does napping have same benefit or effect on PH as cpap?

I was sure I have oxygen drops at night that wake me up repeatedly. Dr didn't think so. I bought a recording finger oximeter and showed Dr I do. He said sleep study will only do the same test I have done myself, and that cpaps very uncomfortable, and as I nap when tired it is managed ok, so did I really want that? I said I didn't want to get pulmonary hypertension sooner than I had to so if it prevents that then yes I would want it. He has ordered full bloods and an ecg. Says ecg will show any right sided heart change since my last one which I am given to believe is ok.

So, does napping have same benefit or effect on PH as cpap?

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  • I use and niv to sleep with im not sure if thats the same thing....i was given it after my earlobe tests showed high co2 levels i didnt have to have any other kind of tests

  • HiMandy

    Whats an NIV?

  • Sorry...niv nippy machine niv stands for none invasive its a ventilator and forces air in through a mask when im sleeping ...

    I have a smashing bruise on the bridge of my nose from it :)

  • I have pulmonary hypertension as well and wake throughout the night some times gasping. I have had two Sleep apnea tests which did not show enough to justify cpap. I drop a further 12.5% when flat but some of that is because of my paralysed diaphragm.

    I do not see were the lack of sleep causes PH? I seen PH cause Sleep apnea?

  • People with emphysema all end up getting PH, which, apnea can cause as well, I don't want to wit till I have confirmed PH, I want to keep it at bay as long as possible. If having apnea can cause it as well as the emphysema, and I have apnea, (Dr agrees), then seems sensible to see if I can get cpap. If you haven't been able to though, I doubt I will.

  • Depends on where you are a lot of the time?

  • I did the same as you a year ago, resp doctor ordered sleep test, found my oxygen dropping far too much,[i know the oxygen levels do fall when sleeping ] previously had left ventricular failure [heart failure ] severe stage copd,, ,, i know this hasn't answered your question directly !!

    im now on oxygen,,,,,, printing this quickly as im waiting on my carer who is very late,,, i beleive oxygen, although awkward has saved my life,

    all he very best with kindest regards jimmy

  • Thanks Jimmy, hope carer gets there soon for you. Get you off tenterhooks. x

  • thank you lloegr, i actually was on tenterooks :) and was rushing things a little,, but carer been and done now :)

    quite a bit snow up here near edinburgh,, carer was late, but all ok. ,, now got timer to catch my breath :)

    i wish you well lloegr, all the very best, regards jimmy xxx :)

  • Lying down and seeping or resting will always show lower SATs...your body knows when to boost and when to drop. If you c=get out of bed, take a little walk and then wait, you will see your SATs rise. Also an oxymeter is only ever a comparison. Your body temperature, hand creams, skin tone etc all affect your SATs. If I want an accurate as possible reading in the morning, I walk to the kitchen, make a cuppa and some brekies, go back, sit in my chair, eat up and drink up and then wait five to ten minutes....then I get a fair figure. The food and drink confirm to your body, that your day has started and you need energy and oxygen.

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