All ways try to be happy

It's easy to say its aright for them but it's never going to be about them it's about us we all suffer in are own ways we share the same battle but fight are own wars some we win some we lose but never , never give up the fight there are days when you may think what's the point I can't go on like this well you have to remember it's not always bean like this try to think of the good times you had things that have made you laugh and remember people do care we all hurt sometimes that's what makes us who we are .

Stay warm stay safe stay alive

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  • Problem is when i remember the good things it just makes me more miserable than i started it just reminds you of what you lost but the thought was there

    thanks x

  • Oh Mandy those would have been my exact words. I have'nt posted much recently as i have been feeling very sorry for myself, selfish i know. But have looked in everyday. Where are you at now? Great news re offer of a transplant, yet scary at the same time. Good luck, what is for you won't go by you they say! Love Sheila Xx

  • ha ha thats one of my phrases too

    im amazed how many of us on here call ourselves selfish for feeling sorry for ourselves and its wrong...i think we are more than entitled to feel that way sometimes its not selfish to mourn a life we thought we had x x

  • Mandy

    Your right everyone can feel the hand we're dealt isn't all it should be or what it could have been but we must try we have too it is hard it's very hard sadness and happiness go hand in hand but I know what you mean .

    Stay safe 😄

  • I was once told by a wise member never look back. I will have to put it into practice again!! Xx

  • Kininmonth morning

    There's a song that goes Don't look back in anger I Heard you say I hope everything is going well for you

    Take care stay safe 😄

  • unless your driving of course or you may miss the loony driving behind you x x :)

  • Mandy

    How true 😄

  • Pete is generally a very positive man and this has seen him through so much but just recently his back has been so bad he is getting a bit depressed. Fortunately he has me and close family around to help lift his spirits and that does help. I do feel deeply for those who are alone and trying to fight illness and disease. People on this site truly are an inspiration and I am so thankful to be part of the support and kindness.

    Lots of good wishes to everyone and here's to better days ahead hopefully. Take care all. xxxx

  • if you think you are beaten,,, you are

    if you think you dare not,,,,,you dont.

    if you'd like to win, and think you cant,,,,

    its pretty well sure you wont,,

    life's battles don't always go to,,,,

    the stronger or faster man,,,

    but sooner or later the one that wins,,,,,,,


    im a poet and don't know it steph :) great post.

    take care steph,

    all the very best,, jimmy :)

  • Jimmy

    Very well put we may not win races but I crawl to the line every time to see there faces

    Stay happy 😷

  • thats true steph :) as long as we get to the line :)

    its quite often a little humour that helps us along,, you take care now,, jimmy :)

  • Well said Stephend, We all should stay as positive as we can. Yes, we will have bad days, but the good days make up for them. Love life and stay as happy and as healthy as you can. Take care, Maximonkey

  • Thank you

    We make our own happiness I feel so I'm alive and being alive makes me happy

    Stay happy

  • SUNSHINE is just round the corner folks,Stay positive ,we,ll all be smiling again soon and I,ll be sitting in the sun ,right at the crack of noon.Getting all pink and burning with a daft smile on my ugly old mug,thinking of my PIP and feeling really smug.Poetry never was my strong point lol.Happy days are comming chums! :D D.

  • FarmerD

    Sounds good to me enjoy yourself

    Happy days 😄

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