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Cold and tired

For two evenings, now, I have felt terribly cold at around 7 pm. I took some Paracetamol and it seems to go with that.

I don’t cough at all. During the night, my throat feels dry and I cough because of the dryness. In the morning, I cough up a little bit of straw colour sputum.

My nose is running, so I have applied Vicks First Defence nasal spray. I want to wait till Monday now, because If I phone 111, I’m sure they will send me to hospital.

I have survived November with pseudomonas and the end of December into January with Moraxella catharalis without going into hospitalisation, but with the full support of my GP AND my pulmonary nirse who has been really fantastic..

The latest sputum tst so far has not revealed anything, but I am waiting the three weeks it takes to see if there;s any mycobacterium Gordonae which there was a presence in November.

They say Moraxelle is caught through tap water, i.e. if you rinse your nebuliser kit or any medical equipment with taps water. So I have been vigilant in either putting vinegar and boiling water or simply pure alcohol (Softalind which they use in hospital).

I shall wait till Monday, pumping up Paracetamol if need be.

You know how it feels, cold, tired. Went to bed at 9 pm last night. I did wake up at 3.30 am. Got up, hot chocolate! I put my beanie hat on and read a bit with Classic FM. 4.30 am, I went back to sleep. I felt satisfied this morning.

My wife came from her nursing home bringing me roses of all sorts of colours, some hot cross buns (most of which she ate!), two huge teddy bears which crowd the sofa with the other soft toys she ahd already brought me. Are they full of germs? I don’t know how to clean those!

The flute is OK. I am learning to playD key, low and high. As soon as I uput James Galway playing C.P.E. Bach, I am transported by the flexibility of his fast notes and the lovely tone of his high notes which are not strident. I’d like to play like this and will strive to pull my upper lips downward, making a small hole with the lower lip. This has produced a nice low D, but the High D is still a bit whistling. I hope you have a warm weekend. It’s been so cold tonight. Mic

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Fliibby, You’re absolutely brilliant! Why? Because you talked about my overworking immune system. Perhaps it does, that’s perhaps why my white blood cells disappear at the rate of knots. I take an injection every week that promotes the growth of white blood cells, essential to beat infection. Until this moment, I had forgotten. You shook my mind awake. I took the injection. I know it will work like wonder.

This morning, I did my washing, ironing, got tired, took some Paracetamol and went to sleep!

As I switch jolly PC, I find your message who reminds me to take my injection. So good! Thank you.

I feel better after this sleep, but I know tonight I will be cold again. So I’ll take some Paracetamol. I also rinse my nose with home made saline. Not too much in warm water. It did wonder to clear the inside of my nose of junk residents! I have some sort of undeclared cold.

Thank you for your concern and your advice on washing the kit. I’ll keep cheering up for now! Mic

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Snap mic, I started off with a flare up of my post nasal drip. The drip is makes me cough and heave up mucus. My throat has been going very dry and prickly and making me choke.

It now seems I have a bit of a cold. Apparently, a bad sore throat is doing the rounds near me, but, with no cold syptoms. Roll on spring. xx


Casper, Take Vicks First Defence, rinse and gargle with a bit of saline, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt in a bowl of warm water. Fight them before they have time to fight you. Do you have an inhaler? If so take some to breathe. Get better soon. Mic

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Hi Mic, I've taken my inhaler and I will do the gargling tonight also I'll get some first defence on Monday. I am still having the sinus trouble and coughing but, less frequently. Thank you. xx


Pleassure, I hope it helps

Do remember I am no doctor, just acting on my own experience.

AlsoI sleep upright, with a frame. that helps with nasal drip as it doesn't gointo my lungs but my throat toward stomach. I keep a bottle of Naturally carbonated Caledionian Scottish water, and have a sip if I wake up dry. the taste is better than tap water and it's softer to the throat than normal tap water.

Hope it helps. Mic


its good to hear from you michael, but not so good to hear you feel like that. it look like your similar to me regarding hospitals, the last resort .

i am still awaiting a sputum test result, which was handed in to the bacterial dept r,i,e,.monday , but no results as yet [g.p in today told me ]

it sounds to me you really need this checked out, as i left it, then wished i hadn't.

glad to hear you are at least getting some tlc :)

that does sound a good idea about the nebuliser, i often forget this when using it a lot.

vinegar and boiling water,

as this really must be kept clean its quite obvious that this can even cause infection.

however mic, glad to hear you are soldiering on, and still learning the flute.

hope things improve for you,

regards jimmy


Thank you Jimmy. I learned that Moxarella which I had in December, is caught through tap water. That's why I changed the kind of washing of my nebuliser. I do this with the water filter too (vinegar on a sponge) but you need to rinse this well, if not the milk you pour in your tea goes sour! ON MOnday, I'll try to get some sputum pots. Seeing consultant next Fri.Take care, Mic


Hi Helingmic befoure my virus i sufferd bad cold intolarance could not get warm .. but now am. Germed up am quite warm even night sweats if you have antibiotics ad take em

I take parasetamol as helps with joint pain fever symtoms i think

As to degerming toys can think give blast with steam cleaner if you have on

Sorry you not been feeling well hope u feel better soon

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Hi thanks D. Before I got into bed last night I heated it with the blanket on number 2. In the middle of the night, I started getting sweating too. I had to get up and have a wash!

