Phew after nearly a week or so I am back online, I have changed rooms at the nursing home where I live mainly due to my declining health and to be closer to the nursing staff in case (God forbid it should happen yet) of any emergency should arise.us

No I have to face it since the pneumonia jobby I am not the same person I used to be I never realized how much it can take it out of you.

Since then while recovering I have had a bilateral chest infection and another infection in my bronchiectasis that started yesterday but got the doctor in ASAP and started on the usual smarties.

Right I will try and catch up with you all soon take care and live long and prosper. :X :)`

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  • Lets hope that you and the smarties beat the bugs real quickly Ant.

  • Well Ribvan the doc does not seem to hold much hope he thinks I may need another week after this one, one thing is I see the chest specialist in March he has still one or two things up his sleeve.

  • Get well very soon Anthony, in the meantime take it easy and be good to yourself. Yes, pneumonia completely knocks you for six.

    Peege xx

  • Thanks for those kind words peege hope you are keeping well. :)

  • Take care try get better as quick as you can do :-)

  • TY England :)

  • lovely to see you back and the move of rooms went ok xxxx you get well soon

  • Thank you eyes the new room is nice and peaceful and I do cherish my serenity at the best of times :)

  • Hopefully you've kicked the infection's butt at first sign. get well soon. x

  • Thanks Casper sadly the doctor and I do not hold much for your enthusiasm he feels a second dose of antibiotics is on the cards. :)

  • Good to see you back Anthony and hope you get better and take care of yourself

  • Thanks Jimmy. :)

  • Hi Anthony nice to see you back. I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thank you coughalot fingers and toes crossed. :)

  • Glad to see you back Ant. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

    Take care

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thank you Ruby best wishes coming back ;)

  • Get well soon Anthony x

  • Thank you Bikergrove :)

  • Good to see you back. Here's hoping you feel better and stronger as each day passes. Takes a long time to recover from pneumonia so you'll just have to take it easy for a while longer.

  • Aweee, thanks for those kind words Nanny it sure does knock the stuffing out of you I am wanting to do things I cannot do yet and it has gone over a month since I had the dreaded thing :)

  • Some would say it's early days for you! I know it took me several months - possible 4 or 5 before I felt I was back where I was before it struck. Know what you mean - so frustrating being unable to get on with life. I'm sure you know by now that less is more in the long run. Do too much one day and it sets you back three, but each week that passes you'll get stronger.

  • Good to see you back Anthony...wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you like your new room :-) xx

  • Hi Jolyn thank you for those kind words. Yes I love my new room nice and quiet and always enjoy the serenity of the quietness. ;)

  • So true, it knocks us sideways and seems to get harder to get back up; love the idea of 'smarties' doing the trick but hope they do it for you. Take each day as it comes we will be routing for you Anthony.

  • Thanks emmo this time it has and well and truly knocked me every way but the right one and it is so frustrating in recovery when you feel like doing things your mind says OK but your body says NO. :)

  • Peace and long life ;-)

    Oh, and get well soon!

  • Thank you Frose P)

  • Welcome back keep up the fight "May the force be with you!"

  • Thank you Offcut hope you are keeping well too, so I see you were into Star wars never could get into that after Star Trek bit me from episode one in the 60's. :)

  • I like most si fi? I loved all the Star treks too but my real favorite was John Luc Picard with the Borg. I used to work away from home sometimes and would stop in anything that had a bed unless it was star trek night and they had have sky :)

  • So nice to have a fellow treky fan I liked John Luc Picard and the borg but for me the first one is still the best, I am still amazed at all those special effects they did on a budget in the sixties, Live long and prosper.

  • Nice to have you back ant but very sorry to hear of your declining health. Hope you recover from the chest infection soon. You take care. Bless you. xxxx

  • TY Sassy fingers crossed. :)

  • Lovely to see you back Anthony. What a terrible time you've been having. Hopefully now your getting the upper hand on the bugs! Pleased you like your new room and its good that you are closer to help though I hope you dont need it, just knowing its there would be comforting! Suz xx

  • It sure is Suzy and in one way prophylactic in itself by that I mean I was at the far end of the care home out of site and out of mind in some ways so it is better being drawn back into the fold and at last the lounge is one place I can visit again. Ant xxx

  • Hi Ant...bless you, no wonder you're feeling so drained what with the infections and a move of rooms also.

    Take things slowly, be patient and kind to yourself and here's wishing you well again soon xxx

  • Thank you love lightlight for those kind and comforting words, do not worry I did very little during the move other than sit there and give orders. Now I am enjoying the peace and taking it more slowly from now on. Ant xxx

  • Sorry to hear you are having a rough time sweet. I hope they can get on top of this infection soon for you, giving you time to recover.

    Pleased you are so happy with your new room. Lovely to have the peace and quiet but a comfort to know folks are close to hand.

    Take care Anthony.

    love cx

  • Thank you coughdrop fingers are crossed when I see the specialist next month not far away now, he may enact plan B and that is to admit me again for 2 weeks and give another antibiotic IV. Antxxx

  • Good to see you back Ant, having infections and moving rooms is not good when we are older. But happens no matter what, so best wishes for a speedy recovery back to your old self so to say :)x

  • Katie less of the old please you are as old as you feel, well won't go into that to much I feel over the hill and far away at present thank you for your kind words Ant xxx

  • Always saying that to my friends, but still use the word without thinking. Guess you are 21 plus vat like myself :) Anyway whats the weather like over that hill ant??? it is cold , white and frosty down here . Hope you feel good today . xx

  • Hi Katie I quite agree with you about 21+VAT that is a good one must keep that in mind. The weather well I am told it is cold about +3C Southport is the Torquay of the North West, saying that I am still not venturing out yet. Antxxx

  • Do you live in Southport ? never heard it called that before. We call it the shop till you drop seaside, I love the place but was not keen on the hotel we stayed at.Afraid its in the minus temperature down here, with rain and warmer for later. Keep on getting better Ant speak again soon Kate xx

  • No longer shop till drop these days Sefton Council put paid to that it sure seem a ghost town of empty shops now mostly taken up by charity and pound stores.

  • Hi Anthony so good to see you back, I hope that the infections clears up very soon for you.

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly fingers are crossed toes as well Ant xxx

  • Hi Ants, Good to hear from you. Yes, pneumonia gets to you, especially if you have other infectoins trying to get at both your lungs. I hope "smarties" working good. Take it easy for a while. If possible drink lots; do coughing up an dhuffing exercise to get the junk out. Take good care . Thinking healing thoughts for you, Mic

  • Thanks Mic doing all that hope you are as well as can be

  • fighting a cold, will take a sputum sample to doc tomorrow. I keep the germs indoors!

  • Hope you get over it as quick as we seem to pick them up so easily and your sputum sample is OK

  • Oh Ant, I hope so too. Feel grotty, but hope keeps the grot away. Only one night now. Have to deal with specific thing separately, I took some Paracetamol for feverishness, I took some Jarro-zymes for the uncomfortable feelings in my gut. I keep writing so I get some courage. I promise to make it ant. We must both make it! Best wishes, MIc

  • Yes Mic we both need a break from all this at 21+VAT none of us are getting any younger.

    Live long and prosper


  • Nice to see you back Anthony, and hope you feel fitter and better soon x

  • Thank you Dedalus

  • Do hope you feel much better as soon as possible...xxxx

  • Hello my sweet Irish colleen I am getting fed up with them now when I see the specialist next month he will have questions to answer Ant xxx

  • It's good to see you back Anthony. Keep improving. xxx

  • Hi Suzy thank you one day at a time and baby steps to start with is my motto from now on A nt xxx

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