A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO OUR HUGGS,,,,:D :D such a great thought, were going squirrel mad!!

not had the best of nights, feeling lousy, breathing bad,, slept most of the day yesterday, downright miserable, put that daft :D squirrel joke on early this morning :) ............... WHY PUT HIS ON THE HUMOUR PAGE !!!



IT WAS A PILLOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





The folks on the forum had me dreaming about squirrels, even seeing them in my sleep,,,,,,,,,,,,, now i've got to sleep with one!!! :D :D

it couldn't have came at a better time, as i was really feeling low, ,,cheered me right up.:)

now waiting on the occupational therapist anytime now.

A BIG THANKS TO HUGGS :D [what a lovely thought]



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  • Keep storing up your strength for when it is most needed like a squirrel does its nuts.

    Keep on truckin'

  • yes tazzy, great advice,,, yes welle most certainly "keep on truckin :D " i had to be careful there, :) with my one finger printing :D

  • Good Morning Jimmy :) what a lovely thoughtful Huggs to cheer you up! We all want to see you feeling better soon as possible :D I've been away and your post was so lovely to read! Take it easy and get your strength back, hugs huff xxxxxxx. :D

  • many thanks huffer, i fairly got a shock this morning, really such a kind humorous thought from huggs, , your all great on the site and quite often, keep me going :D

    lots of kind thoughts love jimmy xxx :)

  • That's such a kind and thoughtful thing to do and lovely to hear about for us all. I share your joy Jimmy. I send you lots of love and hope you are looking after yourselfxxx

  • hi jens, hope your well, xx yes what a lovely thing to do, i must admit to be really surprised, it was so nice of huggs, especially when shes not so well herself at times, so it was very much appreciated, lovely to hear from you jenns

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • How lovely Jimmy - Huggs is definitely fab!! How kind and how thoughtful. Have a lovely day xxxx

  • many thanks tad, yes she is some case, but a really caring person ,just like many on this site, many thanks

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • So sorry you had a bad night Jimmy. You are having such a awful time lately and my heart goes out to you. I hope you are a bit better today. Will pm you later.

    Ah yes Jimmy, our Huggs is a diamond. What a lovely idea to send you that pillow and how thoughtful too. Don't know if I could sleep with a pillow with a squirrel on it though. I'd be thinking of roast squirrel all night!! He He!

    Keep warm Jimmy and look after yourself as best you can.

    Love Sara xxxx

  • hi sara, not the best of nights, but fell asleep after the o.t. went,but i'm getting the sara :) i'm a bit better now thanks.

    yes huggs is a real gem, really thoughtful of her , i couldn't get over that this morning, :) talking about roast squirrel :)............well better not say :D but to think ill be sleeping with a squirrel tonight :D might get jailed :D :D

    many thanks sara , allhoughits cold windy, i have the heating well on,, to pot with the bills :D,,or the squirrel for that matter :D :D ,,,see you get me into trouble lol :D

    lots of love sara jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy,

    You are welcome, and I am pleased you like it, and that it arrived in time to cheer you up. I couldn't resist buying it when I saw it, and thought of you when I saw its wee face. lol lol :d

    Sorry you had such a bad night again, so are you calling the doc?

    Hope the OT manages to give you aids that will help you. Its great to hear you sounding so happy, but please take care.

    Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep, you can always dream of a name for your new squirrel. lol

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx :) :)

  • whose this person popped up ?? och ill just pass this one, think its a hoax call :D :D

    huggs :) xxx i cant thank you enough, :) it honestly came at a time when i did feel low, i was so surprised i almost burst into tears, then off course sat there , holding my squirrel ? :D ha ha laughing my head off, :D that was such a kind caring thought, and honestly most appreciated , its amazing how such a thing can pick you up . i know how poorly you have been at times, but to take the trouble to buy this for me, wrap it [nearly said wrap up :D ] and post it,, well it really takes the biscuit [or the squirrel] i shall treasure that ,, and ask sara, if shell give me a name for it :D :D shell probably say call it "potty" :D

    but seriously such a great thoughtful thing to do , very much appreciated, i cant even put it into words , getting all emotional again , but thank you so much, very, very much appreciated indeed :)

    hugs to huggs from a very grateful

    jimmy xxxxxxxx :)

  • Wow that's lovely Jimmy. Good for Huggs she is one in a million. I want to see it so please put it on here. I hope you are feeling better very soon. x

    Ps I adore kittens Huggs...hint hint :)

  • hi cough, :D aye she certainly is, it fairly surprised me this morning , i should take a pic, but cant remember how to work this camera, its been lying for ages,, ive put the battery on charge [should have put myself on charge :D ] but cant find the lead since i got this new [well second hand :D computer] but will try find it,, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • I said it before and I will say it again - Huggs is one of lifes angels xxxx

  • yes eyes joking apart, she is one in a million , what a kind thought wasn't it , it fairly knocked me off my feet anyway :D never expected that for one minute, but it did cheer me up, i can tell you, how could it not :D

    lots of love pat, hope your keeping well ,,, jimmy xxx :)

  • oh Jimmy I can only imagine how you felt when that came through the door - she is a bit special, then so are you, you stubborn pesky scot ;)

    lots of love back xxxxx :)

  • :D :D xxx jimmy :)

  • I'll second that!