I used to get these night sweat ( I think it was due to the mycobacterium). No one could help. But I found Odaban spray (Chemist direct). You put it on before going to bed. It takes from a couple of days to a week to work, but it does work eventually. I know how awful this is, getting up, drying pyjamas and yourself, feeling cold. Not nice. I hope you can get rid of it. (have you ever had your sputum tested for mycobacterium, the sputum test last a fortnight to grow the culture on the Petri dish. You have to mention this to consultant who may not even think of this). Mic


Mic, Im so sorry you are having a bad time. The fear of 111 is very real. I think i might have the same virus Caspar is talking about. I couldn't get warm monday and tuesday even though the house was warm. Then sore throat on wednesday, plus loads of post nasal drip but no cold symptoms. I also felt sick and had the runs before the sore throat came out.

It's gone tight now, that's the asthma kicking in. Yesterday i went to the doc, chest clear as a bell, and at that point it wasn't too tight. Resting oxygen is not great, but ok.

And its the weekend. What to do except clean my kit as suggested and pray for monday morning. What's that stuff they use for babies' bottles? Think i might try that. Miltons, just remembered, at least brain working :)

Ive never heard of Moraxella Catharalis. Do you think its risky to gargle with filtered tap water after taking inhalers etc?

Mic i hope you get through weekend ok - lovely that you saw your wife (still seeing?). What I've read about germs is that they last up to 24 hours on hard surfaces and around 4 on fabrics - maybe that answers your question about the soft toys.

I think we may share a respiratory nurse as she covers the same area. The whole team is great. She told me that she can notify the long term conditions team that works over the weekend that you might need them. Unfortunately i just saw the GP, and didn't think to phone the nurse and now i feel scared about these two days.

Take good care Mic and keep warm, xx :)


Dilemma now with the rescue meds as Peege was saying on another thread. Is it a virus or an infection. Since nothing will cough up at present, its hard to tell :(


O2Trees, Oh dear, I really feel for you. I suppose Mitlons' good. I bought softalind which is the alcohol they use at the hospital to clean my kit.

do whatever you can to keep warm and to fend off the bug until Monday with Paracetamol. Hot milk, hot tea, hot soup, wheat bag you put in the microwave ( i've got one of those), electric blanket on before bed, hot cuddle!!!

Becky is the name of the pulmonary nurse. She replaces Una gone to Canterbury, and Michaela who got married and is stationed in Herne Bay now. Hold on till Monday and jump on phone at 8am! Hope you can hold on.


Oh you're so sweet Mic. Yes Becky is my nurse too, i think she's brilliant. (Una and Michaela were good too)

Rita asked the pharmacist today and she thought it was more to do with reflux which i have badly (the silent kind so it doesn't bother me when I'm well). All very confusing. You can certainly get bad breathing similar to asthma from reflux. Unfortunately the doctors don't know enough about controlling reflux and copd flare-ups. They say each make the other worse.

I think what was probably quite a mild virus has triggered the reflux flare-up.

I'll keep warm, promise. And hope you are too Mic.

Im sending love and healing vibes (i keep them safe in a box so they don't get contaminated ;) ) down to Swalecliffe. :)

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aha ha ha! I hope the box is sterilised!

On top of the Lanzoprazole for reflux, I take on my own behalf ( No real comments from docs, apart from, if you think it makes you feel good....) Acidophilus daily and Jarro-zymes which I found on amazon. This is for dodgy digestion of meat, carbohydrates, when it gives you pain. I found it helpful, but then these are my guts haha! Others may conform differently!

Thank you O2Tree, Mic

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Hi O2. Acid Reflux or GORD is one of my big problems with bronchiectasis/COPD. I was diagnosed in 2010 after a long period of anxiety and it never left. I am convinced it is connected with the breathing and bronch problems, the two hit me badly most mornings, in one form or another: either stabbing heartburn or nausea or, as now perhaps, breathlessness. I haven't a clue what is going on and don't know if I am having a long-running infection or if I have contracted asthma somehow, or what......I cannot get a deep breath in without a dry cough coming. It's awful. And so confusing. Perhaps an infection that hasn't shifted all winter. I haven't a clue anymore. On top of that, a lump has been found on my right breast and now I have to go through some further tests on 4 March. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. Everything just seems so awful and hopeless at the moment. stillmovin1 xx


Im so sorry stillmovin1 - i don't know where to start. I really think we're screwed both ways with copd and reflux. Pred can cause spasms and asthma-like symptoms and yet inflammation seems to be constant without it. I wish i had answers. I won't write much as I've just got through a half hour's spasm coughing which feels suffocating.

