As anyone experianced issues with Ambulances i.e Cancer mum left waiting for an ambulance for two hours

As anyone experianced issues with Ambulances i.e Cancer mum left waiting for an ambulance for two hours

Why do i feel this action was Delibarate ... truly is shocking those seriosly ill sick are having to wait for ambulance emergancy medical attention and is a trend that cant continue.

I know my self when i phoned them Heart Breathing Problems 45 mins paramedic was told be help or ambulance would arive.

Truly is shocking people are being left on streets with no dignaty or in the home when they have needed help when at the most vulnerable.

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  • Hi Denis,this is down to Tory ideology,they make the ambulance service so short of money and people we are led to believe it,s no good.The Tories then sell it off to their rich friends who then make profit by charging sick people who then have no choice but to pay.What happens to those that can,t pay?They die,end of!I,m collecting signatures( petition) on the 28th to save OUR Nhs.We must stop these evil people destroying our health services.D.

  • Hi FamerD cheers thanks for reply comment ... could not agree any more is disgrace what is happing

    A think we fighting lost cause really looking at leval of replys .. Just have to do what everyone else dose and just look out for number 1

    Here is good site for your petition is free and you can be as vocal explicit as you like.

  • never think we ae fightin a lost cause, D. If we unite, on the site you showed, this is the voice of all of us. If they have some heart, they must listen.

    Hope we won'thave any war, because that would put an end to the heart listening. I fear this Putin and the Isis, ruthless selfish people.

  • Hi Daz, it is disgusting, although never had a problem here in the Midlands or me personally, unsure if others have, my daughter had a fit the other day and 1st response paramedic was with us within 10 mins and an ambulance close behind, but I will sign any petition for this kind of thing, it has to stop, Xx sonia xx

  •,,,, now we no the saying get the bus then, as the police did there, but it could have meant life or death for him and others , and I think it were a few year ago the home secretry at that time refused the police there pay rises or back pay, each promise once in power goes out of the windows and greed and power take over, its im in and stuff yous lot. we should say before we vote can you sign this as a written contract you will honour all your pledges, cut red tape and do what your saying you can, no you cant, theres to much debatin on anything, then voting on it wich takes o to long which many people sadly havnt got, land of hope yes land of glory sadly its been destroyed by endless lies corruption from each party, now its every one as to see to there own and bugger the would bes in power as they wont ,,there to busy being the big I ams , which really there just jumped up nits ,and have forgotten the one rule of the land, you are dealing with human beings hear who some have fought for this country ,worked hard most of there lives in jobs they would never enter into, brought families up ,and now when they need the help its sadly not all areas tho but it seems in some sadly let down and left to die ,, now its leaflet time pushing junk through or doors vote for us bla bla, nar ile vote for number one me and mine, see to your own as no one else will .good post D.

  • D3NIS, yes, I had the experience when I felt ill. The paramedic told me that my sputum didn't "look" bad enough for me to go to hos[pial. he told me w he owuld elave me and somebody would come in a couple of hours to see how I was! Fortunately, I went to bed. The next man asked me what I wanted. I said, please take me to hosptial. I had pseudomonas and stayed a fortnight, plus went home with an antibiotic in a bottle which had to be changed for another fortnight!

    These days, I try to get as much help as possible at home. but I know it cannot always be possible.

    The lesson: don't be ill at weekends, or during bank holidays!!!

  • I have waited many a times at A and E for 5 to 6 hours; having difficulty to attract a nurse's attention when I needed the loo, as I would be "fixed" with an oxygen tube!

  • Hi Daz, it is truly awful what some poor people are going through just trying to get to Hospital for help. I don't understand why as everything used to be so much better than this. I can honestly say that Pete has never had problems getting an ambulance thank goodness but I do feel for others who have.

    Our cause is never lost and when you get your petition together Farmer D, I will happily sign it.

    Take care all and be well. xxxx

  • I,m doing it locally but this is the link.. Just cut and paste.

  • Thanks for that Farmer D. Have signed petition locally and made a small donation towards leaflets etc. Take care xxxx

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