Sorry bit late today

Sorry been on sick parade that's why I am late, as I have spent the night with my old pal Pain in the back, I will be so pleased when I get sorted next month, but that's another story, pleased to see that Huggs was on the ball with the funnies this morning its smiles all round. A bit of Tommy Cooper.

A cowboy walked into a German car showroom and shouted "Audi"

I rang the builders yard and said "Can I have a skip outside my house", he said "I'm not stopping you "

I went to the Doctor's as I was losing all sense of direction and asked what I should do. He said "Get lost"

Since we have had the heavy snow, my wife has just stood looking at the window, if it gets worse I suppose I had better let her in.

Keep smiling folks xx Fred :)

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  • Awww poor lad hope everything does well with your back, and thank you for the funnies lol x

  • Cheers our Softwabbit I am sure it will be. xx :)

  • Ow Fred you make my tummy ache. Your post should come with a warning.

    Keep them coming. I bet my daughter will like the audi one.

    Take it easy today with your back.

    With my new diverticulitis the doctor told me to eat more but I don't feel like it. But this morning I am working my way through a box of eggs albeit they are cadburys mini eggs!

    Chat soon

  • Hi there sailor girl not to many eggs they are meant to help the ache not the hips. I will take it easy on the back xx :)

  • Ha ha How did I manage before I joined you daft lot


  • Yes its great here in the mad house isn't it Cora :)

  • Good morning Fred, a great collection, got me laughing this morning. :-D

    Sorry to hear about the back hope it's not so bad tonight.

    polly xx

  • Hi polly feeling better thanks xx :)

  • So sad ,I do hope you feel better soon,pain is horrible ,have you got the correct meds to deal with it? Suns coming out smiley face,take care.x

  • Thanks colours feeling more with it now, yes have good pain relief xxx :)

  • Very good Fred. What's the weather like at your end? It looks quite bright here today though cold and quite windy. No sign of rain (yet) :O

    Hope you feel better soon and can knock that pain on the head. x

  • Hi over there round the coast sun now shining here and blue sky, thanks for the wishes pain easier xx :)

  • Wishing you a pain free day and a better night to come Fred. Thanks for the great jokes again, certainly raised a smile or two here. Take care and keep smiling. xxxxx :)

  • I am smiling now pain eased a fair bit thanks xxx:)

  • Good day Fred.

    Gotta say I like those Tommy Coopers. They always give me a laugh. Their simple enough for even me to understand! Keep em coming Fred. Freezing here! What else is new.

    have a great painfree day

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi Ruby hope your warming up. Keep smiling Ruby xx :)

  • Hello Fred , I hope you have a better night tonight, I'm thinking of you and sending painfree thoughts for you :) goodnight, sleeptight, love n hugs huff who loved the jokes brilliant!!!! I used to wish that Tommy Cooper was my Dad lolol! X

  • my computers like me tonight fred,, going all ways, it seems to have a mind of its own, jumping from post to post [on the forum posts,, not the fence posts :D ]

    seriously fred i'm so glad that pain has eased, you are such great fun, we need folks like you lol :D lets hope your pain free for some time,

    all the very best now fred,, now theres no need to send kisses :D :D you stick in fred,, all the very best jimmy,,,

    [managed this without my computer jumping all over the place,,, well not literally!! :D but you know what i mean, i don't know if its me or the computer but its driving me nuts :D off to kip now fred,, cheers :)

  • He heeeee, good ones again Fred. lol :-) xxx

  • I hope your back is feeling better this morning Fred. xxx

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