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On the herb scented trail

I think this might interest any who would like to find a gorgeous smelling extract that has healing, relaxing, anti-depressant and antibiotic property

Bergamot oil! (Yes the old Earl Grey tea)

I have just bought some from amazon

I had some in skin oil made by boots (Botanicals) but they don’t make that range any more. I can always mix this in sweet almond.

Will try and tell you of progress (AAARGH, DEAD!)

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Hi Mic

I do like an earl grey but wasn't keen on the lady grey a little too much citrus for me.

What about the smell of juniper berries? Or do they remind me of gin??? But I love their smell.

I'm still liking my bay leaf tea which is odd because I don't like bay leaves in cooking.

There is never a question why I am Sokrackers?

God bless


Well! first of all, if you like something, do use it because it's body and mind that attract you to this.

Second, I think there's a great exploration to be made in the field of herbs and the like for healing purposes.


Hi, be careful in the sunshine as I think bergamot can make the skin check before the summer comes .


Thank you, though not much sunshine now. But I will be careful.


Bergamot oil is my favourite scent that I use in my Aroma Stone essential oil heater, Lavender is my other favourite.

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Thanks Mic won't have to drink so much of the old Earl Grey now

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Hi Mic,I only drink Earl Grey at home,it,s the only " posh " thing about me lol. :D

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I like it Farmer. I've bought some essential oil. I hope to mix this with sweet almond and rub it on my chest and see how i explode! Mic


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