I've just come back from Newcastle. It's been decided that I'm not quite there to go on the active list. But I'm very close to go on it maybe in a few months. My body is in good shape for the transplant. But they have refered me to Birmingham now as its only a hour and half away. Where's Newcastle is 3 hours away. They say when it does come to the op being miles away from my kids won't help my recovery. so I hope to be seen in Birmingham very soon. My consultant in Newcastle is making a personal phone call To mr Thompson down there to get me seen quicker. Thank you for all your nice messages. It's been a really hard week mentally and physically xxx

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  • Now it's time for you to relax and wind down as much as you can Michelle. You are in good hands and obviously they are doing everything to make things easier for you. It will be good for your kids to be nearer mum when you do have the op. The transplant teams in the UK are the finest in the world so rest easy. Take care Michelle and put your feet up now. Sara xx

  • Hi Michelle, It seems you'll be joining me soon under the great care of the Birmingham transplant team and Dr Thompson.

    I'm there later this month for my 3 monthly check up and once again giving it my all on the 6 minute walk, jogging :) up and down in there very very long corridor.

    As butterfly say's, its got to make sense for you and your family to go to your nearest Hospital, they do like you to be within 2 hours of them as time is a big factor if lungs become available.

    Tony xx

  • You are a total inspiration Tony....good luck!

  • I'll second that Polly. Tony is the all out champion!

  • That's good news Michelle and I will cross my fingers for you. x

  • Welcome home. Birmingham is a stroke of luck. That should help make things easier for both you and your family. Keep up the fitness. Well done.

  • The very best of luck Michelle xxx

  • That is good news, and Birmingham will be more convenient for you-yay! Wishing you all health and every

  • Great to hear some positive news for you Michelle,I,m still a way off jumping on the bandwagon so have all that trauma to look forward to lol.Time for you to take it easy and get your head round all the ins and outs.I wish you the very best of luck.Take good care of yourself at this very important crossroads.Kindest regards David.

  • Fingers crossed won't be too long now Michelle - all the very best of luck. xxx

  • Brilliant news Michelle,

    Just catching up on the forum,with all the news.

    Must be exciting & a bit scary too,mixed emotions!

    What a wonderful future to look forward to,for you & your family,

    Best of luck,hugs Wens xxx

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