Smile not like that like

Morning every one, wet and windy again in Devon but the sky is starting to brighten so it just might be nice. In case you are wondering about the headline its a Tommy Cooper one today if I remember it right.

He went to the doctor and said "I am worried doctor as I am paining all over" The doctor said show me where it hurts", Tommy said "When I my press my elbow it hurts, when I press my chest it hurts, even when I press my head it hurts in fact no matter where I press it hurts."

I am not surprised said the doctor You have broke your finger.

I know its silly but its Monday. Keep smiling x Fred :)

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  • Ha it :-) xxx

  • Love it

  • Cheers pal hope you are holding up. Fred :)

  • Hi Fred just read it out to Michael (my husband) he's still laughing, that would be my favourite Tommy joke so far. Good onyer Fred. Love LeeLee. X😜

  • If it made Michael smile that' s a bonus, please say good morning to him from me, and a good one to you as well LeeLee xxx :) Fred

  • Those famous last words hope you are keeping well if it is any consolation it is wet and windy here

  • Cheers pal yes I am as well as I can be at the moment and better than some others I know. :)

  • "Just like that" eh Fred, hope you are well today but the weather is not nice here. Raining again. Take care and keep smiling. You bring cheer to many. xxxx

  • Hi there sassy keep smiling it helps brighten the day xxx:) Fred

  • Another gem Fred. Snow sleet rain we ve got it all here in Perthshire today . Meant to be going to Arran tomorrow on the ferry it's looking doubtful because of the high winds. I lol let you know how we get on . Keep smiling and have a good day. X

  • Sorry you are getting the rough end of the stick as far as the weather is concerned, keep warm and if you do go hope the sea is not to rough, stay safe xx:) Fred

  • Keep em coming Fred love it x

  • Hi ho medow pleased your smiling xx:) Fred

  • Good morning Fred, that is a really good one, made me laugh this morning.

    Sunny but cold here today.

    polly xx

  • Hi afternoon polly funny weather here rain/sun/wind but as I keep being told Spring is just around the corner. xxx:) Fred

  • Good Morning Fred :D I love Tommy Cooper jokes. :D the sun is cracking the flags here but its brrrrrrr freezing!!! Hugs huff xxxxx

  • Hi there huffer :) I knew a load of his jokes but have to rack my brain now to remember them. :)xxx Fred

  • Ha ha ha ha


  • Morning/afternoon cora22 it must be lovely to be that age Ha Ha :) Fred

  • That's a great one Fred. Set me up for the rest of the day.

    Sort of sunny here but becoming a bit cloudy now and then. Rain later.

    Hope you have a good day.

    Sara xx

  • You got the same sort of weather as me, please you are getting on alright Sara. :) Fred xxx

  • the suns come out here now and that was great - I loved Tommy

  • eye eye eyes pleased you have the sun we still got the rain, I will think up some more Tommy. x :)

  • Hiya Fred - nearly said good morning but it's not now! It's wet, grey and miserable here grump grump. x

  • Hi there near neighbour yes its a funny old day as what you get over there we also get over here, hope you are doing well in your project or not what ever as we all say there is always tomorrow. xx :)Fred

  • Hi Fred

    Sorry I missed this mornings roll call. Been to A & E walking in this morning. With excruciating tummy ache I got diverticulitis so on antibiotics now and it has me doubled over in agony. So I'm going back to bed. I can't find me hot water bottle. So will leave the door on the latch. But don't make me laugh it hurts more when I do.

    Catch up tomorrow no excuses

  • Sorry to hear that love yes you stay there in bed and if you can not find your hotty what about an old sea dog with warm hands and a warm heart :) Yes don't miss tomorrows roll call or else you will have to face the skipper for being AWOL then you can imagine what the punishment would be. In the mean time stay warm and get better xxx :)Fred

  • Hi Fred

    I wish I could stay warm. Heating is on gas fire is on I've got a blanket round me but can't stop shivering. I suppose that is the infection. I'm sick of being poorly and it's only day 4.

  • Good day Fred

    That was a good one! I really got a laugh out of that one. Have to agree with LeeLee bird, my favorite too so far.Hope all is well with you

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi there Ruby glad you liked it, will have to see if I can remember some more, but its getting harder. Stay warm and safe. :) xx Fred

  • :D :D good lad fred, a good monday morning smile [at 9pm lol :D ] keep them coming fred, they always brighten us up :D

    very cold wet windy here in scotland,, but nice and warm in the house :D all the very best fred,,

    best regards jimmy :)

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