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Is Smileday

Devon is cold but dry but it looks like it will be like us all a bit later, namely nice, bright and hopefully warm. I am feeling good this morning as there is no pain, I wonder were its gone maybe its having a few days off with luck. Right time for a few Tommy Cooper's.

I saw a plastic surgeon today-He looked almost real.

I was thinking what do you give to a sick florist ?

I love walking into an antique shop and asking "Whats new"

They always say take an asprin for a headache-who wants a headache?

That's all folks tune in the same time tomorrow oh its Sunday maybe a bit later. Fred :) :)

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Good morning Fred.

The birds are singing in Yorkshire

having my first cup of tea of the day before I set of into town to get my job list done.

Did some exercise yesterday so feeling good. It's going to be a good day

Take care old sailor.


Ahoy there my young sailor friend I also did some exercise this morning I lifted the cup five times before drinking the tea. Have a good day and get those jobs done whilst the weather is dry. I heard there are some nice birds in Yorkshire, keep smiling and steady as you go.

xxFred :)


He heeee...good morning Fred. It's good to read your jokes over my breakfast. :-) Very overcast for's going to get colder here in South Wales too. So out with the scarf and gloves again. :-) Glad to hear you're pain free today. I hope it lasts for you. :-) xxx


Those sun rays should be with you shortly so maybe you can forget the scarf Lyn :) xxxFred :)


Evening Fred, it's trying to cool down here in sydney but it is still very humid which is awful. We're sitting here watching "new tricks" my Aussie husband often asks me to translate! Looove tommy. Cooper jokes, do you remember frankie Howard? Love LeeLee. 😜


Evening LeeLee sorry its rather warm and humid for you such a shame its cold here but the suns out, I love the translation bit. As for Frankie Howard I sure had, I enjoyed the show "up Pompey" xx :) Fred


Good Afternoon Fred, I am late today could not get onto Internet Explorer this morning then my daughter came to visit and do some jobs for me so have only just read the jokes, they made me laugh as usual thank you.

Cold here but with lovely sunshine every now and then.

So glad the pain has gone away (maybe somewhere nice) lets hope it likes it and stays there.

Take care

polly xx


Thanks polly your a gem keep smiling and take care. xxxFred :)


Thanks Fred. Has me grinning!


Good that keeps the smile going. xx Fred :)


Very good Fred as usual. Hope you have pain free time ahead and hear from you tomorrow. Thanks for the smiles xxxxxxxxxxx :)


Always good to hear from you. xxxxxFred :)


Morning Fred, Great funnies, so pleased you were free of pain on Saturday,do hope that continues,Lovely and sunny at the moment,white with frost,but very pretty Best wishes Fred, Bulpit


Hi there bulpit we had that weather earlier but its pouring down now so all plans put on hold, so its a nothing day till the girls appear for their roast dinner. xx Fred :)


Hi Fred,

glad you are having a pain free spell. Long may it last. I was down yesterday, pain. Worse every time I tried to do something, so sat around a lot and let husband wait on me. But today was busy - Done the bed

done the washing

Done my hair

Done the on line shopping ...



Hope no more pain for you as well, you have been busy, as I said before my wife waits on me, she waits for me to make her a cuppa etc, only joking we share most jobs when possible. xx :) Fred


your some case fred,, amazing lad really, keep em coming fred,, jimmy

[missed half the posts of late, but will soon catch up :D by next summer lol :D stick in mate,, jimmy :)


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