Asbestos Meso And Pneumonia

Asbestos Meso And Pneumonia

Is shocking how asbestos inflamation and plumary emphysema can be put down to smoking and pneumonia

Video is good illustration of how those with occupational lung diease are being blamed for there condtions YET its just smoking you hear read about.

Here is good read : How Asbestos Causes Cancer: Mystery Unraveled

Like i never knew meso cells could look like onion skin cells.

Good on this doctor

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  • Everything is blamed on smoking it seems but we know that is not true. Thanks for all the interesting info and vids Daz and you keep on keeping on. xxx

  • good post ,, back in the day perhaps workers did not wear masks as they wasn't informed of the dangers, smoking is not all the cause of copd, have gone deep into the archives were there is loads of cases of asbestos , copd , all classed as industrial diseases , but as per its smoking whats caused it, no there are loads of factors to take in to account, and until they admit it , it will be you smoked that's there compo get out clause ,, pathetic ,, good posts thank you and keep on going, no one gets out alive anyways, so we keep on going with what we have.

  • Love the videos !

  • Great post as always Den.Love to see Cameron being humiliated,let's hope he,s gone soon along with all his uncaring greedy selfish cronies.Take it easy friend.David.

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