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Re wiring

The thing I have been dreading is to become a reality,my home has to be re wired. The lightbulb in my dining room exploded and the whole fitting dropped to the floor leaving the bare wires exposed In the ceiling today. I will look around for a competent electrician to fix the light and then rewire the whole house. I had a new bathroom and shower fitted a few years ago and the wiring was renewed in that room but I was told then the rest of the house should be done. It will be an expensive job but my main concern is the disruption and mess involved as I have emphysema. Luckily my son and daughter live with me and will do most of the preparation and restoration work. My main concern is how the dust will affect my breathing . I could possibly spend the days with my sister and am thinking of asking my doctor for advice re wearing dust masks etc. has anyone had any experience

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oh dear me

i would strongly suggest staying somewhere else if you can..........last year i had a new bathroom put in and the dust got on my chest

if its possible i would stay away from the house for a while and get someone to keep damp dusting and hoovering till its all gone

my computer going nuts here :) lost my reply,, anyway i would say best move out until the job is done, move back when its all done and dusted , these small masks are not really that good, you really need a good one, but i find them very hard to wear, especially for this length of time,, best of luck,, jimmy xxx :)

Hi GHL, I would strongly recommend that you take the option of a temporary move to avoid any dust. I have recently had work done in our front room and the kitchen. Both rooms effected my breathing and I don't think I have ever got back to where I was before. There was dust all around the house so it was in my lungs for sure, I was stupid to think I could get away with it so take my advice and take no chances.


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The exact thing happened to me in the dining area of my lounge, frightened the life out of me, such a loud bang, I called the electrician ( a very good one, friend of the familys brother ), he did a thorough check of everything, including lifting floor boards upstairs, discovered that the lightbulb that blew was the only one that wasn't earthed, he cleaned all the connections and it's working fine now TOUCH WOOD, if it happens again I'm told to call him. He was here for 2 hours but wouldn't accept payment, there are still some lovely caring people in this world. Chris x

Could you manage to take a short break away there are some good resonable companies. I have done a Warners one but there are cheaper ones. It would be much better not to stay in the house even coming home at night would not be a good idea.


A few years ago we had to have extensive work done in the house and to be honest it did affect my husband quite badly - if you can go and stay at your sisters. We even put up visquin curtains from the ceiling to the floor and taped it all up but the dust still crept through the house and my husband had a very bad year that year. I always attribute it to the work we had to have done in the house. The very best of luck TAD xxx

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Thank you all for your replies and of course it makes sense if I find somewhere else to stay while the work is being done. I am told it could take 5 to 7 days and it would be hazardous living in a house with cables and dust everywhere. I have the option of staying at my sisters or a nearby guest house so think I will just bite the bullet and pack a bag. The only thing I am so nosy and like to see what is going on ha ha

A woman, nosey? I can't believe that Gatesheadlass. lol. Seriously though, Daish's Holidays are offering five day, half board holidays for under £100. Depending where you live this price includes coach travel. I have been with them four times and they are very good. The number for enquiries is 01803 201432. Good luck with the rewiring.

Bobby xx

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Hi Gatesheadlass, do not be too worried about house rewires, I had mine done about nine years ago, it is quite an expensive job as you say but if done correctly should last you for many years and you get a certificate to verify the job these days with a guarantee. There is not normally too much upheaval and no dust, but you may have some patching up of decor needed afterwards. Some people get grants towards making the home safe which can cover this type of thing. Do the small job first then go for estimates for full rewire, as you say some rooms may only need a check. Some firms do free estimates in the hope of getting work.

I think this is a very good move, lass. I'm fortunate to live in a council flat. The wiring was old too and they replace it. they pulll the old wiring through switches on the wall. It can go from one room to another. It's a big jobe, but you will be pleased. Hope it goes well. Mic

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