You have to laugh

Trudging round Tesco with my oxygen cylinder and my 91 year old father in tow yesterday, I decided to look for KY Jelly based on recommendations on this site. Being on oxygen 24/7 and taking warfarin due to recurrent PE and DVT's, I suffer from horrendous nasal crusting, which is often bloody and painful and regularly blocks my passages so I'm struggling to breathe, so I'm prepared to try anything. However I don't know where to look for it so after a sweep of all the likely aisles I decide to ask at their pharmacy counter, where 2 young women appear to be discussing their plans for getting plastered after work, and when asked "Do you sell KY jelly?", one of them tries to supress a cheeky grin. An older supervisor type guy sees my confused reaction and says they haven't got any in the pharmacy but kindly offers to fetch me a tube from within the shop. I thank him and think no more of it until I get home and after a big battle to unpack the shopping I collapse back into my recliner and look for the instructions for this jelly. There is no leaflet but the box explains it's to alleviate vaginal dryness and help to maximise comfort during sex. I thought at first I had been given the wrong product, but further research confirmed its use instead of Vaseline for O2 users, and I have to say it appears to be working well. No wonder those young women were giggling. I think I must have had a sheltered upbringing.

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Wariness that is pure class oh dear nearly fell off my chair laughing.

Oh dear warwickstag, what a mistake to make. Very funny though. Bless you and glad it is having the desired effect. Take care xxxxx :)

Oh dear...just read this out to Himself...thought he was going to wet himself

So funny. M x

They were probably trying to work out if it was for you or your elderly father!

:D :D :D brilliant warickstag ,,, jimmy :)

Lol, that nearly made me spill my cocoacocoa. Hahaha...

Thank you for my first giggle of the day! :)

Oh my so funny you gave my day a good start can't stop laughing x

Had to smile, can just see you and your dad,and the sales girls faces, Glad it's working,my husband used it all the time for the same problem you have. I still have a tube in the medicine cupboard, must admit I wonder if any guest ever notice it. Keeps them all guessing. Best wishes, Bulpit

Very funny story, but on a serious note...please don't suffer with a crusty bunged up hooter... I urge you to try a nasal rinse with a neti pot. It's made a world of difference to me and I can't praise it enough. It might be difficult to get your head around but it's not at all painful if you do it properly.

Cheers for now.

They should of know it was for your nose with the O2 ;)

I had a lady come in my shop and wanted an electric drill with a vibrator feature. One of my colleagues had to leave the shop when I asked do you mean hammer action to reply with "Is it different then, it is supposed to better for bricks?"

Just goes to show Warwickstag - If it's not helping on one end, use it on the other! lol

I'd have to be a contortionist to do that. Are you offering to help?

Sorry Babe, my memory's not that good! lol.

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