When the going is rough, deal with one thing at a time, fever Paracetamol; at night, blocked nose, Vicks First defence, or a bit of bicarbonate of soda in water and rinse nose; you can use saline ( quarter tea spoon of salt in water, but can make you bleed); cough with a syrup until morning. reflux, I hope you all had your Lanzoprazole. I also use Jarro-zymes (from Amazon and read blurb on there to know what it does). If you don't have jarro-zymes, use Gaviscon, if you don't have Gaviscon, use bicarbonate of soda.

To sleep, use Kalm to calm the anxious state (It contains Valerian a heart calming herb, any other brand with it in it will do) But hold on till the morning, then dash to telephone as early as possible to make an appointment with the doctor. Don't let yourself be fobbed off. Ask for sputum pot, blood test, ask to be referred to pulmonary nurse, so when doctor is off golfing, nurse is there!

Above all, don't lose heart, take courage!

Hopefully have a good night sleep.

Love you all, Mic

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  • Hi mic I've got maybe a new one to add to the list. During the past few days I have had an excruciating pain in lower left abdomen and maybe I was feeling vulnerable and sorry for myself all I wanted was gripe water. So Googled adult gripe water and it suggested 5 bay leaves boiled up in water to make a tea. I went off in my pj's in the dark of the night to pluck my bay tree of its offerings. The tea is reputed to ease cramp and trapped wind. It sort of help but I need to get it checked out tomorrow.

  • Rice water can be good too, as it is a soother. Put a few grains of rice into water, Bring to the boil and cook for a few minutes, POur out the waterthrough a tea strainer or colander into a cup. Drink as is. It's very bland, but soothing.

  • Fennel Tea is brilliant for trapped wind I always have some in at home, as I suffer from IBS.

  • Hi Fern does it come in tea bags or can you use the seeds to make tea?

  • I have a little pot of them, just wondered if they can be infused in boiling water like herbal tea.

  • Yes you can buy Fennel Tea bags, I use Fennel Seeds, I buy them from Woodland Herbs online ( the best prices I can find for loose herbs) and I put a teaspoonful of them into an infuser ball, which you can also buy from them or Amazon and add Manuka honey , it tastes lovely and really does the trick if you have it with or after each meal.

  • Thanks Fern, I like your nickname, a naturalist at heart!

  • The name Fern I gave to a beautiful 12 week old puppy I adopted from the Dogs Trust 14 years ago ( my 14 year old Labrador had just died) she had had all of her vaccinations but sadly had already contracted Parvovirus

    And died 4 days later I was heartbroken. The Dogs Trust found me another lovely girl to adopt my present 15 year old Mae. Fern was loved for a few brief days bless her. Yes I do like all things natural because most medicines give me awful side effects.

  • What a very sad, sad story!

    I've just found that Bergamot is an antidepressant. perhaps you ought to try this. I am! I hope I don't sound churlish with my remark. I hope too that Mae will soothe you well as a friend. It's not easy. We cherish dogs, and they do us too. they don't "speak", but their eyes and demeanour says plenty.

  • Root ginger bought from the supermarket is worth keeping in as it's great for stomach upset, nausea, and helps Arthritis too. I just make tea with a slice of the ginger root and Manuka Honey. Great for colds too.

  • Good advice Mic !

  • what a great thread - thank you Mic :) xxx

  • Hi Helimic glad I gave you a laugh. There yours you van do anything you like with them. It's chickens tonight makes a change. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

    Were in London until tomorrow so not getting your full message. Funny internet system.

    Shame you don't have a dishwasher. The soft toys come out fine on a quick 1 hr wash temperature set to 60. Then she puts them in the dryer on a Teddy setting. There's no guarantee they will be OK but she took the view that if it didn't work she lost nothing ad Oliver can't play with them unless they ate washed every week.

    Good luck of you decide to do it

    Hope you get a good sleep

    Goof luck with the doctor tomorrow.

    Lots of love Nan

  • Hi Mic I'm a huge believer in the nasal rinse & try to convince others to give it a go but they think it's gross and would prefer to struggle on with a bunged up hooter.

    A long-time suffer of bronchiectasis who has now developed pseudomonas, I add approx 8 drops of Johnsons baby shampoo to the salted water. This is meant to kill pseudomonas.

    I'm plucking up courage to try hydrogen peroxide therapy. Anything other than the nasty antibiotics with awful side effects.

