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Died at the Tower of London

Over the last few weeks vashti has entertained us with tales of her family. I thought I would put up some of the results I've had from researching my family past. With having some links into the aristocracy, who always have better record keeping, it is easier to get further back in time. Vashti's area of interest lately has been wrongdoers and the ends they came to. Everybody's cupboard has some skeletons. Here are some of mine that met there ed at the Tower of London.

First a note about relationships. The comment in brackets is the person's relationship to me. Aunts and uncles count up the generations in the same way as parents, ie, aunt, grand aunt, great grand aunt, 2nd great grand aunt, etc. With cousins, the n x removed represents the number of generations difference. The number before 'cousin' is how many sideways steps there are. If you add the two numbers together, then that will tell you how many generations to go back to find a common ancestor.

Here they are:-

Sir Christopher Blount (husband of wife of brother-in-law of 9th cousin 13x removed)

Sir Christopher Blount was born circa 1565,

He died on 18 March 1601 at Tower Hill, The City, London, England, executed for high treason. (He argued once too much with Queen Elizabeth I)

Anne Boleyn Marchioness of Pembroke (wife of 7th cousin 15x removed)

Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke was born circa 1501,

She died on 19 May 1536 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, executed by beheading, for high treason and alleged adultery

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (stepson of brother-in-law of 9th cousin 13x removed)

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex was born on 19 November 1566,

He died on 25 February 1601 at age 34 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, beheaded for treason

Guilford Dudley, Lord (husband of 9th cousin 13x removed)

Lord Guilford Dudley was born in 1536,

He married Lady Jane Grey on 21 May 1553.1 He died on 12 February 1554 executed

Sir John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland (father-in-law of 9th cousin 13x removed)

John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland was born in 1502,

He died on 22 August 1553 at Tower Hill, The City, London, England

Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk (husband of 8th cousin 14x removed)

Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk was born on 17 January 1517,

He died on 23 February 1554 at age 37 at Tower Hill, The City, London, England, executed. On 17 February 1554 he was attainted as a result of treasonous involvement in Wyatt's rebellion against Queen Mary I

Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England (9th cousin 13x removed)

Lady Jane Grey was born in October 1537.

She was the daughter of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Lady Frances Brandon. She married Lord Guilford Dudley, son of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland and Jane Guilford, on 21 May 1553. She gained the title of Queen Jane I of England on 10 July 1553.3 She was deposed as Queen of England on 19 July 1553, having ruled for ten days. She died on 12 February 1554 at age 16 executed, for high treason. She was buried at Church of St. Peter ad Vincula, the Tower, The City, London, England

Catherine Howard (wife of 7th cousin 15x removed)

Catherine Howard was born circa 1525.

She married Henry VIII Tudor, King of England on 28 July 1540. She died on 13 February 1542 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, beheaded for high treason and alleged adultery.

Edward V Plantagenet King of England (7th cousin 15x removed)

Edward V Plantagenet, King of England was born on 4 November 1470.

He died after November 1483 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, murdered at the orders of either King Richard III or King Henry VII. He succeeded to the title of King Edward V of England on 9 April 1483. He was deposed as King of England on 25 June 1483. He was only 12 years old when he succeeded to the throne and Richard, the Duke of Gloucester was appointed his guardian. Edward had been living with his younger brother Richard, aged 9, who was the Duke of York, with their mother Queen Elizabeth, near Ludlow. The Duke of Gloucester brought the young King to London ready for the coronation and installed him in a 'suitable residence' - the Tower of London. Shortly afterwards he took the Queen's remaining son Richard to join his brother at the Tower. Gloucester's friends then proclaimed that the two children were illegitimate and that Edward had no claim to the throne. Parliament ratified this and Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was proclaimed King Richard III. The two young boys were murdered by Gloucester and his friends and their bodies lay undiscovered until the reign of Charles II when their remains were transferred to Westminster Abbey.

Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (7th cousin 15x removed)

Elizabeth Plantagenet was born on 11 February 1466.

She married Henry VII Tudor, King of England on 18 January 1486. She died on 11 February 1503 at age 37 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, in childbirth.

George Plantagenet Duke of Clarence (6th cousin 16x removed)

Sir George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence was born on 21 October 1449.

He initially joined his father-in-law Warwick in the attempt to restore King Henry VI and depose his brother King Edward IV but then deserted the former for the latter at the Battle of Barnet. He fought in the Battle of Barnet on 14 April 1471, assisting in the King's victory. He held the office of Chief Governor of Ireland in 1472. He was created 1st Earl of Warwick [England] on 25 March 1472. He was created 1st Earl of Salisbury [England] on 25 March 1472. He held the office of Great Chamberlain on 20 May 1472. On 8 February 1478 he was attainted by Act of Parliament, and forfeited all his estates and titles He died on 18 February 1478 at age 28 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, executed. Tradition has it he was drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine.

