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A new year a new treatment in September I was told after esophageal motility study I had this rare condition called nutcracker which means the muscle claps shut not letting food to go in to the stomach and backing up and you get pain like a heart attack which they say is angina well I've been on omperzole at 80 mg a day for a couple of years now they gave me Diltiazem at 120 mg worked for a month or so the new treatment I've had is Botox injections in to the mucle I can eat a bit now the funny thing is I only eat a little and some day I can't eat at all as I don't feel hungry well I've had emphysema & asthma for 5 to 6 years I lose weight all the time that's my battle but I feel very well my lungs are not playing up when I can i eat what I like I don't do diets it makes me laugh that they say you have to have a good diet to help your lungs I'll let you's know when the botox wears off stay happy and don't worry about anything

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I have that condition too with me (as the surgeon puts it) the trap door of the osophagus is lazy and I often get food in my lungs there is no remedy known as yet apart from keeping on a soft diet also bread and pastry is of my diet now.


Anthony 634

I know it's not good but it's nice to know I'm not alone take care


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