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X-rays of chest


Unsure if anyone can advise but would be grateful if someone could perhaps explain this to me in simpler terms.

I had an X- ray back in March 2013

I had normal cardiac and mediaetinal contours, no confluent consolidation or collapses and no visible pleural effusions, however, tiny calcified opacitiesis is in both lungs, slightly more marked on the right. These are of longstanding.

I was just wondering if this may have any connection with me having flu in my early twenties? I remember at the time, the doctor advising me, that I had a patch of pneumonia on my lungs, when he checked the top of my back with his stethoscope. I was prescribed antibiotics. I have constantly suffered with chest infections over the years, extreme flu like symtoms, and viral infections but blamed my pre smoking habit for this but always wondered if it could be something else?

I was being X- rayed in March 2013 for possible rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia and thyroid issues, As it happens, I was actually diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis then later diagnosed with osteoarthritis and in 2014 diagnosed with hypothyroidism, any link at all?

Thanks xx

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ive been asked dozens of times if i had a bad case of flu as a child and so there can certainly be a connection in later years


Thanks for your reply xx


Only thing i know is pneumonia never clears up that leaves lumps of stuff in you lung like you have described i asumme if calcified cant be abceses


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