Henry VI Lancaster King of England and France (1st great grand nephew of husband of wife of 1st cousin 21x removed)

Henry VI Plantagenet, King of England was born on 6 December 1421.

He died on 21 May 1471 at age 49 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, murdered.

Richard Plantagenet 1st Duke of York (7th cousin 15x removed)

Richard Plantagenet, 1st Duke of York was born on 17 August 1473.

He and his brother Edward V died after November 1483 at Tower of London, The City, London, England, murdered at the orders of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who then became King Richard III.

James Scott, 1st and last Duke of Monmouth (13th cousin 9x removed)

James Scott, 1st and last Duke of Monmouth was born illegitimately on 9 March 1649.

He was the son of Charles II Stuart, King of Great Britain and Lucy Walter. When the succession to the throne was raised, Charles II affirmed that he never married Lucy Walter and deprived the Duke of Monmouth of many of his posts. On the 11 June 1685, Monmouth landed at Lyme Regis in an attempt to seize the throne. At Sedgemoor, north east of Taunton, Monmouth made an ill-advised attack against the Royalists and was defeated. He was captured in the New Forest a few days later, and executed for high treason, in the Tower of London on July 15 1685.

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wow such nobility all mine were Yeoman farmers

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I got a fair share of farmers in my line. As well as miners, carters, coachmen, publicans, potters, weavers, spinners, engineers, engine drivers and firemen. Even a few policemen. Sadly, some who got called up for the 1st or 2nd wars but didn't come back. The saddest though are those children that died before their first birthday. Just glad I live now, and not some time in the past.


I have one great uncle he went through Ypres the Somme (whichever way round it was) and through a minor battle on the next offensive he lost his nerve was court martialed and the next morning was shot at dawn. He was obviously suffering shell shock and I was one of the many who fought our government to pardon all these poor soldiers who they were suffering battle fatigue lost their lives.


Gosh all that blue blood running through your veins...fascinating..... I'm convinced that Sir Henry connected to my dads family,he was at the court of Elizabeth 1st and rumoured to be a bastard child of Henry 8 th.I havnt researched this he just has the name of my late Father and a painting depicts Sir Henry with auburn hair also the same as my father.I will get around to some research one day.

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Phew! How do I indicate a curtsey online!


That is you said records for the aristocrats were carefully kept...I was hoping you'd be related to Sir Richard Empson which would have meant thee and me were related also...

Didn't take much to be executed did it? A word in the wrong place to the wrong person seems to have sealed many a fate.

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Wow.......what a great record. Even with so noble a family it must have taken

you ages to complete. But no doubt once started it was difficult to stop. Thank you for the enjoyable read.


I have quite a few of those in my tree too John, so guess we're all related when it comes down to it. I have quite close blood ties (only about 10th cousins twice removed or something silly like that ) to the Dukes of Norfolk, and as I live within sight of Arundel castle, I was wondering if I should go and invite myself to tea? Lol.


Interesting read. Didn't do you any good to be royalty or knighted in them days more a curse than a perk.


Dear Johnwr, how interesting, we are related!!! as all the family you mention are also my relatives, My grand mother was Margaret Tudor sister of Henry Vlll. I grew up in Leicestershire the home of Lady Jane Grey and lived almost in her original family home of Bradgate Park, The grey family, my cousins live nearby at Groby Leicestershire. Henry V was my grandfather, Richard lll my uncle and they used my DNA and my cousins when they found him in the carpark at Leicester. Among other DNA.

I also go down all the Kings of Scotland, as Margaret married James lV and was grandmother to James Vl of Scotland and England. I also am Plantagenet and go back to William the Conquer 4 times. I also go back to King Arthur and have actually gone back 30 years BC.As you say, it is easier being of Royal decent to trace your family. But I am cousin of the Queen, my Gran Lady Everard was a Royal Stewart and a member of the Royal family. The Queen is my 19 cousin, my 16 cousin.

I have alway had this Terrible rear of having my head chopped off. When I asked my grand daughter aged then 10, what is the worst way you can think of dying, she grabbed her throat and said " Don't chop my head off"!!! I think it is in the DNA, fear, famine and feast is know to be past down in the inner helix of the DNA.

The story of Lady Jane Grey is a sad one, when she was beheaded, they cut all the tops of the oak trees in Bradgate Park, by order of Henry Grey, the trees are still there, but have grown into very strange shapes. Worth a look if your ever up that way.

My father was Lord High Sheriff of Leicester and my cousin was for many years Lord Lieutenant of Leicester.

Its fantastic you have put all this on here, so we are cousins, no doubt of that.

Nice to meet you cousin. It was a sad and brutal time, The Tudors. Have you been watching many of the programmes about our family. Britons Bloodiest Dynasty ? it makes for grim history of the Plantagenets !

