asbestos Suffers Same Rights To Occupational Compensation As Those In Scotland.

Give UK Asbestos Suffers Same Rights To Occupational Compensation As Those In Scotland.


Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg MP

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband.

Give UK Asbestos Suffers Same Rights To Occupational Compensation As Those In Scotland.

As a lung diease suffer who as sufferd at hands of asbestos and lung diease.

I would like to see England's asbestos suffers treated the same as those in scotland when it comes to occupational lung disease asbestos and compensation.

After all are we not a union and is not discrimination illegal.

Also would be nice if UK doctors took into account peoples occupations befour reaching unfounded diagnosis when it comes to occupational lung diease asbestos.

After all who is going to look after England's asbestos lung disease suffers if our governeant wont.

Show your support ;) sign the petition :

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  • Hi Daz have signed the petition. Well done fort getting it going and posting the facts for all to see and act, hope by tomorrow there will be a lot more signatures on the petition :)

  • I have signed your petition Denis well done for getting this started Linda


  • Hi Das, I have signed the petition, I believe in Politics that are fair & for the people, representative of the people. Good luck with this. Margaretx

  • Signed. Good luck. xx

  • Done

  • Done!

  • Hi Denis,I,m a member of so signing your petition is a no brainer ,good luck with it.David.

  • Dear D3nis, In March , 2014 I received a letter from my solicitor, who is dealing with my and others , along with an asbestos action group,the Scottish Government recently published a Bill which seeks to radically reform the way personal injury cases are dealt with in the Scottish Courts . This includes all asbestos related disease claims.To cut the letter short, they want to take cases less than £150000 out of the Court of Session and be dealt by Sheriff Courts and/or District Courts this will affect 95% of asbestos related disease claims will not automatically be entitled to have the services of Advocates and Solicitor Advocates as they do in the Court of Session. in short Advocates fees will have to be paid out of any claims. The insurance industry strongly defend claims against asbestos claims, which no matter what value are very complicated, that is why they must stay in the Court of Session to insure the best arguments are made in front of the best Judges and that decisions are made quickly and efficiently , this is not believed that this will be the case in the Sheriff Court. I have been instructed to write to the First Minister, Deputy First Minister and the Justice Minister, which i have done, got a reply from them, not heard from my Solicitor.This was just to let you know what is going on in Scotland . Keep up the good work at your end, yours Andrew Sands.

  • Done it! Good Luck.

  • Just signed the petition Daz. xx

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