    Hope you are doing okay eyes. xx

  • I have my eye on you butter-fly :D

  • You'll need both eyes for me eyes!! xx

  • oh fighting talk eh :D

  • Aww Jimmy, so sorry you've been feeling rough. Huggs is such a kind person to do that and I'm so glad it lifted your day. Hope you're feeling better soon. :-) xxx

  • hi lyn, yes i had a fairly rough night, even in the morning, but must admit this cheered me right up,, so top marks to huggs for her kind and thoughtful act,,,the folks on the site are all so great, i do appreciate all, i'm a bit better now lyn, many thanks

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy

    Was it stuffed?

    I did mean the pillow and not the squirrel!

    Look after it well.

    Hope things improve even more


  • :D :D :D how do i say this :D ok yes it was stuffed, the squirrel :D ,,, sorry the pillow :D see your getting me mixed up, wink :D yes will treasure that such a kind thought from huggs

    yes socrackers improving day by day, many thanks j

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Oh jimmy, I bet your face was a picture when you opened it. Huggs sure is one wonderful person. To buy it, wrap it and post it takes some doing when she isn't at her best either. Sounds like it gave her pleasure to buy it. Such a thoughtful thing to do and I can tell you are real pleased xxx

  • hello suzy, hope things are improving with you, i'm getting there, albeit slow at times, the old story one step forward , two steps back,, then the next day vica versa :)

    as you say huggs is a wonderful, humorous, caring person, to go through all that bother when she quite often is not well herself at times, i can imagine her laughing when buying it :)

    yes very much appreciated, such a kind gesture

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy Oh that was nice of huggs to do that for you so thoughtfull.......something like that can do you more good than all the medicine in the world ......just what the Dr ordered .XXX

  • yes peg, your so right, just what the doctor ordered or even better than what the doctor ordered :D such a lovely thought really,,

    best regards peg,, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Only just seen your post but like the others, I'm just amazed at the kindness of people. There are times when life gets SO hard then a lovely person like Huggs comes along and all seems well again. Just carry on taking lots of care of yourself because I really enjoy your posts - and your humour!! 😉. xx

  • many thanks janann, i agree entirely :) life really can be hard at times, a kind word here, a word of encouragement there often goes a long way in helping others, then theres huggs :) well, that was a surprise that was :), yes all good folks on the site,

    i hope your well, and coping janann,

    take could care, kindest thoughts, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy, hope you a feeling a little better. Thank you for your kind wishes. I have a GP appointment this afternoon as arranged by a nurse who confirmed my oxygen levels were not good as shown by my oxomiter around 83 % to 85 % Don't know what to expect. Expecting to be given more ABs and steroids. Keep smiling, Joyce x

  • I've just popped online for a moment as im busy at this minute.

    i really hope things go well at your gp,s . that oxygen level is a bit too low in my view, im not sure the g.p can arrange oxygen, but it sounds like you would benefit from it joyce.

    your like me,, the usual,,, steroids and antibiotics !! still if you need them, you need them, i pray all goes well joyce and things improve,

    thinking of you,, jimmy xxx :)

  • Morning Jimmy, Sorry things aren't great at the moment,rotten to feel so poorly, what a lovely person Hugs is,so caring and thoughtful,Enjoy the pillow, Best wishes. bulpit

  • i'm feeling slightly better bulpit, just bothersome at nights early mornings, but getting there,, albeit slowly, yes huggs is so thoughtful and caring, it blew my mind away :)

    many thanks bulpit, kindest thoughts jimmy :)

  • Lovely gesture - must have really cheered you up - lots of good wishes to both xx

  • yes it was certainly that dedalus, it did cheer me up on a not so good day many thanks

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • What a wonderful gift for you jimmy and huggs is such a star :) I am wishing you well and hoping that today is a better day for you especially with your squirrel for company. Feel better and hide those nuts! :)

    Lots of love, Carole xxxxxx

  • hi carole thanks for a great post :D nuts hidden lol :D but so kind og huggs, thanks for your kind wishes, the same back to you carole, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • There's only one name for that squirrel Jimmy - he's Huggsy!

  • thats it d/mum!!,, Huggsy!! :D better not tell butterfly that :D

    huggsy it is !!!!

    love jimmy xxx :)

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