Im sorry yours has been so endless this winter - the uncertainty is awful about whether its bacterial, viral or reflux or a mixture, and the docs don't help as they don't really know either. And now you have to face tests for breast cancer, how unfair. Thinking of you and sending warm regards. x jean


stillmovin1, I wish I could apease your anxiety and pain. This is awful indeed.

Here is what it's worth:

Obviously, I have Lanzoprazole for the reflux.

But on my own accord, with no indication from cdoctor who doesn't want to pronounce himself, I take acidophilus to regulate the guts and create fauna that hopefully will "chase" the bad ones away by crowding the guts.

I found Jarro-zymes on amazon. This is a pancreatic enzyme that helps digest difficult stuff like meat, carbohydrates and others (see the blurb on Amazon). this has saved me from having constant diarrhoea afte C-Difficile. It seemed to cut these heart burns too. Take it for what it's worth. I can only say it helped me while no doctor would help!


Thanks for this Mic. I am still movin along. Will get there in the end. xx

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You are on the road to better times.Mic


Thanks O2 / Jean.

I went to the GP this morning again with another sputum sample as I want this sorted: I want them to find out if this is a bacteria and what sort it is. I had a choking fit last night and had to jump out of bed to get some water quickly! The only way I seem to be able to get sputum up is against all the advice given: I lie flat on my back on the floor (no cushions under head) and then I seem to start coughing, after breathing gently, up comes a big blob of phlegm. It is not what we are supposed to do but it seems to work in my case. That's how I got the sputum sample for this morning to bring to the GP. My doctor has also put my name down on a waiting list for counselling for anxiety (I requested it), as I tend to have a problem with that, and it is especially bad now as I am dreading next week's test for breast cancer, and then having to await the results of a biopsy after that. My sister is coming with me next Weds for the test (she has been through it all herself). Then, you have to wait a week or two for the biopsy results. How I am dreading that!!!!!

stillmovin1 xx

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My response to you O2 is above! stillmovin1


How awful stillmovin1. Good thinking taking in the sputum sample. And how strange the lying on floor thing brings up the gunk, just shows how different we all are. Not surprised you're anxious, how could you not be, so getting counselling is a good idea. And great you have the support of your sister for your test.

We'll all be crossing our fingers for you, please let us know how you get on. It must be all the scarier when your sister has been through it.

Take care, stillmovin1, xx :)

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Thanks I shall certainly let you know how next week goes and then the results. xxx


Sorry you're not feeling so good Mic...I do hope you feel better soon. :-) x


Your smile on your photo gives me courage to hold on! Thank you Jolyn.


That's so nice Mic :) :)

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This virus is really doing the rounds at the moment and so many people have it. I hope you get better soon mic and will soon be feeling more your old self. Take all the meds you need and I will be looking up Moraxelle as have never heard of it before. Take care xxxx


Sassy, I'd never heard about it either. I dug up on the internet. apparently, it's teh most common bug going aroundat the moment. It causes pneumonia, otitis, and sinusitis. It is killed by Clarythromycin and by a good immune system (which I don't have) It's caught from rinsing things with tap water. This makes me wonder how I should wash my cutlery and dishes. My auntie in Northern Ireland used to put everything in the sink, heat a kettle and pour boiling water on it all. She used to throw any hanky used only once into the fire. don't hesitate to get rid of hankies that feser in pockets :-) Take care, be stronger than virus! Mic


Thanks Mic, you and Pete do not have a strong immune system but we do tend to use a dishwasher which must help a bit. I also wash the mouthpieces that Pete uses in very hot soapy water with a splash of Milton fluid. We use tissues so no hankies. I will check Pete's pockets though. You take care too and be strong. xxx


My previous GP didn't trust MIltons> I even had a nurse in hospital who was suspicious of the alcohol the hospital uses!

Anyway, both are better than just tap water. But it makes you think about cleanliness.

I asked once if a detergent ( sorry can't remember which) which advertised killing 99,9% germs, if it could be relied. The receptionist man on the other side of the firm's line wasn't too sure!


We can only do our best Mic. Wishing you well. xxx


Aha Sassy, And who said, the best is yet to come, :-)


So sorry to hear you are having such a rough tine Mike. I don't take paracetamol to lower temp either unless it's close to 40, as I feel it's my body is doings it's job and fighting the bugs, as unpleasant as that is.

