Hello boys and girls -

 Hello boys and girls -

Yes, you are all boys and girls to me, 81 today. suns shining and going to lunch with number 2 son today. Saw No..1 son and wife yesterday, and No3 son lives in Sydney and his broadband is down so we spoke on the phone this morning.

Joke for the day -

"Those pills you gave me are fantastic," says a patient to his doctor. "but they make me walk like a crab." 'Those will be the side effects,' repels the doctor.

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ha ha ha ...very good

Happy birthday :) :)

H Mandy

thanks for your good wishes.

I'm going to amend a saying - "Cometh the hour, Cometh the Mandy". When that so important phone call comes, you will find the courage to take this wonderful opportunity and grab this chance with both hands. How could you not with all the good wishes of this forum behind you? Love Iris x

Ha Ha. Happy Birthday. I just love spring flowers. Enjoy your day. xx

Hi Suzy, nice to hear from you. Just been catching up with your news, hope life is running more smoothly for you, One ct scan I had revealed nodules, second one 8 months later consultant said they had disappeared. Let's hope they all disappear for good. Love Iris x

Happy Birthday Lyd and have a wonderful day. Loving the joke. What beautiful cards and flowers, lucky you. Take care. xxxxxx

Hi sassy

Hope Petes visit to Brompton goes well. Take care of yourself, being a carer must be hard work. thanks for your good wishes Love Iris x

Thank you very much Iris. I am happy just to have such a great hubby. Lots of love, Carole xxx

Happy birthday Have a lovely meal xx

Hi Newlands,

thanks for your good wishes. Interested to read of your cataract operation, as my husband is due to have one soon. He is 85 and his sight is getting worse so I hope it will go well. Love I ris x

Happy Birthday Lyd enjoy your special day.

polly xx

Hi Polly

thanks for your good wishes, and I hope you and hubby are doing OK. Love Iris x

Happy birthday to you, remember 81 is the new reversed 18 enjoy lunch and I loved the joke. Keep smiling. Love Fred xxx :)

ah, Fred you are still chief jester at this royal gathering! thinking back to when I was 18 I was square dancing with a vengeance. My husband to be and I were in a group that went to different venues on a Saturday night as part of an evenings entertainment. We were mini celebrities! would be too much effort to go and watch these days! Makes you smile, doesn't it. Love Iris x

Happy Birthday Lyd and wishes for many more to come. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

Loved the joke. Sara x

Happy Birthday,hope you have had a lovely day. Love the flowers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a lovely day x

thanks, I did have a good day, so thankful I felt well enough to enjoy it. These milestones can be a bit worrying as you don't want to be a wet blanket when everyone wants to give you a nice time. Hope you are coping with your lung condition, and that the good days will outweigh the bad ones. Love Iris x

Love it, short and snappy. Happy Birthday

a belated happy birthday lyd :) enjoyed your humour , great :)

jimmy x

thanks Jimmy.

did you hear about the gypsy who won the lottery? He got paid in travellers cheques. As Fred says, keep smiling. Love Iris x

:D :D just noticed this lyd,,, ha ha ha,, travelers cheques :)

you'll be doing fred out a job :D

yes lyd as you and fred say,, keep smiling, hard a times,, but a must lol :)

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

He heee...have a lovely Birthday Lyd and I hope you enjoyed your lunch :-) xxx

Good one Lyd. Here's wishing you a very happy birthday. XXX

thanks so much,Niikkers, Hope you are well. love Iris x

Sorry so late Iris,81 years young and still chirpy as ever you are a tonic to us youngsters lol ( I,lol be 59 on Paddies day ) .Sounds like we have some nicer weather on the way to cheer us all up woohoo! Take good care of your self Iris,Regards D. 💐

Hi FarmerD nice to hear from you. thanks for good wishes, I hope you are coping ok. Warmer temperatures forecast by the weekend, how exciting is that?

then I'll start fretting about all the work that needs doing in the garden! Love Iris x

Hello Iris, sorry to be late! Belated Birthday Wishes with love, huff xxx :)

Hi Huff' thanks for your good wishes, hope you're feeling ok. by met office reckoning itsSpring on 1stMarch but 21stMarch is often given as first day of Spring. It's still a cold wind out there so take care. Love Iris x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYD. And many more of them. Have a lovely day/week! X

Hi I Peege,

sorry, bit late. Hope you are ok. Love Iris x

love it happy birthday hope you enjoyed your outing ? .

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