O2 Needs Family

Hi everyone

I'm writing this post for O2. She is feeling

very poorly and in low spirits. She has been ill for the past week. She was in the

hospital to no avail. Shes very weak and can.

barely walk. 2litres o2 is not keeping her sats up. Even 4 shes only 88%.

There is a possibility of LVRS

surgery. She definitely needs some

cheering up . Shes feeling very weak

So don't be offended if she doesn't reply.

She just needs to know the family is there

for her. I know you guys will lift her spirits.

Rubyxx 😊 😊


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  • Hi O2,

    Just Huggs here! I am so sorry you are unwell and been in hospital. I haven't been around much myself so hadn't noticed you aren't around.

    You take great care of yourself, and I know Rita will be looking after you well. So just remember we are all here for you and thinking of you, as well as sending positive and healing thoughts your way.

    Be good to yourself, and you are not alone, and get plenty of rest. Please don't even attempt to reply and save your energy for getting better and for breathing.

    Hope you feel better soon and can get some treatment started.

    Take care,

    love and warm hugs,

    Huggs xxx :)


    ps Thanks for letting us know Ruby xx :)

  • Hi O2 I am sorry you are so ill and I am sending my best wishes that you are feeling better very soon. Keep strong and stay safe. Am thinking of you. xx

  • My love and big hugs to you and I do hope you start to feel better soon - love eyes xxxxxx

  • Hi O2, so sorry to hear how unwell you are. Wishing you the very speediest recovery. Sending you lots of hugs and lots of love TAD xxx

  • I'm so sorry your feeling so rubbish, I really really hope you pick up soon. xxxx

  • Dear O2, So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Hope you see an improvement very soon hun. Lots of healing hugs coming your way.

    thank you Ruby for letting us know.


  • Is this O2 Trees we're talking about ? I ask because she's been on here regularly and I had no idea she was going through a bad patch.

    O2, so sorry things have gotten out of hand. You work so hard at staying well and managing your condition, that I can only begin to imagine how bad things must be if you had to go into hospital. I know you are a strong person but please take any help available to you now. And don't give up heart, because we all go through really bad patches from time to time and though it might take time, we get over them eventually. My favourite consultant( now retired) used to say the same thing to me, every time I'd end up in hospital barely able to breathe. His mantra was 'you've been this sick before and you got over it and you'll get over it this time too.' And you will get over it too, I know you will.

    Lots of love and positive energy. Xx

  • Hi 02....it's no fun feeling so poorly is it....putting my arms around you and giving you a gentle hug. Wishing you all the very best and hoping you'll be feeling better soon. Please make sure you get plenty of rest. Love from Lyn xxx

  • Hi O2. Sorry you are having such a rough time. Know you feel rubbish and hoping it's getting a little easier for you. We are all thinking of you. You are always so helpful to us. We just take it for granted that you are strong and often forget you are ill too. Take care Sara xx

  • Get Well Soon !!!! Sending positive thoughts and Wishes, love huff xxx

  • Good morning Hufferpuffer, What a lovely video you posted for O2. Very thoughtful. Regards Bulpit

  • That is so lovely Huffer! x

  • I hope you have room on your hospital locker for one more set of well wishes. I hope that you are responding to all those exotic meds that they don't let us mess with at home. Keep up the fight and show those little bugs that they picked on the wrong set of lungs this time.

  • "Hello to you 02.

    I am really hoping that by the time your reading this little get well wishes and that your starting to feel a lot better as the days go by.... Each day is a new day... and one bit closer to you starting to feel much better hopefully 02...... I have just lite a candle for you and will keep you in my thoughts. big squeezy (((hugs))) for you from Nell and Noah too. take care yourself as your a very special person to us all.......Megan.xxxx"


    Thank you for your mail letting us all know about 02..you take care yourself too......Megan.xx"

  • So sorry to hear you are so unwell,do hope things look up soon for you.

    Thanks to Ruby for letting us know.

