Fall 7 times, Rise 8

I get it that you are embarrassed. The more you resist the harder going out in the world will become. I wear a black medical face mask whenever I go out (with Rhinestones). Even though many stare, I can't allow myself to get sick...I go out at least once every day. Yes, some days I feel all the arrows are pointed at me and I feel my courage crumbling but I stand on the edge of the cliff and fly. Even if you have one day left> spend it challenging the world...Lay down your burden and mount the wind...

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  • Sums up what living with COPD can be like x

  • A good post Noona and I like the facemask with rhinestones idea -making a statement! Stopping infection if we can is the single biggest thing we can do to help ourselves with COPD I think. Best wishes :)

  • Yes, James if you close your eyes to infection it will steal the nose off your face

  • Hi,where would i buy said face mask?? .

    many thanks

  • Onwards and Upwards ! xxx

  • Inspiring Noona. xx

  • Beautifully said and a big welcome to you Noona!

  • Carpe Diem Noona !

  • Go for it! Sounds great and what a treat for all who sees it.

  • spot on!

  • Well said Noona mags xx

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