Rheumatoid Arthritis Tests

Some may know I am suffering joint and muscle pain at the moment and my GP stoked the fire by asking why I have never had a RA test in all the time I have been at their surgery? But then after examination refused to give me one?

While looking up the cost of a RA test I found a very interesting article in the Pulse Magazine (sorry I cannot find the link for some reason) but it was about a GP practice that did more RA tests than any other in their shire?

Now it seems that out of all of those tested only 25% were found to have RA? But it then comes up with the fact that out of that 25% found to have RA 38% of them showed no physical symptoms of redness or swelling and were long term sufferers?

I can only think that as I can have it done privately for £29.00 it must cost the NHS £290.00?

Be Well

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  • What about asking for a second opinion Offcut? Maybe another GP would be willing to refer you for RA test.

  • The one i saw was not my usual?

  • Your surgery may well have clinical policies and money saving strategies which preclude sending for tests when they can get away with it. I don't think seeing a different GP to your own in the same surgery should count as a second opinion.

  • Yes that does seem logical I had to fight to get my spiro and when the surgery one showed a problem I still had to wait until the water tablets failed before they would put me in touch with a specialist!

  • i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last year went to docs with morning stiffness in hands the blood test showed i had RA factor but no inflammation and no other symptoms ,im now on Dmards and under the hospital,,i think you should get a second opinion because if its caught early you have a better chance of it not doing so much damage ,x

  • Well the anti flam is not doing a thing and in fact I am feeling worse with it?

  • im not on anti inflammatory as just them on there own would not make any difference to RA,you really need a blood test and if you have got it you need to start proper treatment asap the drug im on is hydroxchloriquine which took nearly 4 mts to start working and stop the progression of the disease ,hope you get sorted soon,,

  • It did not make sense to me as he stated it does not seem inflamed? I just had a quick look at hydroxchloriquine and it is also used for Lupus which my sister has? My cardiologist has had me tested for Anderson Farby but that showed ok.

  • mine wasnt inflamed either but just on the morning stiffness my GP did the blood test ,

  • Get someone else to take a look at you Offcut and do a blood test. My daughter-in-law has Lupus and sees a rheumy doctor but not sure what drugs, if any, she takes. You do need the proper diagnosis and then proper medication. Often auto immune diseases take on different guises.

    Good luck to you and take care. xxxx

  • Not sure if relevant but I had glandular fever about 25 years ago?

  • What a silly doctor Offcut! If it only costs £29 you might as well have it done privately. I hope you haven't got it though. Take care. x

  • If I have not then that is fine but an answer to all this pain would be a help?

  • Hi Offcut, I do hope you are in less pain now. If another Dr will not do it I would invest £29 to find out. I had the RF test some years ago & it came back positive.I was referred to a Rheumatologist but it was very low level RA & they just sent me for Physiotherapy . Every now & again I have a flare up of joint pain but my Dr says its because I have a lot of inflammatory responses from the COPD. Love Mx

  • My GP's blame most of my problems on my heart? It took me 2 years to get a spiro

  • Sounds ridiculous that for a cost of £29 they won't test you - I do hope by persevering you can get the test done and then at least if it is not RA then your mind will be at rest on that score. It's dreadful when you are in so much pain that they won't offer you the simplest of tests. Good luck x

  • Thank you

  • hi

    I had blood test done twice first test showed my factor as gone up in the last 4 weeks I at to go back it got worse my hands have swollen and red so is my knees and pain in my neck some times I feel I am burning all over I sit down try to get up and I cant I got to sit there until I can bare the pain when I get up and boy the pain 2nd test done this week got to wait till may to see a specialist if you are getting worse you keep going over to the doctors until they do the test x

  • I was given anti flam and all it did was make it worse after 4 days I was SOB more than normal and had not slept hardly. The pain was worse and the stiffness was stupid. I stopped laying on the cream and when I went to bed I had a near normal for me sleep! The pain went to the same as before the anti flam but I do not call that an improvement.

    If I stay in any position for long I seize up!

    I will get in to see him again I have got a list of not diplomatic questions!

    Be Well

  • Nothing to, just interesting to read

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