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my breathing information

Hi have read people getting short of breath and wonder what they mean, is it out of breath or cant breath has i got diagnosed mainly because of my wheezing and kept wakeing up in the night and feeling tired and smoked for 45 years.

Have been ok for 2 years since being diagnosed with COPD and then the not smoking and exercise and got myself fit not been on any meds for a year has i was on seretide 500 then cut down to 250 but kept my has and when blue top inhaller has my gp said just in case.

Last night for the second time has this happend last week also

I woke up in the night and felt short of breath finding it hard to breath.

Dont get me wrong i was not gasping or panicking and has i layed there i wonderd if this was in my mind it felt like a hunger for air has if i was breathing though a straw and it was like there was a weight on my chest but all very mild.

I sat up and done some breathing exercises but still felt the same so i had a puff of my blue top has and when ventolin inhaler and layed back down.

After takeing that inhaler i then new that this short of breathing was not in my mind has i could breath so much better and felt good normal with my breathing.

I know this is stupid of me but what has upset me a little was that after 2 years with no breathing problems and really looking after myself and what i can do now in the gym and no meds for a year i thought that if this COPD was mild it may have revesed itself so felt so happy.

But now i have had an expeirience of how it feels with the breathing and thats going to get worse later in life i feel really down just like when i was first diagnosed 2 years ago.

Anyway will keep up the exercise and see how it goes has i think this must have been the reason i felt good for so long also have another spirometry lung test in april

Good luck

And best wishes everyone


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you had a cold a few weeks ago - this could have got onto your chest and given you a mild chest infection which would do this I believe - go to docs and let them know and pos go onto antibiotics - anyone copd or no copd can get a chest infection so don't worry at this point and get to docs xxx

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Hi music, eyes is correct - try not to worry too much at this stage. See what your doctor says and keep on looking after yourself as that will help and has been doing so. Wishing you well and take care. xxxx

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I agree. It sounds like an infection or maybe the remains of one. I have very severe emphysema for nearly 4 years and it hasn't got any worse.

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I find it very difficult to know if I have infection as I get a cold not a chest infection but it makes me feel just as ill,but recognising it is the key, Dr.dont seem to tell you that.infact they don't talk to you anymore,that's why you have to be here to find out how to cope with all these symptoms and side effects.breathing difficulties on activity and walking.


Hi Thanks for replys

Sorry this is a bit long but just a bit more info on how i feel has the same has happend again this morning woke up at 6am feeling good laying there watching tv news then wheezing came on and hard to inhale my breath well very slow and the thight chest thing.

I know now if i take a puff of my ventoline it will go back to normal but i am now up out of bed and sitting up and it slowly seems to be going away so really i am expairementing with it on myself to see what happens or how i feel.

I know you might think i should not do this but i dont feel that bad or panicking

And i know its noting to do with the cold i had 24 days ago has i have been fine i even had a good go in the gym last night and a swim has felt so good.

Its so strange how it affects us all so diferant, So i think at the moment i still wont go back on the seretide just yet has i still have my blue top has and when ventoline there for me and i am going to benordom next week for 3 weeks has the sun always makes me feel so good and i do have emergency meds with me.

I also think that soon i should be thinking about talking to my GP about going back on the seretide again because i know that it do keep your airwaves open and i have had no meds for over a year but am now starting to feel mild breathing problems.

I just thought when i came off my seretide a year ago that why take some meds inhallers if you feel you are not ready for them yet.

Good luck everyone

and sorry about the spelling



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