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I have always got the kindest replies to my questions, and I thank you. I have another question. Does anyone use a Ventolin or Pro air albuterol inhaler? If you do, how many times a day do you normally use it?

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I have a salbutamol inhaler I take mine a minimum of twice a day 5" before I take my other other ones the doctor and respiratory doctor both agree that I can use it as often as I like but after noticing someones posting on a Ventolin overdose I am no longer sure any more, they usually say up to 10 puffs 5 minutes apart but surely if you got no relief after 5 would you not code and need a paramedic?

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Hi, as you are in the UK could you try ringing the BLF helpline to ask them about the dosage of Ventolin.

I use mine min of 3 x 2 puffs daily, but I would say average 5 times a day. when my chest is bad its loads a day. I wondered if I had a duff batch because the puffer didn't seem to be the same somehow.

Some of the generic cheap salbutamol inhalers are not as good as Ventolin, and need frequent washing to unclog them. All inhalers are less effective since the introduction of CFC free atomisers, which give less of a puff. On the positive side, we're saving the planet.

I think the maximum use per day for ventolin is six times a day if your breathing is really bad x

Please ask professional advice on Ventolin use....everyone's condition is different and their needs are different.

If there is an emergency you may need more but you need to seek help as well ......ask what the maximum dose is suitable for you....whether occasionally, daily and in an emergency situation.

Morning I have used Ventolin for nearly 40 years and use it at a rate of 1 a week as I have COPD about 4 puffs at a time. When I first used it I used to get the shakes but after all these years I don't any longer. Rose

Thank you for your reply. Do you mean you use the ventolin once a week or one canister a week?

I use a canister a week I have 2 a fortnight of the doctor :( Rose

My G.P. told to take as many puffs as I need. I use Seretide and Spiriva in measured doses/times and the Salbutamol is only my reserve emergency for severe breathlessness.

I have an instruction leaflet from the hospital,and you take it as the need dictates. They give a specific example if you are very breathless of taking 40 puffs at 30 second intervals,which I have never done but often take four or five. I tend to load up say before a shower of other physical activity

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I take 2puffs before going out which helps and whenever I feel very breathless. Joyce

Anthony624 has hit it on the head. You should keep away from it as much as you can but if you are not getting any relief you need more help than ventolin. I had a time some years ago that I was hitting the inhaler so much I could not stop twitching in bed to even kicking out. Which did not please the wife. It can also make the heart beat faster with over use.

Be well

Salbutamol is the same as ventolin,I also have salbutamol nebulisers which for 6 minutes is the same as 25 puffs of inhaler.I was told by consultant that cannot overdose and to use it whenever needed.I usually have 4/5 puffs.Use it when you feel breathless that,s what it,s for.D.

Hmm, one curiosity about these Salbutamol inhalers is that - you can only obtain here in Britain

OOPS ! - I didn't press "Submit reply " , but it submitted ITSELF ! ,

Lets try again ! - Hmm, one curiosity about these Salbutamol inhalers is that - you can only obtain them here in Britain on Prescription - In Italy and many other parts of the world, you can buy them OVER THE COUNTER IN THE CHEMISTS - half a dozen at a time, if your a mind to !!!, I've just returned from one of the Islands off AFRICA ( about three thousand miles away ), and bought SIX - that'll keep me going for a few months !! .....

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