    Gentle hugs to you,take care,

    Love Wen xxx

  • Morning Wenns, Just read your reply to Ruby re., O2. Do trust things are a little better for you and your husband, Regards, Bulpit

  • So sorry you're feeling so poorly O2. I hope your doctors soon sort out something that will improve things for you so you are back to your usual good form. For now rest all you need to and don't worry about talking to us. We'll all be here in the background supporting you from all over the country - and beyond - have you seen Sokrackers map? I think knowing where people live somehow brings us closer (probably daft I know). Wishing you well and sending lots of love :-) Jan

  • Oh my dear O2 I am just so sorry you are feeling so poorly. I know you have been unwell lately, but did not realise how serious your condition was.

    I hope they can do the LVRS on you, everyone that has that seems to show an amazing improvement.

    You are such an amazing lady , you have inspired so many on this site and worldwide to exercise and cope with there illness....

    I love the get well soon 'cards' that were sent to you on here....I would love to be able to come over to your bedside and make you toast and eggs and give you a loving hug.

    Please know that we ALL care so much about you....sending you all my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery

    Take care of yourself O2 you are in the best place , I feel sure you will be home soon

    Lots and lots of love


  • get well soon and better

  • Hello O2, in my thoughts and prayers. We are all thinking of you, can't you just hear all these messages beaming their way to you. We all need you to fight our corner. You are so good at helping everyone, this time take a while for yourself. Love Suzy xx

  • Please pass on my very best wishes for a speed recovery

  • Hi O2,

    Im with the others in sending all the best and praying you improve quickly.

    love Carole xx

  • Morning Ruby, If only good wishes helped when you are ill,O2 would be instantly better.Do hope all the messages help, So very miserable to feel so poorly, Rgatds Bulpit

  • hi O2 ,, sending my best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery,

    i do hope you feel better soon, its very difficult and lonely when feeling like that, but there are hundreds rooting for you on this site,

    send my love and kind thoughts,, jimmy xxxxxx

  • hi 02, I'm so sorry ur not feeling so good at the mo, I've been so busy wrapped up in my own stuff I didn't even know u were poorly 😟 hope u start feeling better asap, thinking of u. Xx sonia xx

  • Hi 02, so sorry to hear you haven't been very well and do hope your on the way to feeling much better. Sending prayers and gentle hugs for a speedy recovery. Suz xx

  • Get well soon!


  • Gentle hugs and love to you now you're home dear O2trees. Looking forward to hooking up soon with 'the girls'. Something to look forward to eh? P xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sorry to hear your having a tough time of it 02, take the pills rest up and come back fighting for our NHS. Your a star here on Healthunlocked for all the great work you do. :)


  • Sorry to hear your not well, keep your chin up hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery. Lyn

  • O2trees, I hope you will feel better real soon, sending you hugs and best wishesxxx

  • Hi 02 sorry to hear you are so poorly, sending you all my good wishes and hoping you will be feeling much better very soon.

    polly xx

  • Sorry to hear you are unwell. Get well soon. xx

  • Sorry to hear you are at rock bottom 02, take care , keep warm and relax. I am sure given time you will get better. Winter time is always the worst. We look forward to seeing you back on here in the near future, when you feel fully recovered xxx

    Thanks Ruby for letting us know by postx

  • Hi O2 get well soon xox

  • Oh you poor thing O2 please get well soon will be thinking of you and wishing you well again xx

  • Sorry to hear you are not well, hurry up and get well so that you can enjoy this lovely sunshine from your window. And don't forget, if your nose runs and your feet smell you're upside down

  • I've only just seen Ruby's message about what you've been going through O2. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully, the LRVS surgery becomes a reality for you. xxx

  • Don't ever doubt this family we will always be here for you,get well soon sending you lots of healing wishes.xx

  • O2, I'm so sorry to hear of your weakness. Still hope for the best. Especially if youare going to have this operation. I hope it makes a world of difference.

    In the meantime, we are all behind you 100%. I pray that you will feel better soon. Of course, you take it easy. don't trouble yourself if you don't write. We are with you in this difficult time. Mic ( and all the others)

  • Hi O2, just wanting to wish you the very best and hope you feel better soon. We are all thinking of you and sending love and hugs. xxxxx

  • Bless you ruby for letting us know. xxx

  • You hang in there O2, hope you get the LVRS, I had a lobe removed 45 years ago and it was a great help. thank you ruby.


  • Hello o2 Sorry to learn you are not well, I hope you start to recover very soon.

    I am new to the site and am still finding my way about.

    With Love etch45 xx

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