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Anyone with Lung Diease taking inhaler's and Oracea .. only

Anyone with Lung Diease taking inhaler's and  Oracea .. only

As some will know i have not been great THAT was understatement i had sinus infection virus bad chest sick and dizzy ... so would like to thank all who replyed to previous post BUT was just not up to anything.


Thew developing antibiotic resiestance :( defo not recomended

My GP was not convinced But is a road i have been up a few times

First was amoxacilian 3 months i developed resistance then spell of clarithromycin i was ok with dispite the size.

Then them GAWD Aurful ones Azithromycin that nearly killed me so stoped them acter 3 months.

Then was put on Doxycycline that lasted 3 months befour i developed antibiotic resistance.

Infact thats to KIND saying Antibiotic Resistance more like Bacteria bult up a resistance and i was last person to find out

Currantly was decided to rotate Antibiotics so as resistance would not buld up .., currantly am back on Amoxicillin and feel miles better

Thats only guna be short course then am guna try Oracea and see what happens if my GP Lung Doc agrees

As is antinflamatry drug and mild antibiotic like what do i have to lose cant make me feel any worse than have been

Might even find new noval use as its good antibiotic and fighting bacteria antbiotic resistance and by all accounts helps with inflammation.

After all our lungs are classed as skin after all :()

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The best of luck to you with thus one Daz. P xxx


Hi Peege Cheers thanks yer had a bit of a do this last few weeks

Sure am due a break from it ;) all

Hope you is all well and thanks for reply

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Yes, you are definitely due a break from all that you've been going through. It just ain't right or fair.

I darent go on about it too much but this is my second decent winter. I'm feeling very lucky indeed. You told me about the B12 & ive been taking it religiously along with a load of D3 etc.

Very best to you xx

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Good luck to you Daz and hope the new ab works well for you. It is so hard to find something good that works for a long time. I do wish you well and hope you come through this. Loving the selfie by the way. Take care. xxx

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Hi Sassy59 Cheers thanks for reply .. defo not easy finding something that works

One step forward three steps back .. glad you like me selfie thats me lung diease hair cut ;)

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:) :) :) Take care. xx

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Hi Denis,hope rotating ABs works for you dude,you sure could do with a break.When I got really ill about2 years ago I decided I,d grow my hair as it would,nt matter.One time while inpatient oneof the senior nurses said I looked like a cross between Wurzel Gummage and Catweasel so had it cut as even I could,nt carry off that look.Now I decorate my ears,maybe this lung thing affects the brain too,lol.All the best Den.David.

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