another joke of a jock :D


Young jock bought a donkey from a farmer for £100,

The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

The next day he drove up and said "sorry son, but i have some bad news . The donkeys died !!

Jock replied "Well you'll just have to give me my money back!"

The farmer said," Cant do that already spent it !!"

Jock said , "Ok then,just bring me the dead donkey."

The farmer asked , "What are you going to do with him !!"

Young jock said , "I'm going to raffle him off "

The farmer said "you cant raffle a dead donkey!"

Young jock said "off course i can. Watch me, i just wont tell anybody hes dead !"

A month later , the farmer met up with Jock and asked,

"What happened to the dead donkey ? "

Young jock said , "I raffled him off , i sold 500 tickets at £2 each and made a profit of £998!! "

The farmer said "didn't anyone complain ? "

The bold young jock said , "just the guy who won!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So i gave him his money back!!!


lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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  • Thats a good idea I have a dead laptop think i will give it a try lol


  • :D :D jimmy :) thats what you call a so-called clever banker :D with big bonus,s :D

  • That sounds about right Jimmy! Nice one :) x

  • :D :D jimmy [say no more lol :D ]

  • Good one that Jimmy..!!! wonder if Jocks my new Bank Manager.....!!!!!!!!!

    Keep em coming take care....Pegxx

  • ha ha,, he may well just might be Peg :D many thanks

    jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy, I totally get this laughing away here. Good way to host the pension _ not. Love mx

  • Thank you scorpio lass, hope your feeling better,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Morning Jimmy, Very good, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • :D thanks bulpit

    best regards jimmy :)

  • Ha haaaaaa, that's brilliant Jimmy :-) xxx

  • ha ha thanks lyn,,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Heard this before and being Scottish appreciated his tenacity!

    Buy a donkey......phonetic in Afrakhan to say Thank you ........if my memory serves me right! Audrey Jersey.

  • hi Towse :D im a scotsman ,, but not a bank manager,,, yet :D

    many thanks

    jimmy :)

  • I'll take the high Road and you'll take the low and I'll be in Scotland before ye x

  • dont you start cough :D :D :D,, dont listen to her fred :D:D im a true scot :D you saw that when i put the pic on in the kilt, :D :D that there was nothing worn under the kilt,:D :D well, its all worn now , :D ,,,,,worn out :D :D

    love jimmy xxx :D

  • Oh dear Jimmy. Overuse? :d x

  • just a wee, wee bit :D

    why not, their there to press ,oops pressed the down button a bit much :D

    jimmy off to kip now,, xxxx :)

  • Nighty nighty sleepy tightly jimmy. Sweet dreams. x

  • Ho Ho that's a good one.

    Keep the coming

  • hi socracakeres hope all is well, many thanks

    lots of love jimmy xxxx :)

  • :D

  • :D hope things went well farmer,, have another moothful of

    " O " :D all the very best jimmy

  • lollollol :D good one

  • thank you eyes ,, :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • See you jimmy a true Scotsman . Enjoyed that one :) Fred

  • see you fred :D :D good lad jimmy :)

  • Excellent jimmy. Very funny xxxxx

  • thanks sas. hope things are ok

    love jimmy xx :)

  • That actually happened for real a few years ago Jimmy! A guy sold raffle tickets for a Jaguar car at £10 a throw and made a fortune. What he didn't say was that it was a dinky model and as in your joke, the winner complained and got his money back!

    Makes you wonder how many people do bother to check on raffles/comp's they enter - very few I would think?!

  • hi nikkers :D :D that was me lol :D

    but just goes to show doesn't it :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Love it brilliant

  • thanks redted..

    all the very best my friend jimmy :)

  • Brilliant lol lol x

  • thanks weeannie lol :D

    jimmy xxx :)

  • lol great thank you - now where can I find a dead donkey? ......

  • :D :D thats the thing now , ? where ? :D thanks undine

    regards jimmy :)

  • Really nice to see you back on form jimmy123. Keep them coming Best wishes to you Mogworth.

  • thank you mogs, best wishes to you also,

    jimmy :)

  • Excellent ! :)

  • aye, a wise one that one puff lol :D

    many thanks

    regards jimmy :)

  • Love it jimmy. Very clever man!! xxx

  • aye suzy,, might try it myself :D ,, hope your feeling a bit better now

    love jimmy xxx :)

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