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The sun has got it's on


Morning folks yes the sun is shining here in Devon, or where I am anyway, so it looks like we are in for a good day, I just hope we are sharing it with the rest of you, even those all the way up the top there.

Just a few more Tommy ones for you.

I went to buy a goldfish and the chap said "Do you want an aquarium" I said "I don't care what it's star sign is".

A friend of mine is in love with two school bags, He's bi-satchel

I went and bought some Armageddon cheese today and it said on the packet best before the End.

I went to the doctor and said "Can you give me something for my liver" He gave me a prescription for a pound of onions.

Keep smiling and stay pain free xxx Fred ;)

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I know I forgot -----its hat on.

Haha! Great jokes I loved them thank you Fred :) you've made the sun shine here, it's so nice I'm going to put my washing on the line, just as soon as I can drag myself out of this warm and snug bed! Have a great day :) hugs huff xxxx

holly17 in reply to hufferpuffer

I see your mind is willing but your bodies not, oh well t he washing will still be there later unless the fairies hang it out. Thanks for the hugs, one flying back to you xxxx Fred ;)

Hi Huff,

I've got my first load out and another in the machine, making the most of it as it is pretty unpredictable at the moment

holly17 in reply to Sokrackers

OK your showing off now smarty xxx

Food morning Fred

Present and ready for inspection!

Did you used to have cabin inspections where there was the dreaded knock at the door. Asleep or awake 'stand by your beds'.

What are you up to today?

I'm going to update the community map so people can 'find' themselves!

A little frosty it was this morning

Morning there our kracker, good to see your on time for the morning parade, but then I expect you have been out already. Yes we had inspections on the ships but had a warning so had lots of time to stow every thing in other places, but on submarines there were no inspections like that as it was a case of really a place for every thing and every thing in its place, as already being sunk you did not want to take a chance of the pumps being blocked by anything. I am taking one of my daughters to do some shopping as she is unable to drive anymore due to illness, but she is good company and likes a laugh. Yes please stick me on the map so I know where I am. As long as its the weather thats frosty and not you thats alright. xxx ;)


Morning Fred. Love the jokes as usual. Hope you are fit sunnyish here too but looks like it might rain (for a change) x

Hi there near neighbour I was down your way yesterday with one of my daughters went to the new Range store, as you said not as big as the one in the city, but I thought it was well laid out and the buffet was good as well, prefer that without doubt to Exeter. Have a good day ,Don't rain on my parade, now that reminds me of a song from a film, any offers ? xx Fred ;)

Funny Girl, I remember that one. Sunny and cold here in the West Midlands today, I am going to try and go for a little walk need to strengthen my legs up, went shopping yesterday, legs so tired last night.

Lots of laughs this morning, thanks Fred.

polly xx

Thanks polly for the Funny Girl reminder, I used to love those musicals , can't remember really the last time I went to the pictures. Don't go made with the exercise. xxx Fred ;)


:D :D beautiful blue skies here and the bird bath only a little frozen over :)

Thanks for my morning smiles Fred! Hope you had a good night. Don't overdo it today!

Wall to wall sunshine here today. Just watching the birds outside in my garden. Hope this is shades of days to come. Well one can hope! Take care. Have a good day

Sara xx

Morning Fred, We will always smile at your posts,I expect your girls are coming for their roast dinner tomorrow, enjoy the day, Fingers crossed for NO PAIN, Best wishes BULPIt

Thanks your very kind. ;)

He heeee. Morning Fred, overcast here this morning. We could do with some of yesterdays sunshine again. :-) Have a nice weekend Fred. :-) xxx

Hi Fred thanks for the smiley jokes, the sun has got it's hat on is what I sing to my friends on holiday. i wear a yellow jumper to bring the sun out. It works sometimes too :) :) xx

Well done Katie keep spreading those smile :) ;) :-D

smiles still spreading fred, :) this is me checking back posts [not goal posts :) ] hope your well fred, i'm afraid the weather in edin. is not so good today, sunshine between sleet snow showers

all the very best fred,,,, a late :) jimmy :)

holly17 in reply to jimmyw123

No problem jimmy always pleased to read your mate, sorry about the weather but you are welcome to it :) I was lucky enough to have spent 16yrs in Scotland moving from east coast to west coast and must say with no offence to anyone that I liked the east side the most. :) cheers see you jimmy :)

jimmyw123 in reply to holly17

good lad fred :) i would imagine being in the navy [i think i was a navvy :D ] you might have been at rosyth, or leith,

16 years !! your nearly scottish fred :D

always great to see you" on board" fred

best regards jimmy :)

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