Flute and breathing relaxation

I’m reading “The Alexander Technique for musicians”, by Judith Kleinman & Peter Buckoke.

It explains specifically how a musician can perform and yet, have a comfortable posture. One tip which I find interesting for everybody. is, in brief, our breathing speeds up when we are taken by our emotions. To change this, you can allow yourself to relax the abdomen and allow the ribs to open up freely. As the ribs are attached at the back they expand to the back as well as the side and in front. They also ask you to brighten your eyes, smile and whisper a Ah! of contentment. In this way, you can relax the tensions, drop your shoulders, balance your head forward and up to elongate the spine. You can extend your arms too, as I just did this to collect my thoughts!

There you are, just try and tell me (off or not!) :-) Mic

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  • Mic, this is fantastic, I will buy the book and read it.

    Ciao, Tony

  • If you have a Kindle, it's even cheaper than the papaer one. YOu can read it in bed too when you wake up during the night! Cheers, Mic

  • Thanks Mic, I do have a Kindle App on my Samsung tablet and the book is already downloaded. I do a lot of reading on it, after all you can carry heaps of books whenever you go and I do find it better to read on. Just don't think it's a real book and try to swat a fly with it, it could be very costly!!!! LOL



  • Tony, OK I won't swat a fly with it! I take it with me to appointments to educate myself while waiting. What a pot of science I'm becoming :-)

  • I've been learning the Alexander Technique for the last three months, mainly to help my back as I have severe osteoporosis ( compression fractures on six vertebrae ) almost certainly relate to a lifetime of bronchiectasis. And I'm just beginning to learn this breathing, the smiling eyes etc. At times it does seem a bit weird BUT I think it's helping my back and so far I've had a fantastic winter lungwise. Barbara

  • Morning Mic. Hope your feeling better. I have tried those little exercises not sure if I got it right but will keep practising. I will also try the book see if the library have it before I buy a copy. While were talking about exercise can you send me the link for the utube video the one you do each day. Thanks Mic have a good day Nan

  • Nan, that's one:

    The other one may be a bit trickier if you've never done it. It's called the 8 pieces of brocade. It's part of Qi Gung, the medical exercises branch of martial arts. Qi (you say chee) or Ki (as in ai-ki-do (Japanese version) is the energy. with these you begin to control your energy.

    This is the video of exercises I do them every morning (1/2 hour):

    This is the explanation of the video with the different postures/movements:


    The important bit is the breathing that must accompany each exercise. Brocade is silk, silk is flexible and resilient. This is the aim of the wonderful exercises. if you do those, you will see a change after a week. You will really will feel better after 6 months.

    This is for life, but what a wonderful life! Cheers, :-) Mic

  • That's great thanks Mic I let you know how I get on

  • Second reply. Yeah I got a kindle, so I got the Kindle version . so when I wake up at 4am and can't slepp I open my kindle, with a cup of hot chocolate and Classic FM, that is very soothing and eventually, I feel I ca sleep till 6.30 am.

    Good to borrow it from the library. It's good reading, helpful. Good to just take note of the salient points to remind yourself. Bet of luck with it, Mic

  • Yes I've got a kindle to so I could get that version Thanks Nan

  • Barbara, This is very moving. I hoe you will find a real help in this. So have you got a good teacher?

  • Yes I think so. The problem is it costs!

  • Hi Mic, all sounds fascinating to me and I could do with learning the Alexander Technique for my back too. Good luck to you. xxxx

  • Thank you and best wishes which ever move you make to improve yourself. Great!

    what I did was to look it up on YouTube. There are various intersting videos on Breathing, on posture. Write Alexander Teachnique for back problems. You will get some intersting answers. Mic

  • interesting thank you although not sure I am doing it right xx

  • Undine, in a way you ought to feel your belly moving, especiallywhen you lay on your bed.

    To direct thebreathig, try to put your hands at the back, then on teh side and in the front on the lower ribs. First breathe out, as this provoke the breathing in; feel your ribs then ... and smile. Yes, you can do it!

  • thanks will try again later xx

  • How you doing playing the flute?

    Wish you could play for us!

    Is it helping your breathing?

    Take care

    Rubyxx😊 😊

  • Ruby, I read a few scholarly research, I also talked to a counsellor who said that her daughter had asthma. Since she started the flute, she never had a fit. all this vindicates the idea that flute is good for the lungs. Although I have bronchiectasis, I find that standing up, holding the flute of nearly a pound of siolver and nickel and practicing controlled breathing and blowing is a lovely challenge. I get very tired, but I do practice a lot every day. When I get tired and frustrated, I go an do something else! It may sound boring, but I like playing scales, even though I hage leraned little tunes. What hobby or passion do you have?

    Cheers, Mic

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