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Exercise Video Dall Style. Could be the best yet :)

The weathers turned a little cold again so it was time for some indoor exercise to a few tunes. click the link and give it a go, dance or sing along as its all good for us healthunlockeders.


There's a Northern Soul tune for 02, I doubt she'll be dancing to it but hopefully it'll give her a lift.



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Your excersise videos have got me to do them tony. I'm going to invest in some weight. Your consultant at birmingham is it mr Thompson as well. Hopefully won't be long before I'm joining you down there xx

Hi Michelle, great to here your joining in with the video madness, its all good fun and will keep us in shape ready for transplant.

Yes my Transplant consultant is Mr Thompson, he's very thorough and has a good sense of humor so hopefully you will like him.

Who knows Michelle we may meet up on one of our visits, that would be something as I don't think ever I've met another healthunlockeder in person.

Tony xx

That's nice to know tony. My consultant in newcastle knows him very well and is making a personal phone call about me. Yeah we will probably end up meeting up at one of the appointments.

I'm glad I made the right choice with birmingham as newcastle is just to far. Even that they are a great team up there xx

Look out for that long corridor when you do your 6 min walks, it seems to go on for ever. :) .

I don't know what Newcastle is like but the QE is quite new and modern, its very big as well compared to my local Worcester Royal. xx

What a very inspirational man! Will definitely be following this example!!!!

Thanks juney, that's why I post these videos, its to get people to have a bit of fun while exercising if its possible so well done you.

You are a credit to us all Tony keep up the good work

Join in Ant and have some fun. You only have to do what you can, even if its just singing along and tapping yer feet or having a dam good laugh at my antics.

Never mock the afflicted Tony that what was my Nan's words to me when I laughed at a kid at school who wore calipers and that stern rebuke made me into a good character the rest of my life in fact the guy I laughed at become good friends who we stuck by each other until the day he died. I am afraid I will have to sit here for now until all my cardiology tests are done and I learn the results of them can I re-start my exercise again live long and prosper.

Nice bit of the late Leonard Nimoy there Ant, lets hope those results are favorable and you can restart those exercises soon.

Your nan spoke some wise words Ant, our family's used to teach us right from wrong but it seems some parents of today could learn a valuable lesson from them.

Look after yourself Ant

Yes that is do true we had to play quietly too in those days one snippet mom was proud about was when tackled in the shop by neighbours living either side of us was are you sure you have a family love? yes we were even taught to respect the elderly then now every one seems out and out tear aways.

Fantastic....but what have you done to your cat, nowhere to be seen

I think tiger new what was coming and headed for the door. Ha Ha. Its a shame that I disturbed his sleep en it' :) . He's back now so I might snap him and edit it in at the top of the page.

ok he's there now. :)

My hero!!! May the gods always smile on you and yours xxxx

Thanks Tad, hopefully the gods are smiling along with you. Well when you watch me in action you have to smile don't ya, I've got an excuse though, I blame the shortage of oxygen to my brain while I was in ICU Ha Ha.

Tony xxxx

Tony you are a shining example to us all. I cleared the decks and had to join in! Please keep posting these inspirational videos. And where is the cat?

My daughter is on a welding course today so is having great fun!

Three cheers to you.


I will reply soon but the computer keeps crash crash crashing after a few lines so I'll have a break and try later. Grrrrrr.

Thanks SRers, hope the pace wasn't to fast for you :) . Exercise can be fun can't it even when it hurts a little.

I'm pleased you had a go at it once you cleared the decks which was probably exercise in itself.

If you go to the top of the page you'll see once Tiger returned he got back in my chair and I snapped him, edited him, so the cat is back.

Maybe he could be my video mascot but then again Tigger our other cat might get a little jealous of his fame on healthunlocked.

If my son does end up buying a rust bucket of a car then at least I'll know where to come now for some welding repairs.

Tony x

Good stuff Tony, the invincible man! Puffed out trying to keep up and do some of your exercises and that's sitting down! Glad you are keeping indoors out of the cold this time. Thanks for the video

Sara xx

I will reply soon but the computer keeps crash crash crashing after a few lines so I'll have a break and try later. Grrrrrr.

Not to sure about invincible Sara, but I do think that exercise helps keep me strong and gives me a better chance of fighting off the next infection/exacerbation.

As you say it was indoors which is best when the temperature drops outside as I've found out the hard way eh'.

Tony xx

Phew!!! I would fall down on your floor after all those exercises!!! :D Inspirational you are! heck I feel really, really lazy now :p I haven't even walked the walk to the top of the lane for my post yet! tut tut, I'm going to go right now! Thank you Tony I enjoyed the vid very much, it was the kick in the backside I needed! :D hugs huff xxx

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Sorry I kicked your backside hp but its for the greater good yeh Ha Ha. I hope the wind wasn't blowing to hard as you walked up your lane and there was some post worth getting instead of piles of junk mail and bills.

