BROMPTON visit tomorrow!

Off to the BROMPTON to have liver ultrasound and US Transthorasic echocardiogram tomorrow.This is to see if I,ll be able to have LVRS (again) but it will also depend on my fitness which is not good at the moment because it,s too bleeding cold to go walking outside and still no word on my next PR,waiting since October.Still doing my weights but feel I really would benefit from PR.All I seem to do these days is shove drugs down my throat when a session in the gym would be so much better?Just told GP to re-refer me but seem to be fighting a losing battle at the moment.Oh well that little rant made me feel a bit better lol.Have my half teaspoon of morphine to cheer myself up haa haa.Night night friends "sweet dreams are made of this".D. :D

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  • Hi Flibberti,won,t be seeing any consultant just the hard working underpaid "normal" staff.They,re usually a joy to be around so it should be ok.I have a terrible time getting into cabs though,Don,t know why ,must be a bit of claustrophobia I think.Oh well it get me out of the house for a bit at least.I should stop moaning really lots are worse off than me.Take care now,D.

  • Fingers (and toes) crossed for you FarmerD. Let us know the results please. Sweet dreams. x

  • Thanks Cough,got me eyes crossed too lol.D. :D

  • Good luck for tomorrow Farmer, I'll be thinking of you. xx

  • Thankyou Casper,had the best sleep I,ve had for yonks so feeling positive.D.

  • It's such a shame there are not enough support for us yet .so we have to suffer unesasary problems ,I lack exersize because of their sill rules,can only take well people not those that oxy drops too low, you get no help at all,fall through the net,depends what area you live in aswell, at least you got a bit. Of morphine to cheer yourself up,good luck today,hope it's not too cold for you.

  • Thanks Colours,the morph helped me sleep so going in the right direction,cheers,D.

  • Good luck hope all goes well for you x

  • Thanks Biker,are you Ant or Dec?lol D. :D

  • Good luck for today - hope you get some good results. x

  • Thankyou Dedalus,anybody else have to sign in every time to answer a post?D.

  • Morning Farmer D. Hope today goes really well for you and you get the results you want. Do take care and stay warm. Thinking of you today. Pete has the cardio sarc consultant at the Brompton on the 3rd March so hope he is ok to travel. xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy,sun shining but it is rather chilly.Good luck to Pete.D.

  • I hope all goes well. I find the staff some of the most caring in the nhs. As I go to Lind ward every 6 months so good luck

  • Best of luck farmerxmx

  • Good luck, hope you receive good news, take care

  • The best of luck xxx

  • Hope it all goes/went well at Royal Brompton FarmerD. I always have seen different 'locum' consultants at the hospitals I have attended for Respiratory. It is frustrating sometimes. Thinking of asking my GP to refer me to Royal Brompton Hospital but not sure if the treatment will be any different to present hosp treatment. WIsh you all the best.


  • I guess my post will come too late to wish you luck but I'll be there in spirit do you farmer d.

    I am sure we are all waiting to see how you got on.

    Let us know.


  • Good luck Farmer tell them if they let you have the op your fitness will improve it is a catch 22 keep us posted

  • Good luck D ! And if all else fails you can at least have a good night's sleep to look forward to when you come back. Delighted that the Oramorph is helping you sleep. Everything's much easier to vope with when you have a good nights sleep.

  • Let us know how it goes ....

  • A postcode lottery this PR. I seem to get mine in a matter of days or a couple of weeks at least.

  • I hope you will receive the treatment you need. The PR might come just afdter, so in time for recovery time. Best of luck with it all. Put warm layers on - wool's best! Mic

  • hope things go well farmer, sometimes there a big waiting list for pr courses, in the meantime i wish you well at brompton, hope all goes to plan, one thing you'll be looked after well :) [mind stick your bottle of oramorph in you pocket :D ] all the very best farmer

    kindest regards jimmy

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