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Good breathing, good sleep

Not wanting to smother the forum with my new blog, but I didn't spot this 'general chat' category before. Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep until I used Serevent asthma reliever because, in spite of the 'aspirin technique' I've been so happy about, I had a persistent low level botheration in my lungs that was keeping me awake. Nevertheless, I still say that aspirin is 100 fold preferable to applying a hormonal substance to the delicate epithelium that exchanges O2 for CO2. It's massively cheaper and one gets a better sense of its side-effects, if any at normal dosage.

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Most people with asthma and copd MUST NOT take aspirin I have too carry an epepen now because o f a bad reaction to aspirin.

Take care


The studies in this regard suggest 3% to 5% asthmatics say it worsens their asthma, not 'most', although that's become the general consensus. Similarly, asthma UK recently announced that a "massive 82%" react to cigarette smoke, but I'll bet 98% have never been asked about it, and it's mostly a panic reaction that's experienced actually, while already having a low level asthma going on.


THANKS. I have adjusted the sub-title of the blog with another discretionary note.


Pete has copd and takes aspirin because he had a heart attack in 2007. He seems to be doing ok on it but good to know that it is not for everyone. Thanks newlands and gerrytlloyd. Take care all. xxxx

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Dillm2 on other thread, posted "Strange to relate I had to take aspirin as pain relief on doctors advice I too have noticed an improvement in my asthma"


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