    Cheers for now

  • I agree the antibiotics make you feel so ill, I would like to try hydrogen peroxide too but I am worried about side effects. Nebulising Colloidal Silver is another I am too scared to try as well. Nebulising Manuka Honey is another a lot of people do with Pseudomonas but it sounds a messy affair.

  • Hi Moodygirl, I use Hydrogen peroxide as a nasal spray 3% solution in a nasal spray (2 Sprays per nostril), just make sure that you are sitting down as it not only sting a little but makes you sneeze. I swear by it, it cleans the nostrils and you can breathe better. In the saline solution I also add Xylotol, its an artificial sweetener it sticks inside the nostrils and picks up dust etc..

    The solution is 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, a pinch of sodium Bi carbonate and 1/2 teaspoon Xylotol in a cup of BOILING or previously boiled water,

    also to that mixture I sometimes put 3 or 4 of drops of Eucalyptus or tea tree oil and sometimes both, they will also kill bugs.

    Ciao, Tony

  • Hi Tony

    What does the bicarb do?

    I'm learning a lot on this thread


  • Bicarb is an alkaline. Instant relief from acid indigestion. Works as soon as it hits the stomach !

  • Sodium Bi Carbonate is as Puffthemagicdragon said Alkaline, it is also used in soap making and itself is a great cleaner, put a bit on a dirty surface and scrub with water, guarantee to clean every time, it also is used in bread making it turns normal flour to self raising flour, I use it to lessen the amount of yeast I put in the bread.

    Its great to mix it with toothpaste and after a few uses bright teeth, especially us with all the sprays that we use. going back to the original question being a base for soap it cleans the passages in the nostrils.

    Just by the way scientist have proven that some of the Miracles at Louvre may be attributed to the Hydrogen Peroxide in the water. If you further dilute the 3% concentration with distilled water and spray in nose, it will certainly clean the mucus out, it just that will take a bit longer.

    Ciao, Tony

  • What a lovely and enticing reveiw! Thanks

  • tony, just wondered about Xylitol:As a medicine, xylitol is used to prevent middle ear infections (otitis media) in young children, and as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes.

    If it works for ears it might work for nose too!

  • Yes Mic, I have been using it for the last 5 years ever since I had my nostrils cleaned up by a Nose and Throat specialist he mentioned it to me and made sure I did not cheat by using normal sugar. He did explain about the chemical in it, but quite honestly, I forgot what that chemical does.

    Ciao, Tony

    Ps you guys have the cold weather right now, and we down under have Cyclones Lam and Marcia to contend with which makes it very Muggy and steamy.

  • Hi Tony, I'm keen to try the hydrogen peroxide treatment but confused...

    It's recommended to buy 35% food grade and distill it to 3%. However I wasn't able to buy 35% but was able to buy 3%. Does this still need diluting? Do you use it neat when you spray it up your hooter?

    I'd actually like to nebulise it but not sure of the strength.

    BTW I've been nebulising garlic oil for the past couple of months. I think it's helped keep me free of colds.


  • moodygirl, Please DO NOT nebulise it! It'will iritate your lungs very badly and may inflame them. I did this with vinegar in teh nebuliser, I had a terrible inflamation. It cleared off after a few hours. I then phoned the chemist. He said that if it's still sore but clearing, it will carry on clearing. We only introduce safe saline, even medicated, but done with pharmaceutical scales prepared in the lab.

    Yes, you always have to dilute Hydrogen peroxide. Treat it like bleach. It's so strong.

    It's a good cleanser, say for little wounds. The action is to burn the skin (the oxygen burns fiercely). Very diluted with water , i;e only one or 2 drops max in a bowl of water the size of a cornflakes bowl.

    Because of it's burning action it stings. Be careful. MIc

  • Thanks mic. It's just that I'm desperate to find a cure for something I know's incurable!

    Can you recommend how I dilute 3% food grade HP for drinking?

  • Tony gave you the answer underneath.

  • Hi Moodygirl, I use mine straight 3% solution, HOWEVER, I strongly suggest that to begin with use 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts Distilled water, after you get use to it maybe 1 week or so, then use 2 Parts Hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts distilled water and so forth until your hooter can tolerate it and then full 3% neat.

    The 35% food grade is difficult to obtain, however, pharmacists/chemists sell the 3 % because lots of people use it with water for a mouth rinse/wash also as a teeth cleaner

    As Mic pointed out I would not use it in a nebuliser, the 3% pharmacy grade has preservative in it and that is why I would not introduce more junk into my lungs.

    With the water, if you cannot get distilled water then the second choice would be to boil tap water first, let it cool down and use it instead of distilled water.

