Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone else has had problems waiting for an operation? I have a shadow on my lung that needs to be investigated and some Bullae that needs to be removed. My lung collapsed in September last year and I was told in October that I need an operation which would be the end of January/start of February. It then was meant to be in February, then I was told late Feb/early March and now I'm being told April and I seriously can't cope with waiting another month. My breathing and chest pain is getting worse and I'm just not coping. From what I'm aware of the hospital that I'm supposed to be having my operation at (Royal Stoke University Hospital in the Midlands) is having major problems with their A&E and is the worst in the UK at the moment for their waiting times and due to the backlog of them taking up all the beds I cannot have my operation. Can anyone suggest anything that I can do to hurry my operation along? I'm 21 and I've already lost so much time being unwell since I was 18.

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Hi honey

Oh dear i wish i had the magic answer for you but all i can suggest is going back to your gp and stressing to them how much its bothering you....i dont know what the nhs is like there but i think you should be able to be seen by the one with the shortest list but its a guess sorry

Your gp is your best bet they can advice you but if it gets really really bad get yourself to a & e

Good luck with everything x

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I've been to my GP today after speaking with the Hospital and they're going to refer me to another hospital but I can't imagine it will be any sooner, I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I've been to A&E several times and they just send me away and tell me to rest, which isn't very helpful since I've been "resting" since my lung collapsed in September, it's just all very frustrating!

Hi love,sorry I'm not much help I'm afraid! Do keep going back to your GP though,as he's the one whom can get things moving,I can hear your frustration,hopefully someone may come up with a better answer! xx

Hi, I am so sorry that you are having so many problems, but I am glad that your gp is getting things moving.

Would it be a good idea to ring the BLF helpline meanwhile just to discuss your situation . Best wishes

You poor thing, no wonder you're anxious and fed up. Can you ring the BLF help line? They are excellent and can guide you on what to do next. It's the cost of a local call from a landline I believe and office hours. 03000030555 All the very best to you. P x

Speak to PALS at the hospital and see what they can do. However might not be able to do much at moment. My dad waiting for op and having same problem as you. IS due to A&E issues. But PALS will investigate and talk to people on your behalf and may be able to move things along.....

Google NHS Choose and Book.... My sister had a similar problem but you can choose another hospital apparently. Hope this helps to speed things up for you. Good luck.

Thankyou I will try this :) x

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