Head to toe I have tablet for it now!

Over the weekend I have had the most sharp uncomfortable pain in the left side of my face in my eye, Jaw, Ear,cheek and Neck. It comes on in waves and seems to hit different points at different times it has wore me down. It was like a mask on the face that was tender to the touch with these random punches in the face but all on the left side as if I had a line it could not cross.

I managed to get an emergency appointment in the morning and the doctor listened to what I said and replied I will look in the right ear first for symmetry. To say "Well you have an infection in that ear as well that eardrum is swollen" Over to my left orifice " Whoo, Now that is infected and red but drops are not going to touch this it is the inner ear" While we are in the region open the mouth and say "AHHH! OOOKAY! your Left side of your throat and tonsil are red also? How is your balance?" I said I do not seem to have problem other than the knee giving way or seizing up? Off came the prescription and he told me it should make a difference in 48 hours.

He explained that the nerve were my infection is splits into 5 points which when the swelling hits that nerve causes the pain in the random points on my left hand side of my face. I have found hot drinks bring it on so water and juice is my drinks at the moment. Yesterday I picked up the Mail turned around and walked into the wall! I think the gyro is messed up! Hench the question is my balance okay? Answer only when I go straight! If the Doc is right I hope to see a difference in 22 hours now?

With the AB I am now on 15 Prescriptions this month and literally am covered from head to toe.

Be Well

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  • hi well hope it gets better as quick as it can do offcut

  • Me too!

  • Flaming hell Offcut, you don't do things by halves do you. I hope this particular infection clears up quickly.

    I feel for you because I absolutely hate earache, its agony. Keep your face warm as the cold will agrivate it.

  • hot drinks bring it on with a vengeance! I am crossing everything that it does not get as bad in the right ear?

    I have never been normal with any problem? I like to think of it as being unique! ;)

  • Hi Offcut sorry to hear this. You are definitely unique :O I have never heard of this before. I hope the pain subsides soon. Love cough. xx

  • Me Too! :(

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery, sounds so painful TAD xx

  • Not the worst I have had but close

  • Poor you offcut. I have my fingers crossed for you. Wonder what will be next? It seems at times no sooner do we get one thing under control another comes along!

    Take it slowly then it won't hurt so much when you hit something! Maybe get the crash helmet out of the garage?

    Only 20 more hours to go.


  • I went about one problem to find I had actually got 3!

    The wall was bit of a surprise :)

  • I have had these same pains and the left side of my head and face so sensitive to touch. My jaw and neck with Sudden sharp stab feel like it would lock. Told a Dr about it one time, he never mentioned the cause just gave me an ab and looked at me like I was just a crazy old lady and sent me on my way. So now I don't bother them with details. Seems the Drs in UK pay more attention to symptoms than US. Somehow I always leave the drs office still wondering what's wrong with me!! being stage 4 copd it makes me wonder if I'm so far gone it's not worth messin with!! So, in spite of the snowy, rainy, cloudy weather, for me the sun is shining and the birds are singing and God is on his throne!!! 💥🌺🌸

  • PMA is the way forward

  • Sounds to me like trigeminal neuralgia, I get it a lot. It can be helped with warmth. I also wear something to keep my face warm.

    I have a couple of garments that look like mini boob tubes, made of fleece. Originally invented for skiers.

  • Hell, you can have unique Offcut! Reckon i'll just stay dull and boring if i can.

    You have been through the mill especially this last month or so. Hopefully nothing else can happen and you get a bit of painfree peace. Take care. Sara

  • Well it can only get better?

  • sounds rotten, lets hope it does get better quick, offcut,, jimmy

  • Me Too!

  • Hope you get some relief soon. Being in pain is no fun. At least you got some answers so one thing to be grateful for.

  • Answers have been so rare of late

  • I hope you are feeling better soon offcut!

    Take care and I keep you in my thoughts!!

  • Thank you

  • It does sound as if you have everything covered now Offcut and I do hope your face, ears and throat are much better very soon. Counting down the hours. Get well. xxxx

  • no improvement yet but hoping it will turn soon

  • Oh so sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment Offcut. Silly walls seems to get in the way at the worst times! Be well soon. take care :)

  • As long as I do not turn my head to quickly I can manage u-turns ;)

  • Hehehe :) me too! Glad to see your spirits are good. Thinking of u xox

  • Offcut, you certainly seem to have more than your fair share of health problems and yet you manage to stay so positive - hats off to you - hope you feel better soon. xx

  • PMA is the only way

  • Hello Offcut, I have just seen your post.

    You poor thing having the dizziness and loss of balance. You should be back to normal when the pills work.

    I have Meniere's disease which is due to something in the inner ears not working.

    It can be very embarrassing at times. People tend to think you are drunk. I do really feel for you, poor lad.

    I do hope your ears are better now as well as your sore throat.

    Also, that there isn't any legacy from the indection, such as Trigeminal neuralgia. This causes sharp pains on the side of your face.

    Going out in the cold makes it worse.

    You have my deepest sympathy, Keep your neck and chin well wrapped, unless it is sunny with no wind.

  • My ears seem to be a lot better now but still got the headache :(

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