If your happy and you know it clap your hands

Morning campers hope its better there than here, its still cold and wet and misty, that last word reminds me of a Clint Eastwood film "Play Misty for me " sorry rambling there for a moment, but anyone else remember it?. Pleased to say no pain today but then again is that good or a bad thing its a worry really lol :) Right down to more serious things.

A woman was standing naked in front of a mirror and says to her husband "I look horrible, I feel fat and ugly, play me a compliment ".

He replied " Your eyesights perfect".

Another woman with light coloured hair was standing infront of a mirror in her nightdress with her eyes shut. Her husband said "What are you doing" she replied "I want to see what I look like when I am asleep"

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Chuckling ... morning Fred. Glad you're pain free and hope it stays like that.

Yes, I remember Play Misty for me. :-)

Tipping down here and really windy too :-( xxxx

Twice in one day I am a lucky man or was that your twin I just spoke with a few minutes ago. So you remember that film which means you are not 21 then He He little giggle xxx :-D :)

The first "husband" sounds like my husband!!!! Hope you have a lovely day xxx

Oh Tad I am sure the mirror is telling lies and hubby was teasing, hope his wounds have healed. :) lol xxxFred

Good laugh, Fred.

Here's one for you - What did the Essex girl say when she found out she was pregnant?

"I wonder if it's mine."

It was a good day yesterday, weather wise and health wise. Walked into our lovely old market town and got some compliments, how great is that!

three weeks to the official first day of Spring, well the 21st March.

Keep well, Iris x

Iris you will get letters from Essex girls for that joke, but I loved it, now logged in my grey matter for use else where. Yes spring and my hospital visit just around the corner, stay happy and I must say your looking lovely this morning xxxFred :)

ah, apologies to all those lovely Essex girls. blondes have a lot to contend with too, don't they. One day I'll manage to put my photo up, think I have to do it on the lap top, doesn't seem to work on my iPad. then you'll see how kind people are!

xx :-D

Good morning Fred, there you go making us smile again, it brightens my morning.

Glad your pain free today, hope it continues. Play Misty for Me is just before my time.

Take Care

Polly xx

Nice try polly but the film was made in 1971 and was directed and starred Clint as some of us call him lol xx ;) Fred

Ha ha ha how do I make a smilie ?


Hi Cora hover your mouse over them and it shows you. Here are some for you

:) :d :p :x :( :O You must leave a space before and after them. x

Thanks coughalot you are a pal


You are welcome xx

Cora I was beaten to it by coughalot also known as speedy my neighbour along the coast xx ;) Fred

:) :d x

hay is that the film with the mad women ringing the radio show for that song?

Yes you got it in one I thought it was one of his better ones ;) Fred

Good morning Fred I loved that film and love Clint Eastwood. I think my fave film with him in is 'Pale Rider'. I hope you are well today. x

I am ok thanks could be better if the sun came out. Was the 'Pale Rider' in colour he he only teasing xx ;)

Have a good day Fred inspite of the miserable weather. It is the same here. I loved the film Play Misty for Me and Clint Eastwood was good in it. Take care and keep smiling. Be pain free. xxxxxx

Hi there weather here turned out nice in the end , I am smiling as afternoon out with my eldest daughter. Keep safe Fred XXX :)

The sun is trying really hard at the moment, hope your are fair to middling today xxx :)

Yes I remember it too,very errie,and tense.

Yes it was a really good film that the tension built up in the end to a good climax. :)

fred, youve pulled me out the doldrums :D ,, great stuff :D so funny ,, your a star old buddy,, all the very best, hope you stay pain free,,

all the very best,,, jimmy :)

fred you must have went to the same sunday school as me [as for school well we wont talk about that!!!, :D i was a dab hand at skipping school,,until i got caught,, ten of the belt over the hands :D in front of the school :D

if your happy and you know it clap your hands.

if your happy and you know it clap your hands

if your happy and you know it, then heres the way to show it

if your happy and you know it clap your hands :D :D

all together now :D :D :D

and sing it in c- minor [i thought the" c " stood for coal :D

sing up fred, i am,, thanks for keeping us going :D ,,my friend ,

all the very best , jimmy :D

Been singing that to my granddaughter all day, today she allowed me to sing, usually she says 'nannie no sing' x x

couldn't help smiling medow, :D its great to see the kids this doing the actions of this song, clapping there hands :) its amazing how quick they can pick things up,next time it'll be "nanny sing :) " im off to bed now smiling, many thanks,,, jimmy xxx :)

jimmy your a good man who is suffering more than I can imagine and still bounce back. As for the school bit I never really learnt much till I joined the navy at 15 years old, and we are other ends of the country but I have been singing and clapping like billy hoo. Cheers pall stat safe and smiling ;) :) :0D

hi fred although i was never in the navy, i like you was working at 15 ...£3 odds a week :)

now they wont even work for hundreds of pounds !! a week :D :D

never mind fred,, happy days :D

al the very best,, jimmy :D

How could anyone forget anything with Clint Eastwood in it ---MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Lol

Are you salivating over Clyde Nikkers?

I think you mean Clint? In which case - definitely, all the way back to his "Rawhide" days -' til recently, but have switched my salivating to Anson Mount!

No actually I was referring to his co-star in the Everywhichway pair of movies, that handsome hairy fella with a cute smile. Who is Anson Mount? - sounds quite painful.

Oh funny! I'd forgotten about him. Anson Mount plays Cullen Bohannon in the tv series "Hell on wheels." My Daughter gave me a framed ,signed photo' of him for Christmas which now takes pride of place in my "Western" bedroom. Well, I can dream, can't I ? :-) :-)

Ha,Ha,Ha :) :) the smiles are because you have no pain, hope it continues pain free if only for a day x

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