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High blood pressure

Hi there.i have written before I have a underactive thyroid.but I am more concerned about my my blood pressure,have tried loads of different meds now I am on Adalat la 20mg but I am having terrible side effects,my heart rate is going up to101 and my blood pressure is fluctuating,I don't know if it,s my medication .or my thyroid,also on levothyroxiine 20mg.can anyone help,had a MRI scan on my heart seems to be fine,

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Hi I am not sure we can help much as this is a site for lung diseases. I am sure there are thryoid sites if you google it and you might find more help there.

Reply hi this is a site for thyroiduk, and as well you can at any time ring the blf were the nurses will give you help and advice, there open 9am week days,, and also stay on hear were any one who sees your post will offer any advice,, take care,,

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I would,nt worry too much about your heart rate,my heart rate is constantly between 120 and 130 ,I have very severe emphysema.D.


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