I had a nice lie down after the camera stopped rolling knowing the hard work was done for the day, nice feeling that is.

Tony xxx

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I will reply soon but the computer keeps crash crash crashing after a few lines so I'll have a break and try later. Grrrrrr.

well done tony, great stuff indeed, felt like joining in myself :) what a great inspiration you are tony.

incidentally, " the proclaimers" the last song,, stay but a few miles from me in edinburgh.

all the very best tony, keep up the good work

kind regards jimmy :)

Hey Jimmy maybe you could join me on my next video and get the proclaimers to come on a 500 mile walk with us yeh! :) ok maybe 500 meters would be a better bet as they would struggle to keep up with us eh'


:D :D aye thats about right tony, if they gave us, just a 500 metre start!! :),, we could beat them, no bother at all :D

keep up the good work, always enjoy your vids and your cheery banter :) all the very best tony,, jimmy :)

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Well done Tony ! You never cease to amaze me with your determination and positive attitude.

Hope I can keep amazing you for years to come Argana. Thanks!

Tony. You put me to shame. I don't think I could do that much exercise. Well done you. X

Hi Mavis, You never know whats possible until you give it a go, you don't have to copy me, just do your own thing at your own pace to your own type of music and you may get yourself fit for Rio.

Tony xx

Well done Tony! Your a treasure and a huge inspiration. Many should be inspired and helped by your efforts. I got the same idea last week when we had torrential rain from a cyclone trough. Couldn't get out to walk so I put Robert Palmer on utube and my younger Border Collie and I tranced around for a good 30 minutes! I have 47% DLCO so I got to cover a bit more area. Not that I would be brave enough to ever put it on film...I'm sure there would be nothing inspirational in that but would make for a good comedy. Thanks Tony and keep passing on your smiles and enthusiasm. Hugs Suz xx

Robert Palmer, Doctor Doctor is my favorite and one I exercise to as well. I hope he's wrong about the line 'no pill is gonna cure my ill' .

Having only 27% DLCO does hold me back a bit but doesn't stop me having some fun while trying to improve my lung function with some exercise.

Next time you dance around with the dog, roll the camera so I'm not the only crazy fool on Healthunlocked, they might even delay taking me off to the funny farm :) .

Thanks for the Hugs Suzann, xxx

You're marvelous Tony, very well done, you are such an inspiration.

Love the gorgeous cat too. :-) xx

That dam Tiger cat he always steals the limelight Ha Ha. Thanks for enjoying my exercise vid Jolyn.

Tony xx

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On a morning when my husband is really struggling, it was wonderful to be reminded just how much a strong determination can achieve. Thank you so much, an inspiration. Jan xx

Hi Jan, The pills alone can't fix us but backed up with a little exercise you can definitely improve some more. It also gives you that feel good factor to know you can do something to help yourself.

I find the doctors and consultants respond better to you if they can see you are doing your bit as well.

A little exercise can also make you feel better and helps fight off the depression of being ill all the time. It certainly works for me! :)

Tony xx

If anyone deserves to get well it's you...such an inspiration...you can have big X

I don't know, the things I have to do to get a kiss these day's. Thanks Jeanie!

Tony Three big ones XXX coming right back at ya!!!

Inspirational video

Thanks Rose, my aim is to get others to give exercise a go as it has helped me maintain a stable lung function for over 4 years now. Making these video's is a bit of fun but its good to think they can also help others to take that first step and give it a go themselves.


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You're amazing Tony - and have a good spirit.

Thanks for vid...hugs for puddy tat xxx

Thanks lovelight, your pretty amazing yourself. Tiger the puddy tat is excepting your hugs and kisses in true star struck style sleeping in my chair again. :) He plays it cool

well thats me ashamed of myself giving every excuse for doing nothing. thank you its got me of my backside and enoyed the walk i had to day. x

Great stuff moyzi, the second song in my video is, 'Keep on Movin' and that's what we've got to do isn't it.

It makes my efforts at video making worth while when I see it gets people out and enjoying themselves.

I took a walk today and rolled the camera again so come for a walk with dall later when I get it uploaded onto U-Tube. :) x

Thank you for your video - I am very impressed - was impressed with your last one but this time thought I'd try and join you and do a few myself (I am at 25% lung capacity so near yours) but could not do more than about 30 secs. found your starting music too fast for me and my feet and legs felt like lead and could hardly lift them - was better going sideways but think it was more of a shuffle than a step - but then had to give up - knew I was out of shape but not realized how much, so well done you - am very impressed - will have another go another day and try to do at least a minute - keep up the good work - take care xxx

Well done undine for giving it a go, I found the first one hard going and was happy to have a break with some weights for the second. I find the larger leg muscles use more oxygen and when marching/walking I soon get very breathless but have improved slowly from doing regular exercise.

Look at the long term picture and slowly build your stamina by doing a little every day at your own pace.

Tony xxx

thanks I'll try .......xx

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