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It's impossible to sew if there are knots in the tread

Without intending to, myself and 10,000+ fellow Americans have warmed a snake in our bosoms....One year ago I had my house completely refloored with beautiful laminate flooring....Turns out it's deadly poisonous. I have a scab on my ears from hearing the same news story on every channel I click. The wiley fox flooring company will not accept responsibility. I have had a rock in my boot. Now have I two Emphysema and Formaldehyde running amuck in my house.

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oldestnewest have I , but what is the alternative....I am allergic to house dust so carpet is no good.

Could have sealed concrete which i had in Africa, but a bit cold and I wouldn't like to fall on that. The same with ceramic tiles.

I have vinyl flooring in the bathroom.


Knitter, When I went to hospital, I was put in a prefab ward. the flooring was a thin lino covering cement, I did fall on it and it hurt! I was take to have a head scan just to know if my brain was damaged! I think it's still in one piece. But If I ever go on that ward again, I'll be doubly cautious. It's enough having bronchiectasis, don't want brain damage!


Formaldehyde is used in MDF and has been known about for many years. I used to sell and cut it in the UK but was told that it was not used in the USA? This may explain why so much of the flooring over here is either wood or chipboard backed now?

Good site to read though below

Be Well

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Noona1 Oh dear, this is awful. And not even re cognized by the firm. I'm sorry for this.


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