I am so pleased Mike your dear wife could come to see you. Not sure about the toys hun. There are a few bits on utube on cleaning stuffed toys which can't be bunged in the washing machine.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

love cx


Cofdrop, I'll make sure I get better! Thanks fpor the advice on soft toys; will look at it, as I've got 8 of them! cheers, Mic


Good Morning. I know It's really the middle of the night but I had to wake to take some Antibiotics & can't get back to sleep.

Sorry to hear your having such a rough time Hope some of the advise has worked & Your feeling better but just in case I'm sending huge hugs (no bugs in virtual hugs). & spring lambs 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 to cheer you up.

It's lovely your wife could come to visit & brought gifts. My grandson has reoccurring CI & Asthma so Vickey throws all the soft toys in the washing machine on 60 degrees even the ones that say you can't then pits them in the dryer.

If you have a dishwasher that should get rid of the bugs if not a large pan & boil them up or a baby steriliser ( there are some that are a good shape for dishes).

You are an amazing guy 👑 Still managing to play the flute glad your making progress. Positive thoughts & hugs xoxoxo

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HahahaNana you really make me laugh!

Counting lambs, no I am thinking they are good for a little roast! Cruel me!

I have a washing machine but no dishwasher. I shall try Miltons.

But how do those soft toys come out of the washing machine, are they dry, does she hang them all somewhere? I’d love to try this.

You know Nana, the lady upstairs is deaf. She also go shopping with her son on Thursdays and has physio somewhere on Fridays, I can choose those two days to have a real battering of high pitch, strident notes. Then I listen to James Galway, an I wish I could ask him how he plays the notes in so fluid a fashion and so sparkling..

I went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 1 am. I listened to France Inter where a black guy explained that racism doesn’t bother him, because in his village people were racist too. He said racism is caused by fear of the unknown. After a cheese sandwich with Dutch Maasdam (not racist me!) I went back to bed, hearing Classic FM in the background and reading Patrick Leigh Fermore describing his journey through Germany in 1933 in “A time of gifts”. Lovely to send me to sleep!

I’m only amazing when I sleep well :-) Cheers, Mic

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Hi Mic how are you today. Did you manage to get hold of the Doctor and has he been able to sort something out to help.

Were home now and had a wonderful weekend 😃 which o will tell you all about and answere your message properly ☺ but I'm absolutely shattered so I'm of to my bed. Good Night God Bless hope you sleep well Nan🐣🐤🐥🐦


Nan, so pleased you can travel and see wonderful things too.

This morning I crawled out of bed. the feeling was really bad and cold. I forced myself to friction myself in the bathroom.

I took some Paracetamol and went by taxi with my horrible sputum sample (started this at 3 am!)

I saw a good old South African doctor; he recognized instantly the Michael's syndrome! Clarithromycin will do for a start.

I've slept on and off.

I listened to Classic FM, reading the original of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton downloaded on my Kindle.

I havent felt too cold this evening.

I am charmed by a piece of flute that I listened on Classic FM and then on YouTube, bu James Galway and now Jean-Pierre Rampal, both extraordinary. here's the jean-Pierre Rampal reference of this delightful piece:

Music makes me feel better, enthusiastic and I think I have a lot to learn on my own flute! Cheers, Mic


Hi Mic. How are you this morning.☺

Returning to the soft toys. Once there finished in the washing machine she puts them in the tubble dryer. On the special program for soft toys. If you don't have a dryer the washing line or a warm place in the house works just keep shaking & turning them. She's been told to do it weekly plus's all the cushions blankets & bedding😕 it isn't just for germs though its for dust mites because he has an allergy.

There that keeps you busy just in case you get up to mischief.

Hope the flute practise is going well

You are very considerate & resourceful.

hope you have a good day Nanu

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Nana, Thank you for this. I have no tumble drier. I fear that the stuffing will not dry and mould will develop. I prefer to try one of the external methods, like putting them in a bag, duct them with soda crystals, close the bag, shake. then brush the crystals away. Also wipe the after that with a damp cloth to get the crystals out.

Thank you for your concern. I am still not very well. I have rinsed my nose this mrning provoking a big flood!

Therefore the flute stays in its case at the moment. I'll have to wipe the mouth hole with alcool.

As faar as consideration, thank you, but I do try to share what can be improved if you feel grotty. I have felt grooty loads of time. When the doctor saved me with antibiotics, I tried different things. The most sucessful was the gym. And now, outside my exacerbation, the flute helps me breathe better. I talk about this so people can do likewise.

Do you want to learn the flute?


I have a nagging thought that putting soft toys in a plastic bag and keeping them in the fast freeze part of your freezer helps to reduce germs. 48 hrs comes to mind.



Right, I got you,

I have several teddies that my wife gave me. I might put them one at a time. Also I'll try to wrap myself and put myself in teh freezer for 48 Hrs. Hope that psudomonas will understand that I am not for him! cheers, Mic


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