    Hope that helps, please let me know

    Ciao Tony

  • Thanks Tony. I've actually bought 3% food grade off the Internet (or at least that's what it says on the bottle).

    I'll do what you say and use 1 part HP to one part distilled water - which I have - so I'm good to go!

    Will let you know how I get on.


  • Oops meant 3 parts distilled water :-)

  • Me too support and oddly enjoy the nasal douce never tried baby shampoo though. I have a spare bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Sniffed it once, it just smells like strong bleach, there is no way even a very diluted solution is going up my nose!

    If you are UK based I will post it to you if you want. Pm me if so no problem

  • Sokrackers - not sure if you were offering the hydrogen peroxide to me as I can't tell from these posts. I'm fairly new to this and keep getting lost!

    Anyway if you were it's very generous of you but I have actually managed to buy a bottle of 3% food grade recently. Still a bit hesitant on how to go about using it though.

    Hope your abdominal pain has long gone.

  • Yes we are a canny community on here always willing to help just ask. Let us know how you get on, even if you don't if you know what I mean.

    Take care and never be afraid to post 😊

  • Gosh! Afraid? Me?

    No, when I am ill I feel pfwlah! and not able to think straight.

    At least, I have avoided hospital.

    I've been able to play the flute this afternoon, trying to imitate James Galway in the first few high notes that I'm learning. A Schubert dance here and there and my first arpeggio will consolidate my first knowledge.

    I feel better, antibiotics and washing eye, nose and mouth seem to be working. Cheers, Mic (not afraid ... been through worse! :-) )

  • As hydrogen peroxide is only transormed water ( with a kick) it's very valuable.

    I did try Cetrimide which my auntie sent for me i America. Now that's really strong. How about putting the hydorgen peroxide on a cotton bud. I've done that with white vinegar, by golly tha' strong too!

    Hydrogen peroxide is used neat to remove little skins on cuticle in cicopody ( I was oa vhiropodist) It's a powerful cleanser of wound. but can irritate the skin as the oxygen burns the skin. In dilution ( as Tony said, 3%) in a mixture of water it's much safer.

    My nose flows like the Niagara falls at the moment.

  • yes, I like rinsing my nose. I clean the wax off my ears by putting olive oil for about 3 days, then I use a bulb syringe which has a flexible rubber cone, You can safely put tepid water and a drop of baby shampoo in your ear and rinse it. In that way, the wax comes out of it's own accord, painlessly. There's no need to aspirate it.

    I don't think pump is useful to pump your solution in the nose. I've just tried it! Sniffing it is more efficient. The body is a great aspirator!

    Perhaps the snotty crust should be soften with olive oil too. I don't know.

    I just put a bit of olive oil in with baking soda and1/4 teasponful salt in boiling water, very efficient. Thanks.

  • I love my ginger tea as a stomach settler Mic and it does seem to work. Pete just takes his normal drugs and also paracetamol when necessary. Great post. xxx

  • I also love my Ginger tea and we are so lucky on the Mid North Coast of NSW it grows beautifully, hence I have it as a tea, in cooking and also just eat it raw.

    Ciao, tony

  • How wonderful to be living in NSW. Lucky you and enjoy your tea. It is so good and I do love ginger. Take care Tony.

  • Hi Tony, what happened I thought you were in Western Australia? Was it too hot?

    Cheers, xxx

  • I am in NSW, however in the early 1960 when I was a Metallurgist I was working in WA, working in the mines was actually quite cool, but when you came out, you felt like rushing back in. The only air con in those days was the removal of the car's roof and drive pretty fast to cool yourself down and then you also burnt your skin. After a while, when it was a lose lose situation I was transferred back to NSW, only to land in Broken Hill another hot hole, then I got married and left the metallurgical work all together.

  • Hi Tony, where did the Merry Christmas from Australia with that diary of the Englishman come from then? I thought that was you??? Cheers,

  • I must admit, that was pretty close to what happened to my English mate back in WA, poor Lenny he is living in Tasmania now, claims closest thing temp wise to being in Liverpool with odd occasion of warmer weather and of course better scenery if you enjoy trees and greenery which we both do. He is retired now and we greatly enjoy talking about our adventures in the outback of WA and the NT and believe me they were many.

    Ciao, Tony

  • Dab of Olbas on my little finger. Dab it up each nostril. Works fo me. Sorted ! :)

  • a great thread micheal, many tips here to look back on,, were always learning :)

    best regards jimmy

  • Some very good advice here...thank you. xxx

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