Lovely to read all your past family and mine, thank you very much. Kathy xxxx


Seems like your lucky to be here


Oh dear, I am a fish out of water here, my family is descended from Roundheads at the Battle of Worcester, and another line from the Hugenots. Father's side I know little, except his name and that he was from the Highlands. I was born the wrong side of the blanket.


Some of the very best people were born 'the wrong side of the blanket'


Wow and I thought my ancestry was interesting. I share a great grandfather with Diana the late Princess of Wales, on her mother's side. He was a Crombie from Aberdeen, a weaver and maker of the famous coats.


This morning, after reading your lineage, the first thing that popped into the old noggin is that I recall hearing the 'actual' King of England just died in the last few years down in Oz, where he's lived most of his life.

Next, after I went back to my email, I happened on this:

I don't know what it all means except it would seem we're all related in one way or the other....



I've seen this before. I think there is a fair bit of wishful thinking involved with this. After all, even Congress hasn't seen Obama's birth cert yet. Add to that, that all the white Americans seem to want to be of Irish descant rather than European or even English aristocracy. If there was much substance to this, then I think the press would have found it and publicised it before now.


The repulsivecan congress critters are a bunch of obstructionist, repulsive, traitorous twits without a scintilla of character in their makeup and being in Britain as you are, you really shouldn't believe all you hear/read in the press.

Sorry you're so reticent.

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Hi, I think your right in the wishful thinking part. As your rightly say, Obama's birth records are very dubious!!! Having gone back to a Roman Centurion of 30 AD and far and wide. I have not found any American Presidents in my tree. As I am sure you have not also. I hope you read my post cousin.

I don't think even the Queen herself has found any relations in the various US presidents she has entertained at the Palace. It would have been well researched, before their visits. mind you, US Presidents are not people I would be pleased about having as relations!!!

Every King and Queen of England are my relatives and way back, many of the French, Spanish, and not so long ago, Portugals. Plenty of what is now Germany, Flemish etc. They intermarried so much. Keep it in the family, was something that was always done. They still do when they can. But "New Blood" is very much needed in the Royal Houses left today.

The pride of my Royal Family is and will always be, the Murdered Russian family My cousins, the Tzar, Tzarina and the children. Going to St Petersburg to see where they are now lain to rest, was the most moving thing I have ever done. x May they rest in peace.


As regards the 'actual' King of England, as has been shown a few times in the past, possession by force becomes legitimate after a while.Especially when the usurper gets to write the laws. So, if he ain't here to set his claim, then he ain't legit.


In the program I saw, he was asked why he didn't make claim to the throne..., his reply: "My life is so much better here, I really couldn't stand that life (as king )."


Seems to me that on this basis we could all trace ourselves back to Ghengis Khan or Nero! Ladybell I just can't see your Granny being Margaret Tudor - you'd have to be even older than me and there are days when I feel older than God!

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Hi Dragonmum, I expect I am older than you and feel it at times. Margaret was my x15 great granny, I am sure we are all related, after the terrible Black Death, there were few left, so I think we had to make up for the loss somehow. I think England was down from 3 million to 1 million, then we had the Plague.

Sorry you feel old, but I do know the feeling very well. xx


The Black Death and the Plague were really one and the same...


Hi, Yes more or less the same, but the Black Death, as it was, was all over Europe and killed 50 million, 1346-1353. The Plague, as it was called mostly England was 1665. We have a Plague burial site in our church in Pevensey, by Pevensey Castle. It is just marked by 4 corner stones. Know one is allowed to be buried anywhere near it. xxx


Sorry Vashto but the Black Death was in the 13th Century , the Plague in the 17th Century.


Same disease...different strain and name


Wow you have got some illustrious ancestors! I will disagree with you on one point though - no one really knows who killed the 2 princes. Many think it was Gloucester, others it was Henry 2nd. Or it could have been the Duke of Buckingham to bring himself closer to the throne. They all had motivation. If Richard had already had them declared illegitimate then he had no reason to kill them. Henry 7th on the other hand didn't necessarily have

the strongest claim to the throne and was very paranoid about defending his right to it. x

Ps and don't forget Henry married Elizabeth, the eldest sister of the princes thus declaring her legitimate.


Hi coughalot,

Don't forget that the 'truth', and history, at state level get written by the winners to fit the circumstances at the time. Sometimes 'actual' doesn't get a look in.


Oh I know that John which makes it all the more likely it was Henry 7th who blamed it on Richard as Henry was king wasn't he? I guess we will never know the whole truth. x


The Tsar's sister was in England. There a a lot of descendents of the Romanovs. If George V had the guts to let the Tsar and his family come to England, it was during WWI so I don't know what his reasons were.


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