Re: A beautiful place for a walk

Re: A beautiful place for a walk

Thanks everyone for your replies!!! How nice it would be if we could all stroll together one afternoon. It would be sweet to watch you breathe the fresh salty air and splash your toes in the warm Pacific Ocean. Then we could stop at the Surf Club for a cold one and chips & seafood basket. This vista is Burleigh Heads Gold Coast Queensland Australia. We of course take it for granted and are spoilt for choice with 70klm (43 miles) of beautiful coastline. If you google you can click on one of the live webcams streaming from the beach Burleigh Heads Surf Cam. Hugs to all Suz x

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  • Hi Suzann, I've just put a post on of a walk I did today, join me if you like for a walk in the English countryside. Two different worlds eh' :)

    Its not live cam its almost live Dall cam Ha Ha.

  • Just checked it out and enjoyed it very much Tony! You were absolutely live hahahah Funny isn't it, it doesn't matter how we breathe just as long as we do. (and even athletes breathe hard when they are exercising so its all good) My sister has a metal valve in her heart and on a few occasions when we have been away I've had to share a bed with her and me who doesn't sleep very well anyway, lie there listening to this tick, tick, tick. I ended up thinking as long as its going tick,tick,tick, all is right with the world! Suz x

  • That sounds lovely i wish i could come x

  • Hi Bikergrove your welcome anytime. Where are you in the UK? Suz xx

  • Gorgeous Suzy. Thanks, it's great to see where other people live. xxxx

  • Thanks Peege. It is nice to glimpse other people's surroundings isn't it. Bit like a travel session with people we have come to know and spend time with. I hope others treat us to a photo or two of their areas. A bit like our animal pics of a little while ago! Hope your doing well Suz xx

  • if only still we can all dream live in hope and die in despair.

  • Awwww Anthony! How are you my friend? Are you feeling better and enjoying your new room close to all the activities? Hugs Suz xx

  • Still have the chest bug hanging around as for my new room well so nice after 5pm but before before it can get a bit noisy and I was one who cherished their peace and serenity a lot, the trouble was I am close to the front door and reception. But still about time I came out of hibernation and integrated more. Hope you are doing well Suz and are not bothered by the leaf mould one gets in the fall.

  • Thanks Suz. I recognised it straight away. A bit over an hours drive from here in the hills of Nimbin. I always love the sight of the Surfer 's high rise - pathetic and tempoary... yet the human dare to do and keep doing!

  • Hi Bernard,

    Nice to see you. Are you doing okay? Your area should be looking pretty good after all the rain? And yes the Surfers Paradise skyline is very obvious. Hugs Suz x

  • Hi Bernard,just saw this post,& realise you don't live in North I'd assumed in a previous post! Sorry about that!

    Nimbin is very pretty country,but we do have some beautiful hinterland scenery etc.

    Just saw your msg,that would have been hell in the mill today,here's to cooler days.Cheeers

  • Easy mistake to make as most people think tropics when you say coffee farm. Subtropical coffee is delicious and unique though.

    One of the sheds is air conditioned for storage, so I can duck in there when things get too uncomfortable. COPD keeps you on your toes!

  • Hi Suz,know it well,beautiful beach,plus love the markets down there,I'm on the Northern end! Used to spend a bit of time there when healthier! Now don't go so far from home!

    Would have been good to sit in the water there today,it was a corker wasn't it? xxx

  • Hi Wens,

    It was bloody awful today wasn't it. Even now its uncomfortable away from the ceiling fans and air con. I think we all thought this had passed because it has been so pleasant. Just spoke to a friend and she said she heard we are supposed to get a cool change tonight. I hope she is right. Are you doing much better now Wens? Hugs Suz xx

  • Hi Suz,yes it was dreadful today,I think the change might be coming,the wind has really picked up here.

    Things are slowly improving,frustrating though,would like it to be a bit quicker!

    I hope you're doing ok,I saw somewhere,that hubby's away a week at a time,is he a FIFO worker? There's a few around here.It must be hard for you,when not well.

    Take care,& here's to a better day tomorrow,

    Hugs xxxx

  • Yes Wens I just spent 10 mins outside talking to my neighbour and didnt want to come back inside. That wind is so cooling you walk back inside and the hot air slams into your senses and its what 9pm......pointing to being a much nicer cooler day tomorrow. My husband does work away week on week off. I'm use to it now. Plus keep in mind I'm mild/moderate so I'm still able with the odd tweek to live a mostly unaffected lifestyle. I'm so happy you are well and truly on the mend I realise how unwell you were there for awhile. Slowly does it though I can imagine how frustrating it would be. xx

  • Thats Mt Warning in the pic. You should be able to see it from the other side in some parts of the GC or Tweed Heads.

  • Hello Suz, I'm doing quite well thanks. I had my first full lung function test last week and await results. I got a oxygen/ pulse reader after you suggested it and I ait between 94 and 99 o2 mostly. Pulse is a bit fast but good in general. My blood pressure is good as well. I have hyperinflated lungs but not much visible emphysema at least on my xray I think I must have a lot of scarring in there though as I have been exposed to wood dust a lot. How are you?

  • Also doing well Bernard thank you for asking. They should have given you a print out of your LFT results? If not then whichever dr you are seeing for the results should and if not ASK for it for your own records. You can google or ask the wonderful folk on here if there is a reading you don't understand. You can compare it to the next one probably in a years time. That is what was suggested for me rather than x'ray or more scans unless there was a specific purpose / reason / problem just another LFT in a year. Your oximeter readings sound quite good! My pulse is often fast but my BP normal. I would hope you are no longer exposed to wood dust?

  • Thanks for the tips and glad you are well. I have to rethink how I do things in wood now - more chisel and less sanding I guess. Some of my work here:

  • You sculpt? Just for yourself or do you sell your work?

  • I have done small commisions

  • The picture looks so inviting and it would be good to walk there together, but I think we have to settle for what we have near home where ever we live. There are beautiful spots all over the world,thank you for the post Suz01 allowed me to dream for a while :)

  • Being thrre in your dreams is 90% being there Katie.

  • i live in North Wales x

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